Oh man. This had me in splits. :D

To everyone ELSE reading this: the context was that I spent 6 hours to write this post, and in the chat room I was saying how it would be a wonderful idea if people read this and upvoted the post for more visibility.

And here comes @Chetwithersby dropping this graph and all of us had a great laugh! :D

It wasn't just 6 hours but a lifetime of experience that comes with this post. And I really really hope even if it impacts one person, and helps them move towards their goal, my job is done.

Thank you for posting this comment here and making a lot of people laugh! :D

Including my mom, who absolutely agrees with you! :D

Good fun! You're a cool dude.

Yes indeed he is because I am still reading all of those vibrating stories.
My apology that I don't comment yet.
My resteem says thousand words more.

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