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RE: The Bullshit In Goal-Setting (And The REAL Road To Surfing The Waves Of Wealth)...

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First of all i want to say one thing that, Goals have the face of variables means sometimes we follow definite goals but we never reach their because an goal is our perception to become something but to reach their and to experience the journey is the most difficult phase because i will tell my small example, i wanted become athlete and there were no training at all whatever we've done we practiced on small grounds and invested hours and hours and i am glad that i played in National Levels but here comes the real thing when i thought i am on the way of my goal i faced an cheap politics in one of the important games and officials downgraded my rank willfully when i was won the event in second place but yet they downgraded my rank so this was my hit back and in many places faced the kind of politics then i changed my path to cricket then played that sport to district levels then i wanted to work for multinational company then I've done that, then i wanted to become an HR personnel I've done that but nothing worked for me as an goal and always i have worry about my parents because due to some Family issues they stay with depressive mindset then i decided to do Work From Home Job then after 6 months of leaving my job due to my research i got introduced with Steemit and now it's an platform which reflecting as i was waiting for this.

So, in my opinion there is nothing like definite goals because life have it's own plans for everyone.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Periods, mate.

Smaller paragraphs with distinct sentences read MUCH better than a huge run-on sentence/paragraph... ;-)

(And that’s a pretty nicely well-rounded wealth of life experience behind you.)

I will take these inputs and will work, next time i will come up with better way. Thanks for your advice brother. Stay blessed. 🙂