Friday Thoughts - sunset & cocktails..! 🌞🍹

in #life6 years ago

“Know where to find the sunrise and sunset times and note how the sky looks at those times, at least once.”

~ Marilyn vos Savant


Following a setting sun with an empty heart, there's no better feeling than this..! The eternity of the moment would purify ur soul..! :)

And with a special cocktail, things would only get better..!!

Good day to everyone of u..! Stay blessed..! 😊😊

~ Christina


@christinaa gorgeous cocktails.But even gorgeous views.Wow how stunning.Thanks for sharing you moment of sheer bliss.👍

Thanks for ur compliment..! :)

to start with. a wonderful sunset view on the sea shore looks just world class. this is some nice and steady photography. secondly the coctails look extremely pleasant and colourful. also yummy and cold.

hahah... thanks for ur compliment..! :v

Hello christinaa!

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