Hello Steemit, long time no see!

in life •  4 months ago

Hey Steemians,

I actually started writing another serious post about EOS, the Blockchain and so on.. but I am too tired at the moment for that, just came back from a 38 hours flight from SEOUL, instead I prefer we have a little chat about the current state of Steem.

I guess we are all looking forward and waiting for the SMT, anyone has any ideas for SMTs yet? -- I can think of a couple:

  • An Open Magazine that distributes rewards to really independent writers.
  • Complementary currencies for communities in third world countries.
  • Karma Points for GitHub contributors.

I hope you guys are good, I still have a special place in my heart for all you steemians!

Itawon district, Seoul - South Korea

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Gracias @chitty por ayudar a enterder el dificil mundo de las Cryptos y por no olvidarnos a los usuarios de Steemit


Te diría gracias a ti por leerme!

Great to see u back buddy!

While take some rest you did had a long journey !

While really looking forward to SMT's in the coming days !


Thanks!... I have been busy as hell with the launch of EOS but I really miss just sitting down and writing down some thoughts in Steemit.

You got a 53.36% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @hcf27!

Nice write-up

#cryptocurrencies all the way

Glad to hear from you :-)

Karma Points for GitHub contributors.

Do not throw million dollar ideas for free ;-)

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