A fantastic evening at a unique restaurant in the Morvan. It is situated at a beautiful lake and the food is delicious.

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Just before we go back to the Netherlands, and leave the Morvan (Burgundy/France) for about 6 or 7 weeks, we decided to dine in one of our favorite restaurants here in the Morvan. We thought we deserved it because that morning we had a rather unfortunate event in our house. Tomorrow I will write about what happened in our house, but first our lovely evening.

The restaurant is a half hour drive away from us in Moux-en-Morvan, but that does not matter because the ride to it is beautiful. We pass the 'Lac des Settons' a beautiful big lake surrounded by a forest and a popular holiday destination for many here.

We stopped to take some pictures of the setting sun at the lake. The smell of the warm forest soil was great.
It was about 8.15 pm.




We arrived at the restaurant at 8.30 pm and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the outside. it is unique in its kind, both outside and inside.




We were greeted by the owner. A somewhat older, slightly crooked, sweet woman who runs the restaurant with only one help and is open 365 days a year. To be sure that you can dine or have lunch here, it is better to make a reservation.

It was still fairly early for French standards and it was still quiet inside. This allowed me to take a few photos of the interior.




I think you will agree with me it is unique in its kind!!

The restaurant is famous for its "Fundues Bourguignonnes". We looked at each other. Shall we take something else? We decided not to do that and we ordered the fundue menu.

As a starter, we got a plate of raw vegetables.

And, of course, we got wine, water, and bread.

After the starter, the fondue pot was put on the table with the meat, the sauces, and the delicious potatoes, "Pommes de Terre Paysannes".





The meat is so delicious, soft and tasty with a crispy crust because it is baked in the oil.

After the main course, the fun was not over yet because we got cheese and a dessert.


I know they make delicious creme brulee here and, of course, I was not disappointed. It was delicious.

At 10.30pm we left. I took another picture of the outside. It was, of course, completely dark now.

We had a wonderful evening.

Right now the sun is shining and I long to go outside to work in the garden. Because we leave on Sunday I have to take care of the garden and the house as much as I can.

I wish you all a nice day,


I had a lengthy comment in response... it got too long, so I am responding to you in a blog post here:


This typical French place looks like such a food gem. Big portions also!!

You know what I love about Frenchies. They spend on average 3 hours a day on food in social settings. 3 hours every day.

In the most typical hurry up cultures this is degraded to some take away sandwich in the car alone. Frenchies do it different. I like that!

I don't know if it is so long as you wrote, but I do know that here in The Morvan they like to have at least a lunch break of 2 hours. between 12.00 and 14.00, the work is stopped and people go home for a hot lunch or have one at a (small) restaurant. In the big cities life will be different I think.

Correction 2 hours and 13 minutes it is according to this article, also referring to if this is a connection with obesity


Wow, I didn't know the connection with obesity, although I don't find the French women fat. Some old women are, but the younger ones are quite 'normal'.

Thats the point ;)

The article says that French DONT have so much obesity because they dont do fast food and take their full attention to their meal. ;)

Votre séjour dans le Morvan n'a pas été très long mais vous avez pu profiter du beau soleil et de la chaleur de ces derniers jours!
Je connais bien le lac des Settons mais je ne connais pas le restaurant de la Queue du Lac, encore une fois vous me faites découvrir un bel endroit pour aller manger, merci @clio.

We have to go back to the Netherlands because we have obligations there, but we hope to return to the Morvan in the beginning of June.
De la Queue du Lac is really something. You can find it on the connecting road between the left and the right bank of the lake.

I'm jealous.....what a romantic evening. All my favorite dishes and fondue!! Yum!! Creme Brulee!!!! And. All of your photos — lovely @clio. The glass lake....just beautiful :)

Thank you very much. We visit this restaurant a few times a year and every time the food is delicious!

Seems the weather there is just as lovely as here. The meal looks great, a healthy starter before the fun! That cheese platter looks amazing.

When you and Bianca come to our house in France we will go and have dinner there!!

A wonderful walk to the restaurant, my friend and great photos! Your nature comes alive day by day and the sunset photo is amazing, very beautiful! The restaurant itself pleased me with its cozy atmosphere, as if being at home and it has its charm. This is a very good time when you can relax and have a tasty meal in an ideal location! Thank you Clio

That's exactly the point. It feels like a home and is so charming. We hope to return there in the near future.

A lovely dinner in a unique restaurant. The food looks fabulous and the decor is quaint and cosy. You have me intrigued. What happened at the house?

It was really a lovely evening.
What happened at the house? I hope to be able to tell you tomorrow!

really fantastic restrurent natural amazing great food... gorgeous place photograpy fabulous and couple ar love place..... great job brother

Thank you @raftaar, it was indeed gorgeous.

Photography is a wonderful meal to be enjoyed. You are photographing with the incredible ability of my friend. So fabulous. Thank you @clio for sharing the beauty and happiness.

Have a wonderful day! 👌

Thank you @seha 76. I wish you also a wonderful day!

Its totally mouth watering aldo liked the sunset picture.

You are in a wonderful place. Enjoy every moment!

Yes, we were and we did enjoy every moment. We hope to return there at our next stay in the Morvan.

Wowsers. Amazing looking place and what a sunset to catch!

Thanks, man! The sunset was so beautiful. But it was also the environment, the trees, the water, the smell and then the sun.

I can see that definitely. A beautiful beautiful place!

Wow friend great evening it was! Wonderful meal and your photos are excellent. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post, wish you good luck.

Yes, Maya, it was indeed a great evening. Thank you for your comment.Good luck to you too!

extraordinary, perfect friends, perfect natural beauty, added with good food dishes. extraordinary

I was really impressed to see your photography, and I was impressed by the restaurant's presentations, and that's the beauty of its photography that really impresses the restaurant and its surroundings.

nice your food and wonderful place. Enjoy every moment!

nice your food and wonderful place. Enjoy every moment! The amazing your post,i like,nice,good job my brother,@clio

The amazing your post,i like,nice,good job my brother,@clio upvote @love-peace

great resturant
marvelous arrangementtasty food
gorgeous looking
enjoyable moment

nice arrangement and nice food.great !


Wonderful natural photography.good delicious.
I appreciate your wonderful evening.

no dout its a great place with food

It's delicious food and a fabulous restaurant
Very special photos
I hope you have a beautiful time issue

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