Notice Small Progress; Celebrate Every Victory When It’s Due...

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Hello Steemians!

Life is an adventure. Sometimes, it can be full of excitement. Sometimes, it can be perilous. Sometimes, it can be tragic. But what we can say with utter surety is that life is a journey, for it has a beginning and an end.
In this long and amazing journey, we are often trying to reach from one point to the other, achieving things that we yearn for in the process. Sometimes, this process is overwhelming, finding new ways to challenge people and pushing them out of the path that they have set upon.

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Remember this; your success is not measured by the result you get at the end of road, rather, it is a collective tree of every step that you have taken to reach your goals and realize your dreams. As it has been said before, everything takes its own time. A path that is thousands of leagues long cannot be travelled overnight.

The length of this path might dissuade us, or fill us will hopelessness, and it is not strange to forget what you are fighting for when you have been fighting for a long time. The key to extinguishing this sense of despair and longing is to measure your progress and notice the steps you are taking.

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It is in small victories that we should put our trust. Celebrate your small victories. Reward yourself for bearing the struggles and difficulties of the road. Be appreciative of the work that you are doing. It might be small, but trust me, it is never inconsequential. Be resilient towards the destructive idea that you might just be at the beginning of a path that will take years to flourish. Those years are not labor, but an adventure where everyday you face new challenges, overcome them, and drown in the joy of actually doing something instead of sitting down and watching the expanse world as it leaves you behind.

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Our success is the amalgamation of every step we have taken since the moment that we decided to follow down a path or realize a dream. Those steps are achievements in their own way, and when you finally open your eyes to see the real importance of these small acts, you will understand that what matters is not a destination (dreams) that you will arrive at, but a state of the mind. Indeed, success is a state of the mind.

Have patience, rather than insisting on realizing goals when the time is not right. Enjoy the journey, rather than the image of what you want to have at the end of this journey. And above all else, celebrate your small victories, rather than taking pride in the eventual success at the end of the road.


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I have been working very hard on this blog since the beginning. I have a very busy life but I am giving my best and believe me I have shared experiences that I have been coaching thousands of people and I know that the change of the Mindset should be daily. I am already grateful to see you giving upvotes to each other and you can see this with the fact that many already have 8, 9, 10 upvotes. But I'm sure that with the effort of all of us we will see a community with, 40, 50, 80 upvotes and for that everyone should get engaged so we can make it come true. I believe and we can! Resteem...

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We all have some dreams in life and every dream require its own time to fulfill. For any dream or goal we have a follow a way and move in that way. Every journey is fun so we must enjoy it. Once we get the destination then fun is over. We must enjoy every bit of joy in life. Be it big or small but such incidents will become memory of life which we can cherish throughout life. I agree that success has its own happiness which one can enjoy once person achieve it but journey itself has its own fun.

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Thanks for another great post. It's indeed important that we celebrate those small achievements, if not we feel worthless especially when we compare ourselves to others, forgetting that we're all on a different path.

Your words speak directly to me. I am working on a fairly large project alone after getting let down by others who were supposed to be on the project with me.

Since it's just me, the progress is obviously slower than if it were a team. This is where what you talked about comes in. I'm moving slow but I'm steady and I celebrate my small progress and just keep moving, and I can see the progress.

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It is better to realize in time of the people who are really with us, it does not matter that you are alone at this moment, just focus and you will see the achievement with a lot of pride at the end ... when you see that despite the obstacles, you did it! !!

Indeed, I've had to learn the people lesson the hard way. It has made me realize the need to have the right set of people for a given purpose. Thanks for your contribution.

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I was very moved by this post (and by many others of yours I have read as a non-active observer here on Steemit) because I can relate to it so strongly. It made me realize that I have not been celebrating my small victories although I have had many in the past 6 months, after a very, very long period of total chaos and confusion.

Today, just a few hours ago, I was almost ready to give up, I was questioning myself about the fact that I might have just been fooling myself thinking that I could actually start a blog and be good at it?

If I keep sitting here just watching, I just might waste an amazing opportunity to get myself unstuck. I have been wanting to share my experiences with depression and mental illness for the past 2 years, hoping that it can help, inspire or bring a new perspective of viewing things, but I still haven’t found the courage to put myself in that vulnerable place, or at least, this is how it appears to me at the moment, considering the struggles I have been going through for the past 8 years.

My intuition is giving me a clear signal that now is the time. Consequently, I am intentionally writing this reply before I even start engaging and posting, this way I am forcing myself to have no other option than to be accountable for it.

I have been looking for my tribe for a very long time but never found one that quite seemed to be transmitting on my frequency, but this one does!

Big Love,


Of course you can, do not let yourself be paralyzed .. try it, write about your experience, so you can advise others and others could advise you ... just try to get the labels that best suit what you are going to publish .. .the #life tag can be one of them.

