Breaking Paradigms, A Difficult Yet Necessary Task For Growth - Chapter 1

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Hello Steemians, hope you are all well.

On this post I wanted to talk about some basic things that we need to incorporate in order to reprogram our mindset, and build a better life, reach our goals.

Before continuing however, I would like to thank everyone for all the positive interaction I've been receiving through the comments of these posts, specially because they are a story of my personal journey, that I share with the idea of possibly helping someone with perspective and hope can be of use so that you all can find inspiration to go as far as you need to go in life.

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Now let's continue:

I've talked about the importance of breaking old paradigms that are possibly dominating your life without you being able to perceive them, keeping you from growth.

We all seem to live with paradigms that have existed for 300 years, and we repeat them as truths, I can see this across many cultures. Allow me to give you some examples:
There is an old saying in my country that goes: God helps those who start they day very early.
Think about this, that must be a saying of about 200 years of age, and it's completely disconnected from the world we live in today. It was more applicable to a time were people worked in the fields, and had to wake up at 4am to be effective, and be back before sunset. There was no electricity, no TV, Internet, none of the things we use today. Without even taking into account how tired they would be from working the fields, I have a lot of admiration and respect for the people of those times, they were generations of hard workers.

But, this does not apply on almost anything in today's world, and I still hear people say it as if it's some sort of holy truth.

Of course I'm not talking about the religious aspect of the phrase, what I'm saying is that the phrase itself is out of date and somewhat useless. Today there is electricity, and the technology has given us the internet, something that did not exist 50 years ago, and I've been listening to people parrot this saying for as long as I can remember.

Do it make any sense? Are we saying that God would never help someone that works a night shift? If we were to take that belief and apply it here, to a person that sleep during the day, because of his job, we would also be saying they don't deserve help. Think about the police, the guards, the truck drivers, and of course, a lot of people in technology have to work to night time to meet deadlines.

So allow me to modernize the old saying: "God helps those who put in the work" , now does work for me, because for most of my life I've been working more than 12 hours, even having times were I had to put in 16,17 hour days. In other words, God helped me because I put in the work, not because I woke early. I would even say, I know very few artist that even wake up early in the morning, due to the nature of their career. I've seen this all along my journey, as I'm sure it's also happening now.

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The message I'm trying to say is that we have to pay attention to these old ideas, these paradigms and update them or eliminate them from our mind, and allow me to update them more adequately to the present times:

Have this in your mind every day and remember!!!

"God Helps Those Who Put In The Work" or

"God Helps Those Who Work Hard"- @chbartist

I know that I'm being specific about a cultural aspect of my country, and I'm sure that each one of you have different examples that can be similar. But you must think about them, and make sure they have not lived out their usefulness.

I would like to see some comments from people from other countries with reflections on this. Share with me sayings that for sure are not progressive. I've considered learning all the paradigms of the world, and the experience would be beneficial to the family we are trying to build together here. People with the correct mindset, focused on personal growth, will always find themselves growing financially too.

To close up this post, I would like to repeat what I've been telling people on the comment section of my blog. I'm trying to build a network, a family here of people that help each other, and I insist that if you join by supporting others with upvotes to those who are putting in the word. If we have people with 6,7,8 upvotes being recognized for sharing their ideas, for putting in the work, that would in turn create the right culture, build the community of people that are willing to support each other. If we work on this together, I can guarantee we will have some amazing results in the long run.

I'm really in love with the idea of creating that family, that network, and in the family of @chbartist the right mindset is a positive one. I'm here because your positive attitude and feedback is what keeps me going, believe me.

If you are new to this blog, I would like to invite you the read the previous posts, because I'm trying to write them canonically, with the hopes of them being the most useful. Don't forget to read the comments that others are making, I've seen a lot of wisdom being shared in the comments.

On the next post, I will try to talk about a paradigm that is in my opinion the most damaging of all, the one that will surely stop anyone from growing financially. But that will be left for Chapter 2

Until next time and much success to you all my dear Steemian family, remember positive attitude always.




Dear @chbartist sir!
In the context of the present, the proverb has become a little vomiting God helps those who keep updating themselves over time and keep up their work honestly.There are some such traditions and myths that we are still not able to get out of the way. Besides updating the facts, we should also take some inspiration from them, as the basis of our ancestor's rule is based on available resources, as well as difficult He used to work hard and discharge his duties, which saved him from physical ailments.
The change is the law of nature, the country, society, culture or man did not change in time with their existence, their existence came under threat. For example, we can take the name of the Nokia brand, Even today, it is far behind in the race for business.
I agree with you that it is not necessary to get up from 4:00 in the morning and do not work all day. Need is this thing, that we need to work as much as we need to do, work 12 hours or 17 hours .it is day or at night.This is my own thaught.

