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HI Steemians! How are you?

(again my post decided to remove half of my content... is anyone experiencing anything like this?


I thought I’d make more of a casual post today. I’ve been feeling quite exhausted recently with uni assignments and exams. It’s been a week of self studying, group meetings and creating google drive documents for each respective assignment. Sometimes the amount of work and incoming deadlines can be overwhelming. Too often, I feel incapable of handling it all, but I’ve implemented a few tactics to keep the motivation going and I’d thought I’d share that with you.

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Before we delve into them, let’s talk about types of motivation.

  1. Intrinsic: you’re motivated to do something because of genuine interest and fun
  2. Extrinsic: you’re motivated to do something for rewards, recognition or avoidance of punishment
  3. Extrinsic autonomous motivation: you’re motivation is integrated into your sense of self e.g donating blood

It’s good to understand how your motivated as this will provide a starting point for when you make goals. Personally, I'm highly extrinsically motivated especially when it comes to tedious work :p

Have you heard of SMART goals?

It’s an acronym standing for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

An example is ‘I plan to read at least 3 articles about marketing every week to boost my marketing knowledge’
These SMART goals will provide the framework to ensure your goals are self-directed, purposeful and helps keep you focused.

So one of my goals for Steemit is to crack the $2 mark for a post. I honestly think this can be achieved as I grow a follower base and continue to write up good content that people enjoy reading (so please, any feedback is welcome!)

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The Power of Small Wins

After coming up with your own SMART goals, let’s think of an implementation plan.
I recommend breaking up these goals into smaller and more manageable tasks. It’s found that these tiny achievements can help spark further motivation to succeed in reaching your goal.

I’ve been breaking up my work into achievable tasks each day to help me stay on track and feel like I’m making good progress. It also helps with productivity and overall efficiency as it reduces a lot of procrastination.

That said, i’m rewarding myself for completing the tasks I set out to do by having an early night :) Wishing you a wonderful week! Next post will be another edition of Chelsey’s Chronicles.

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Thanks for sharing with us.

no worries, thank you for stopping by @souldelas :)

Keep it up @chels and welcome to #teamaustralia. I too write on "Motivation". 😊👍🏻

hi @coachmelleow! thanks for stopping by and the warm welcome :D Will definitely peruse your posts when I need that extra boost!

  • I like steeming because it is fun.
  • The rewards are the bonus I get from steeming.
  • I like to donate every now and then :)
  • Sharing and posting at least once a day is a small win for me :D

Without motivation and goals it would be tough. It could lead us to feeling depressed and feel sorry for ourselves. Small achievements will boost our spirit to do bigger things.

Good luck with your goals! Don't lose that motivation.

yesss! sharing and posting once a day is an achievement itself :) I agree with everything you said, thank you for sharing your thoughts @leeart, sending you lots of motivation on steemit and your general day to day life <3

Thank you @chels! I really need motivation daily lol!

About the posting thing, what do you mean half was removed? Sometimes I use busy.org. You can use the same user name but be sure to use your active key when logging in and not the master key. There is a draft option. I save my post as a draft before posting it. That way I have a copy of the post. If everything is okay, then I delete the draft.

:'( me too! I'm trying to do an assignment but end up going on netflix HAHA

it's super random. I post it and then maybe 10 minutes later when I want to check it again, half of my post is gone :/ But thanks for the advice @leeart, I'll make drafts from now on. It's just annoying when I only notice it a few hours later and there's one upvote that prevents me from deleting the post and reuploading it.

Awesome article @chels! Great information on motivation and staying organized. I like how you break your work up into achievable tasks! We all seem to set such high goals for ourselves, which there is nothing wrong with that, but we tend to lose focus on completing them. We need put our accomplishments ahead of our goals. Keep working hard. Bests!