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Life is made up of different individuals from different backgrounds with different ways of doing things, ways of reasoning, and different perspective about the world at large.

In psychology they will tell you that no two individuals have the same inherent capabilities not even siblings.

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They may have come from the same womb, but then their abilities and choices differ.

So in life you shudn't expect people to always do things your own way or be like you.

Despite the individual differences we should always appreciate one another because we all are unique in our different ways.

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I could remember then in high school, i had this classmate of mine that we both read our books together, I observed that it could just take me five minutes to read a page of the book with her, while she was ready to take up to 15minutes.

When I was done reading, i would then wait for her before we could turn over to the next page.

That didn't make me better than her in our performance during test or exam because we were both at the same level, most times she performed better than me or the other way round.

It was just that i could read and assimilate faster than her, while she, when given more time could also produce same results with me.

I see people quarrel, fight and argue simply because the other person didn't follow their own way of doing things.

Most people insist on their own point of view, even some leaders forgetting that we all have different views and it's also advisable to once in a while see things from other people's point of view.

If you are reading this and you are having this as a challenge then know this:

  • Nobody is perfect, and you don't know everything, some persons have gone ahead of you so it's only reasonable to bend and learn from others.
  • I have always learnt that whenever i ask someone to do something for me, even if the person didn't get it exactly how i wanted it, i should just appreciate the person, so long as I couldn't do that thing by myself then i shouldn't expect a perfect result from someone else.
  • Learn to give excuses for people's actions whenever you don't get something exactly the way you want, then try and find out why it happened that way when the person comes without nagging or making it so much of an issue.
  • Note than there are different ways of doing things and the most important thing is having the same result whether it was through your own method or any other.

  • Don't be too rigid, expecting things to always be done your way or using a particular approach, try out new methods of doing same thing.

  • Learn to ignore somethings and just observe, you must not complain at all times.

  • Make yourself open for corrections and be willing to learn from other people's experience and mistakes.

  • Finally, let love lead, love people as yourself, that way you will get to appreciate them and also tolerate their excesses.

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You are right. No two person is the same. Not even identical twins.

There's a rule that has governed me and proven to be very helpful. It is, seek to understand others before you seek to be understood.

If we all seek to understand other people's view point, we'll better love and appreciate their uniqueness.

Thanks for sharing.


Wow, thanks for your comment, i have also learned one thing!

Nice post thanks for sharing

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Has we all known that 'all fingers are not equal' there is different in human being...

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Thanks @cherylsonty for this

Make yourself open for corrections and be willing to learn from other people's experience and mistakes.

Very important point you made there. But it takes humility to accept correction from your younger ones and obedience to take correction from an elder.

Also I do tell people that experience is not always the best teacher, there is a place of wisdom to learn from the experience others. The experiences of others should be able to teach us certain things rather than desiring to have the experience yourself.

Go for experience when needful and apply wisdom when personal experience is expensive

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