Agree my friend!

Hello @chbartist ,the old people were very hardworking at that time ,they woke up early and used to go at fields because they believe that God helps those who woke up early for work. But in my opinion it doesn't look fit, as a lot of people in my country have night duties and they are living a happy life.
For me ,God helps those who are hardworking people, that is perfect saying.
2ndly I'm agree with you that we need to put our support for those who are putting meaningful comments.because in this way we can build a strong community in which everyone will get support from each other. I'm here with you in every matter of piece. I also appreciate your efforts for building a supportive community

Have a good day @chbartist

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Thank you my friend! We are together!

I agree with you on this thought and will support this family. Let's make it a great @chbartist family. :)

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Many old sayings are like this one and they were reasonable in that time because earlier people do not have access to electricity so they used to wake up early to work and after sunset it was complete dark when they used these sayings it was right. But the problem lies in our mindset we follow it blindly without seeing the main logic behind it. Know we have every possible resource and we should put all our efforts in hard work and I support this quote
"God Helps Those Who Work Hard"- @chbartist
Thank you friends for always sharing your thoughts a post is valuable for its interaction I feel connected to it that's why I read every single word. It feels like that we are talking and sharing our thoughts it feels light after reading your post it gives relief from some tensions.

I'm glad with your comment! I hope you have a great week!

You too my friend have a great week with lots of good news 😊

Hardworking is more important in our life.Old peoples are more hardworking peoples.Old peoples work by hearts.Old peoples get up early in the morning.And going to fields.And working day and night.God helps the peoples who hardworking.Everyone pay his duly for ful honesty.and other we always supports other peoples.That is good thing.You helps others peoples.You helps the poor peoplesThat is great habbit.We are community.We meet your neibours.We helps your relatives.Life the name of helping others.Great work sir.@chbartist. I totally appriciate your post.Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your kind comment! Have a good week!

Your article and your thoughts are purely in tune with the spirit of this community and if the like mined people grow stronger, then this community will definitely evolve as a strong eco system and better than ever.

Second aspect of life as per my opinion is that, no matter what domain of life it is, the very basis is "hard work" and after that only other external and internal factors count, but if one does not get started at all then there is no way for him/her to lead this journey of life.

Nice to get stopped by here....

Thank you and Have a great day.

Great Words my friend! have a good week!!! and Thank you for your time!

It is very true what you say about work, God greatly helps the hard-working person who works. In fact, many passages are mentioned in the Bible regarding the work and the recompense of those who work. For example: 1 Timothy 5:18 expresses "... the worker is worthy of his work."

With regard to the refrain or the saying ... God helps the early bird ... They also say a lot here in Venezuela ... It all depends on where you apply it ... here, for example, they apply it a lot when you have to do something, where it is a long queue and if you arrive late, your day would not be productive ... instead, if you wake up, if you are one of the first, be sure, everything will be fast and obviously you will have a productive day ... You can then Do all the other things you have to do without setbacks.

Thank you for sharing the culture of your country, but it is also a paradigm, especially those who have to work the night as I said in the post. Regards.

oh of course .... the people who work at night, it is very difficult to get up early ...
There is another saying, and that I have never agreed ... Tree that is born crooked never its branch straightens.

How it is written or spoken I also do not agree with the proverb. But by changing the proverb it may make sense and this I'm sure would be: A tree that is poorly planted and educated and gets crooked because of this really never straightens because it is a tree that has not learned the fundamental principles. Who does not learn respect at home does not learn later. People confuse schooling with education and this is learned in their home through their parents (human values that we have as family reference) and this responsibility should never be transferred to others. Regards

Keeping God out of the equation would make much more sense. "God helps" in that sentence means "Positive outcome is for who...". "Positive" has a relative meaning. God can make positive thing happen giving negative outcome (oviously only from human perspective. Because if God is absolute, from His perspective evrything happen is not positive nor negative.) "Not all evil leads to harm." The best would be to not create an inflexible paradigm for such a complex thing. But it is true that if one does not work, mentally or physically, is very difficult that the chaos will lead him to his desired outcome. Said that, i think is very naive thinking that God is responsible only for what humans perceive as "positive" in their little mind world.

Thank you for your comment!

Hardworking is a definitely a key to success. However, IMO smart work is the real key to success. A laborer worksvery hard, a slave works very hard to please his master but this sort of hard work is not the key to be successful. I think everyone should work wisely. In fact, continuous assessment of own working can make one successful. The motto of life should be "work hard, work wisely ".

