Home Tips #8 – Home Sweet Home!

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It‘s time for a complete overhaul of our approach to cleaning our home. All those expensive cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap and even floor cleaners, can easily be replaced with natural, homemade products. So today we continue the series by sharing more hints and tips on how to do everyday chores in an inexpensive alternative natural way.



Humidity can be a big problem in some locations. Besides doing the obvious i.e. sealing doors and windows properly and running a dehumidifier, try placing plants around the house that will absorb some excess humidity. These plants thrive and grow in humid environments:

• Peace lily – (Spathiphyllum)
• Table palm – (Chamaedorea)
• Ivy – (Hedera)
• Ferns – all types
• Tillandsia – (an epiphyte)



1.Wood (polish and scratch repair)

Here are two options to clean, polish and restore scratches on wood surfaces.

• Mix half a cup of vinegar with a half cup of olive oil. Using a soft cloth, rub it on your wooden furniture.

• Rubbing coconut oil onto wooden furniture will keep the wood looking its best and will hide the scratches.

2.Wood worms

Anobium Punctatum, generally known as the common furniture beetle or woodworm, has been perceived to be the main cause of damage to wood/timber. The adult beetles emerge from infected timber in the spring, leaving a small round hole of approximately 1-2mm in diameter on the surface of the wood.

If you have noticed these small holes on your wooden furniture then regular treatments with paraffin or turpentine are recommended. Special attention should be given to the back and undersides of the furniture, especially joints and unpolished parts. When the furniture is already infected, the grubs‘ activity is indicated by fresh holes sometimes with a very fine powder falling from them. In this case, either benzene or carbon tetrachloride may be injected directly into the holes.

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(photos: flowers by @claudiaz / woodworm from Pixabay)

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I am offering a safe and natural alternative to conventional treatment, but these recipes, ideas and treatment should not be misconstrued or substituted for medical advice. Please always proceed with caution and test it first on a small area, or in small quantities, if you are uncertain. Should you suspect that you or your animal have a medical problem, I urge you to seek professional advice.
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I never had given the plant selection as in regard to help with humidity, nice tip for sure.


glad its useful to you @sultnpapper

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Great tips, I live in Puerto Rico and it is very humid, I wasn't aware that these plants would help. Definitely worth a try.


yes they do help, and there are many more, have a look on the internet. We also have a lot of humidity in Uruguay and the best plants to have I found were ferns!

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thank you so much @jaynie and the entire steemitbloggers community, you guys are awesome!

I had no idea that plants can help with humidity. Very interesting indeed @claudiaz :)


The best ones to use use are those that grow well in humid climates like ferns! thanks for the visit @jusipasetti

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That wood is kind of cosmic looking, to think of the worms is unnerving.


yes it is and they destroy your furniture if the wood was not properly treated to begin with!

We've had an incredibly humid summer this year in New England - I wish I'd know about the plant thing a few months ago! Thanks so much for the excellent info, @claudiaz and congrats on the #steemitbloggers Daily Member Boost!



thanks @traciyork and you are most welcome.

Hi @claudiaz
What are those markings on the wood that's leading up to the holes made by the wood worms?

Great tips
Will look for those plants :)


yes the worms make those marks! but in furniture you often just see the holes! @kaerpediem


Kinda gross but at the same time beautiful haha

I have a wooden statue that could use a little TLC. Perhaps I'll try one of these options. Thanks!


you are most welcome @mattifier

This is really cool. I don't think about such things most of the time, but I should.

Thank you for the tip of combining vinegar and also olive oil together for the wood furniture @claudiaz! I am going to try that. Congratulations on the members boost :)


thanks so much, yes the oil and vinegar works really well, also takes out the scratches

Great ideas @claudiaz! I hate all the toxic junk that's in cleaning supplies. I started using orange oil years ago to polish wood, but love the idea of coconut oil too :) Thanks for the tips!


this is definitely a cheaper and healthier option! @lynncoyle1

I've never heard of wood worms, but now I know what to watch for, and what to do if I ever see them! Thanks for sharing this useful info with #steemitbloggers 💚