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in life •  3 months ago

@firepower, For sure, Travelling is one of the best aspect and most importantly when people travel abroad they can learn through exploration and they can experience totally different life.

And hope that from whatever personal reasons you are going through will be resolved soon and also want to wish you great Health ahead.

And yes, still the Cryptocurrency case is not yet selected for the hearing because still the old one's are stretched, and now we have to see what will happen because, we are hearing that RBI is coming up with strong points this time to showcase Cryptocurrencies as non-reliable aspect.

But as an Crypto Enthusiasts we have to continue our journey and we have to support Crypto because it holds the growth of future and every Revolutionary decision faced obstacles initially.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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Thanks dude. I agree with you. We need to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come our way including government decisions against things that help us in our lives. :D


Welcome, and these words are absolutely true. Stay blessed. 🙂