Disabled Students Receiving Electric Shocks For Punishment In School & Court Lets Them

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Katherine Field (family court judge) has denied a motion which seeks to stop the use of electric shock on disabled students in school.

This is a form of punishment which has been causing controversy for years. In 2013 there was a video released which portrays a student being shocked multiple times for not taking off his jacket in school (bottom of post contains snippet of video).

(The state) failed to demonstrate that there is now a professional consensus that the Level III aversive treatment used at JRC does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Judge Field's Decision

Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) is a special needs school in Canton, Massachusetts. It is the only school in the whole country that still facilitates electric shocks to it's students. Reports show that 58 students have been shocked at JRC since August 2017.

Former Staff Speaks Out Against Electric Punishment

Greg Miller taught at JRC from 2003-2006, he said that he believed the shock therapy was helping the students when he was first employed.

I believed in that place at first because I was told that it was the only place in the world that could really save these kids lives and most of them would be dead if they weren’t hooked up to the electric shock. Miller said

Miller said that the electrocution would be used on students who merely performed misdemeanors like standing up or
if they spoke without permission from their teacher.

These Are Just Kids

After working there for a few years the inhumane treatment of the kids took it's toll on Miller.

These were students who were horrified of the electric treatment and rarely acted aggressively enough to deserve the pain.

Miller quit three years into the job because of the moral dilemma.

Shock Therapy Is Ineffective

There are so many other ways you can discipline a child without electric shocks. The heinous acts which have taken place at JRC caused many to call to the FDA to ban electric shock as a punishment for school students, however the FDA does not care about the issue.

The FDA has even arrested protesters who were attempting to raise awareness on the issue at JRC.

The video which first caused controversy has been released to the public and is available through many online resources. The following is a FOX undercover report on the incident:

I will warn you. Graphic and disturbing footage is featured in the above video.

Source: 1.

Sources for images (that are not mine) are provided by clicking on the image itself.

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I am appalled that this is happening, that it ever happened, and that any human being could give that kind of treatment to another. And even more so how any parent could not only allow this to happen to their child, but to actually sign him up for it. Turns my whole being inside out!!

It's amazing that we feel the need to punish or children, when we have created the lifestyle, society and entire situations that put them in the mindset in the first place. We, as a human race, have a lot to take responsibility for. May we finally wake up and take steps to create the world in which we really do want to live.

Thank you for sharing this video @chron. This shit needs to be seen.

I completely agree! You are completely welcome @everlove. We need to put our time and effort towards equality for our fellow human in any way possible.

hi thank you for sharing this information, it is rare i comment on a post in steemland however this information has shocked me to the core its disgusting this happens at all and i seriously hope this is as offensive to others as it is to me and that something is done, it is beyond belief that anyone would support this inhuman deeply wrong situation, again thank you for sharing respect to you

Respect back at ya for wanting to leave some words under my post. Glad you are on the same boat as me.

#Steemon #Stayinformed

This not normal . Even if there are improvements, as they believe. Then after any punishment that they can come up with - improvements will disappear.

Well and truly, these people should NOT be in charge of children in any way, period.

I can't believe they still do this kind of "therapy" in this day and age! Barbarack and inhumane treatment of kids for something so small as not following instructions, this needs to stop!

It is atrocious! Thanks for commenting @breathe189


How DUMB do you have to be to ALLOW this to KEEP happening to your kids? How DUMB do you have to be have SIGNED SOMETHING upon enrollment that I'm sure granted them this authority?

Would you do this to your kids at home yourself?

Idiot parent -- YOU'RE the one who deserves to be shocked for letting this happen to your kids.

If this were happening to my kids without my knowledge or permission (I would NEVER give permission for this happen), I'd be yanking my kids out of that school so fast and I dunno, maybe pressing charges for mmm... child abuse maybe?

  • You're an idiot and a POS for keeping your kid in a school that does this.
  • The law and courts are corrupt for allowing it to continue.

I don't what else to say.

Perfectly said @miklkent. I couldn't have compacted the ridiculousness into a better comment than this!

It's utterly crazy that they're using this as a punishment technique still. Might as well just put shock collars on all the students. Like WTF!

I know right! Thanks for coming to the obviously more moral side of the argument with me.

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