Ongoing Collection: Your suggestions for CO2 Compensation Projects

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WANTED: Your suggestions for

CO2 Compensation Projects around the World

Please contribute with a reply to this post. Your comment should include

  • a brief description of the project,
  • a link to the project website and
  • contact information if not clearly denoted on the website.

If the project you have suggested finally will be approved for the CO2 Fund there will be a nice reward for you, either in upvotes or in COCOs, and the feeling of having made a difference.

Proposed projects with the most number of upvotes will be reviewed first.
A comment older than 7 days still can be upvoted. Not to waste VP just upvote with 1 percent.

More information about the CO2 Fund you can read here...

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Hey @intrepidsurfer, are you still planting trees? Because if so I nominate your tree planting! :)
There is also @treeplanter, and off blockchain, if you accept non-blockchain projects, I nominate One Tree Planted (that is my referral link which will give you a code to plant one free tree. You copy the code, choose a project, and then paste it into the discount box at checkout, and it will subtract a dollar. The trees are a dollar each, and you can buy one at a time, so, free).

Thank you for your nomination @phoenixwren.

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Would like to nominate @gtpjfoodbank for their effort to collaborate with manufacturers, farmers and charity outreaches to salvage as much near expired food as possible to help the underprivileged families, rehab centers, orphanages, children centers and old folks home across the capital city and also a few aboriginal villages at East coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

This helps to reduce landfill pile up that is part of the environment damaging impact.

Their main website is at Facebook Page

You can also validate their credentials with @fundition

@littlenewthings is one of the core volunteer there as well.

Thank you for your nomination @dses.

You are most welcome

You might have interest in The Solairitas Project:


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