God bless you! Welcome. :)

Thank you @cosmic.girl, You are very welcome

I don't really know how "success" is measured in one's life. But I agree that in every step of the process of the achievement of life it should be celebrated. Yes, looking just for the result of the process makes one's work laborious and dissuade him to persevere. Success has its own phases or stages that everyone should give focus to it. Success is related to the so-called "law of capacity". Many times we want to have things in our lives which in our own selves are not ready to handle it. Thus we cannot have it. For me, success is the sound states of the mind, emotion, and the will.

Dear @chbartist sir!
The journey of life is full of difficulties and challenges. Any work done by honesty and hard work is not small or big. Confront the hardships faced by the journey of life, because those who write history are the same people who compete with difficulties and reach their goals. Success and failure are two aspects of life. Those who are afraid of failure, world thrown them like a fly sinking in milk.

I guess this is the real challenge:

Have patience, rather than insisting on realizing goals when the time is not right.

This is a very useful idea for Steemit and life in general. It is so easy to be caught up in the anxiety of the realized project/dream that often times we minimize the importance of the small achievements.
A stair is composed of steps and every step counts.

And how about the anxiety produced by pursuing the wrong goal? Like the love infatuated with the wrong person. Time and effort wasted in a doomed enterprised. But, even those failures produce learning and experience that help suceed somewhere else.
At least that should be the approach.

Sir, you have written a very good article. Your ideology is very good. You are constantly trying to connect together because he is looking at 2-3 that the number of commentators is gradually decreasing due to lack of reason. Why are you doing this while you support so much

I would add that the journey sometimes tempts you to take shortcuts to move ahead but these are most times path that will set you back instead of advancing then patiently. Be careful with paths that feel like easy ways to achievement as nothing is easy in the journey.

Noticing and appreciating every successful attempt to real goal motivates a lot. Moreover I completely agree that the journey to the success is ultimately important.
keep flourishing.

truly success is never measured by the degree of ones achievement but by the numerous obstacles one endures to overcome to achieve the success itself. thankz @chbartist, good morning fellow steemians

if we celebrate our small victories, the path to long-term goals will be more pleasing ... and we will see it less distant.... we will be more motivated and we will be sure that we are going in the right direction.

As the saying goes 'Celebrate every moment of life' may not be too practical, however you can celebrate not only victories but also celebrate every new effort, every new change, every new hope,every new happiness, every new positive attitude and the list can go on!!! On the whole Just Celebrate Life!!!

I'd agree that we should enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is never a guarantee. That was the highlight of the Bible reading for today for those who do daily readings. I do try to keep my mindset in the present. It's fine to have goals and aspirations, however be grateful. It's so important that we appreciate what we do have and what we have accomplished.

Big hug too buddy for such an encouraging article.

Dont run for the succes be get knowledge about what you are doing succes will follow you.first learn then you can earn...

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Life is a continuous journey. There is no stoppage here. Stoppage is the final point in which we die. Our journey never stops, no matte how idle one remains. However, there is a difference. A loser don't realize it until he fails while a successful person judge his every steps carefully and strive to maintain the momentum.
Every big journey starts from a small step. So, we must not be discouraged to see hurdles on our way. We can surpass them and become successful. We have given just a single life. We should not waste it.

For me, Every step towards success counts equally. As I know that small drops of water makes a big ocean. So in my opinion every step matter in achieving success. No it is up to us that how we celebrate it.
Have a good day my friend chbartist,

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Well said. Short term winnings along the path will always accelerate the way object, us, in motion.

Upvotes, kind of 'hurting' coming up with a post one so believes deserves a better treatment but ends up on a 5 acs upvotes. I do understand a number of factors got to be considered but also much need be done on the community.

I'm so touched down to the heart by this message. I have now realised need to do away with society's ideology of success and created my own ideology. Sometimes we been pressured to do things beyond our what we can achieve leading to unnecessary frustrations.
Thanks for the message sir

Great piece. You are quite right. Celebrate your victories whether small or big as it even gived you more encouragement towards yourself to do more next time. This life is a journey, learn to appreciate others achievement and success also

Hi @chbartist, nice post man :) the important thing is that you always believe in your dreams. Although there are several drawbacks on your way one day you will make it! Take Walter Disney as an example. He applied for more than 300 loans before succeeding, incredible. Success does not have to come with the minute you start, believe in yourself and it will come along.
Have a great day guys :)

After every success people get satisfaction in mind and get encouragement to go ahead to have another success, success is a power to the future path, celebration comes out from inner part of human being. thanks for an excellent post.

Totally agree @chbartist. Small victories Are critical as they appear more in our life Than the colossal ones that the masses acknowledge..

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Totally agreed ❤ you are awesome! 👍

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Everything happens in its own time and space. Hard to realize in the "want it right now" fast pace we have grown accustomed to in the 21st Century. However, know that the people who created the technologies we are enjoying took years to develop what we have come to appreciate.

Trying to be patient. I know this is not the right time to unveil my project. I must wait till after the 1st of the year. I thank you for confirming what I believe to be true. Timing is everything.

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