Exactly @akdx Thanks!

Hardwork is the key to success.
With thoughts you can just imagine a world with full of all kind of comfort but it turns into reality only when our efforts come out in the form of hard work.
Many people work hard but putting hard work with a sence of smartness brings the result.
A man pushing a wall cant bring a change to it, so hardwork also needs to be done in the right way.

And ALSO i really appreciate the support you give to people who read your post.
That really helps as a motivation and also binds people close to you as a community.
Whenever I login to my steemit account the first thing I do is to search for the posts of @chbartist.
This is just because the favour that you have shown so far for your fellow supporters.

Exactly, people confuse hard work with having to carry bricks but this is another paradigm instilled in the minds of the writers. Thanks for the comment.

change is inevitable, but we humans resist change. Permit me to add to what you said that "God help those who put in the right work in the right direction".
We really need to understand our circumstances and modify the general saying and template to fit our scenarios.
Thank you

Thank you friend!

God helps those who works hard.
Really such a great line which is based on facts.
Today in my comment Im not going to express my views about the above article. I'm just wanna appreciate your efforts and hardwork.

Really in very impressed from your writing skills. Every blog you write have it's own meaning and the lines are self explanatory. Every line u wrote have it's unique meaning. Your mind is full with positivity which is a very difficult thing to find in this negative world. You are really doing great job. It can be seen. The campaign were affected by HF 20 because there is RC limit for all who have less steem power. But everything gonna b alright.

In previous blog you write about thieves of dream which was great. 👌👌👌👌👌

Keep writing this type of great stuff .
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and motivating us .


Thanks for reading @asks and always being here. Regards

Hi @chbartist post is nice and truly relates to working culture we have now a days. This is very common saying that God helps those who work hard. But my belief if bit different than this. I belive in whatever I do, I give my best to it and this thought makes me enjoy working. I am not sure whether God will help me or not but I thoroughly enjoy the work. Now a days we can't stick that we will get up early as it totally depends on our work timing. In my location sometimes I have to work according to US timing so I work in night and sleep in day but I give my best to the work.
Have a great day buddy @chbartist

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Exactly my friend, and it is exactly poses that the paradigm is old and does not apply because otherwise you would be part of unsuccessful people according to this meaningless paradigm. Thank you and keep giving your best.

I have always heard the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm” in reference also to the advantages of a headstart. While it has been a part of my mantra, it has been more for personal preferences as waking up early provides great quiteness for meditation and getting some fitness activities done to charge our bodies for the day ahead. However, many other paradigms exist that can be broken to challenge that things do not need to be done a certain way. There is not only one formula to success.

Exactly friend! Thank you for your words!

Hola mi apreciado, tu siempre con tus temas tan interesantes. En relación a este pienso lo siguiente, todo pensamiento o frase encierran una gran verdad pero hay que mirarlo desde lo interno y no desde lo externo. Tomando e consideración la frase que mencionas ella por supuesto refleja un tiempo donde se trabajaba de día ¿pero sabes que? Nuestro universo fue diseñado así, esa es una condición natural, donde el día y la noche son constantes, así como las estaciones. Es decir que lo ideal sería que durmiéramos en la noche y trabajáramos de día. Pero el hombre con su maravillosa inteligencia va mas allá de todo y el universo no tiene culpa de los inventos tecnológicos, y de toda índole, de la humanidad. Claro está, hay personas que tienen los horarios de sueños invertidos pero son una excepción y muchos trabajan de noche es por necesidad. Ahora bien, en relación a las frases antiguas hay que reformularlas o crear algunas desde lo interno y en mi caso siempre digo “Dios premia el esfuerzo” porque creo en Dios y he vivenciado que cuando hago cosas con fe, dedicación y esfuerzo siempre he obtenido un premio, el logro de mis objetivos. Saludos. #conoceme

Muchas Gracias! Saludos!

I follow Hinduism and I also believe in your thoughts that god help who works hard. It doesn’t matter you work in day or night just put your all hard work god is seeing everything and he rewards hard work not old believes

I love your article, what you call paradigm in Latin America we often call taboo, rather than a conditioner is a limiting factor of society, and to get out of its canons is to end up being signaled by society that does not allow us to break its rules.

Exactly, thank you for your comment! Regards

You are doing great job on steemit. Really your words are very motivational. I love your work. Keep it up @chbartist

Thank you friend!

It's really a wonderful writing, I like it, but it does'nt applicable to all ages peopl, it's only for young energetic & those who have high dream, but farmers, elderly, school going children they got a wake up early in the morning for farmland mosqu, charg, school and rest of us have to be with your opinions to creat the world beautiful only hard working can change the luck of the people.

