Update on My Crisis Please Read - We are all in This Together - Help Still Needed ♡

in life •  3 months ago

Hi everyone,
About 3 weeks ago, I just broke down and came to the Steemit community with my crisis. It has always been very hard for me to ask for help. Here's my original post and the community REALLY helped.

@denmarkguy also posted and I appreciate his help and concern as well as hundreds of other steemians who upvoted my original post and supported me.

I did find out I have secondary heart block type one which can cause fainting when under extreme stress.

I'm now faced with an 18-22 hr move.

The funds I have raised between Steemit, Go fund me, and an expired FB campaign raised enough for a 5' by 8' uhaul rental. So I am very appreciative.

However, I am still facing fees for electricity, first month rent, internet, some medical bills, possible legal fees for a situation I can't divulge, & water utility start up fees. My move is on the 29th, so coming right up!!

After my diagnosis my doctor limited me to no greater than 30 hrs/week at work. He has since lifted that restriction but it certainly didn't help my money situation.

Anyway I find myself once again humbly asking for assistance here. I certainly would appreciate additional contributions to my Go Fund Me campaign.

All larger donations of SBD and steem you can see in my wallet were and will be taken straight to bittrex. I am so thankful for all the help and I will never forget it!!

Thanks for reading and all your help. Any suggestions, advice, or encouragement welcome and appreciated.
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One day I'd like to win the lotto or something and run around contributing to a ton of GoFundMes. I hope you get the rest of your funds! Did you figure out the driving part, are you cleared to do so?


I'm cleared to drive. Solo ive done 16 hrs before. Someone offered to drive with me so that was nice.


Oh good! I'm glad you have backup.

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Me too, it's a relief

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hugs and positives!
I missed the first round of this, but I am thinking of you now. I hope that this move happens as you need and that you can be happy and healthy in your new home.

Are you going to where family is? Where you came from? Or to escape the MN winter? (I've been there - I totally get you there!)


I'm going because i'm in danger where i'm at. PM me

Helping where I can my dear. I am with you in spirit.


Thanks that means alot

check your steem wallet, wish i could do more, good luck keep us updated


Thanks so very much!!

I am so sorry to hear that you are facing such financial hardships. I hope that you can raise more money. I am also very pleased with the response to your other post from the Steemit community. It goes to show how much love and support exist here.


Thanks buddy! Yes I was literally astonished!! The love is here you just have to be in the right crowd