Thank you for your words!

You're most welcome

The experience of previous generations may be outdated.. But for me they are still valuable when we understand and apply the right circumstances. Today's technology has been greatly improved, And we can connect them to technology.

We have to be brave enough to do thi, may be it's no so easy, but it's truly necessary many times. Thanks.

Sure, my friend! Success!

Hardwork is essential for each and every stage of the life.
If you want to get something big then bigger efforts you have to put.

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Sir is a very great post. I love this thing that the same person is succesful, who works hard

Great motivation. Thanks for the reminders.

What you consider work many would not consider it work. You might have a talent which is what success is hinged on more than work, but many people won't consider what you do as "work" or "hard work" or even "16 hour work days". The ones that work hard and are quiet generally don't get promoted, as do the ones that are working harder than most everyone else but are too valuable in that position of being exploited, of being taken advantage of. The myth of hard work bringing success is an insidious tool of the sociopathic environment that dominates all aspects of "work", wittingly or not.

A phrase that makes much more sense than breaking your back as someone's tool is Work Smarter, not Harder or Longer, ie Appearing busy.

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breaking paradigms, indeed, is part of success!

Exactly! It might take some time to really be successful but that's just how it is! That's the formula... And with God's guidance, nothing is impossible.

I enjoyable reading this article. Keep up the good work.

I love your work =D

i completely understood what you are talking about. shifting the paradigm is really necessary and important to the world that we are living in. and i like that you stressed God as the one who helped, guide and is with us back then and now. we are moving towards innovation, fast-faced technology and everything just change. they say, change is only constant in this world. so let us embrace this changes by a paradigm shift mindset! you have my vote, @chbartist!! more power!

A really interesting post @chbartist

Estimado @chbartist, reciba un cordial saludo. Excelente tu escrito sobre el trabajo. Antiguamente, y aún hoy en día en mi país, el trabajo del campo requiere la madrugada, requiere que la jornada se inicie antes de que salga el sol. Aquí en el Venezuela hay muchos refranes, especialmente en los llanos venezolanos. Uno de ellos y que se identifica con el hecho de salir temprano a trabajar dice "El que madruga recoge agua clara"; es decir hay que salir temprano a realizar las tareas del día para lograr el éxito durante del día. Otro refrán que tiene que ver con la jornada y la ayuda de Dios dice " A Dios rogando y con el mazo dando"; esto significa que Dios te proporciona la sabiduría, te concede un don especial para que realices actividades en tu vida; pero tú debes poner de tu parte, es decir ponerte en acción. Me parece excelente construir la comunidad que propones. Estaré atento a tus comentarios.

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we all need to move forward as life never stops. it only stop when you are dead physically (i believe in afterdeath which is eternal) yesterday is history and what is important is today! thumbs up on the Paradigm Shift mindset @chbartist! looking forward to the Chapter 2..

Sir you are doing very commendable work Thank you.

i enjoyed reading your post dear @chbartist! it is true we should be at this point in time consider this paradigm shift thing in order for us to move forward in life. yesterday is history and we should always look forward to changes, innovations and technology. move forward and grow. and let us not forget to thank God for all He has done in our lives. 'til your next post! voted, too btw!

Loved reading your post! It's full of wisdom and life learned lessons. I so agree to these phrases :

"God Helps Those Who Put In The Work" or

"God Helps Those Who Work Hard"- @chbartist

I believe that God keeps an eye on those people who work really hard just to achieve their goal.

Great article! I agree with you @chbartist. I love this saying, "When I change, everything changes". It starts from us and then, later on, we can start seeing changes around us.

greatly written sir. your thoughts are very impressive regarding this issues.i support u [email protected]

Similar to the saying, God helps those who help themselves.

Great post, It is great to see you posting again, mate!

Please could you take a quick second to check out my latest blog post, here and see if you would like to get involved in the opportunity I have to share!

Thank you! :)

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There are lots of things we can learn from the past, aside from being hardworking they have the attitude that are lacking in today's world! I appreciate your desire as well as your articleS. I will definitely be your number one readers!

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Great thoughts! Hardwork really a key to success, with the help of the Almighty God...

Paradigm shift comes with great discipline. God speed!

Constant reflection is necessary if we aren't to become complacent. The moment things are 'good enough', they stop getting better.

positive attitude all the way brother! :)

I'm working harder every single day to reach my goals. The last 25 years have left me jagged and smashed doing a job I hate. It's time to make the years I have no count for so much more. Lovely post.

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