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Hello Steemians

I'm going to take a break from the posts I have been writing regarding on my journey, the intention of them has always been to share with you all some things I have learned along the way that might help you in your own.

This pause is really to share my experience here on Steemit in the last 7 months. I was invited to join by my best friend @meno, that you might know from the excellent work he has done with @helpie.


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As I describe myself on my profile I'm a musician, a producer and businessman. The first thirty years of my adult life mainly in arts and the last twenty three exploring the business world.

When I arrived to steemit I was really happy to join, because I could see it like a good investment of my time and a place where I could share my life story, inspire people. In the last 15 years I have trained over 1000 people personally and have done speeches in my home country for more than 500k at least. I'm not talking about a specific business, I have been hired by many companies to speak to their sales teams, their executives and I can guarantee I have been remunerated very well.

When I came to Steem I thought I could do the same, but to my surprise I found a lot of negative toxic people and It made me consider leaving the platform all together. To just invest as a speculation as a small part of my portfolio, something I am familiar with from participating in traditional markets for over ten years trading.

Even from the beginning as I was being attacked I never talked back without respect to any of those who attacked me.

I had run ins with @therealwolf back then, but we had a respectful conversation soon after and managed to patch up the situation, that was a sign of improvements to me.

Recently I had another bump with @therealwolf and with the same respect from the our first encounters I reached out to him privately and respectfully worked out our disagreements. Because even if Wolf publicly announced it and I thoroughly disagreed, we never lowered ourselves to have unproductive discussions with him or anyone who has attacked me on steem.

I have always been respectful and I kept this with @therealwolf again. Our conversation was possible because @therealwolf is not a in any way a toxic person, and he was willing to have a respectful conversation with me to clarify our misunderstanding.

Its that difference that I'm talking about. Because toxicity only is breeding evil things. I have always considered myself good at reading people, I think of it as a gift for having to deal with thousands of people over the years of all different social classes. This made me eventually detect and detest toxic dishonest people.

So as I said with @therealwolf from the very beginning it was clear to me he is not a toxic person and is willing to admit his mistakes like we adults do, not to treat everything with a child attitude. He is here to do his job and I am here to do mine. We can have disagreements, but when you elevate the dialogue with respect its easy to find solutions.

I also have learned not to spend too much time with toxic people because it is the same as trying to make a donkey speak or have a conversation with a wall.

When we begin a professional career many times we are obligated to live with people like this, but as we progress and get more successful we earn the right to to choose them, because continuing to be around them makes no sense.

Thanks to my journey and how I have conducted my life I have the luxury of ignoring the voices of toxic negative people, and even more so, I want to be as distant as possible from them.
The second point I wanted to talk is in reference to steemit.

I am certain that this platform is very complex for people to understand, it takes months or maybe even a year for people to fully get how it works. I have absolute certainty this is the case for 99% of people here, but worse for those who just got started.

We had so many changes in the last seven months, I saw so many things being implemented that I'm still trying to understand fully.

On top of that there are many discussions about what is right and what is wrong. Many toxic people think they have absolute truth, the own the reality. That does not make sense. Absolutely nobody is the owner of absolute truth and this is supposed to be a platform for liberty of expression and I detest when these toxic people pronounce themselves like this, its just impossible for dialogue to happen.

There is much work to be done with steem and steemit, but more in the communication. It needs to be simple and clear for everyone to understand, but I think this is just a matter of time.


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Good Content

Many people attack each other without recognizing that there is a person behind that picture or avatar, calling them shit. They say things like the content is shit and I think that is not the image a platform that is trying to get investment should have. Until that inappropriate behavior stops then steem and steemit won't look attractive to big investment, because there are thousands of choices in the world of cryptocurrencies alone.
I am attacked by many people that say my content is shit, and I always ask them, What is good content then? I never obtain a good answer, but that is OK because we are supposed to be on a free platform, and what can be good for you can be bad for me.

Its common logical to see that if you only put one picture with no text that is not likely to be good content.

But referring to my particular case, my content is related to speaking in a simple way, it is meant to motivate people so that in the message is receive. When somebody tells me my content is shit I don't see that as advice or critique, I discard it because it shows lack of respect to begin with.

On second place here I am using my limited time writing on this blog about my life journey, they are facts, things that happened to me, not opinions. How can I receive someone calling my life experience shit? there is no place in my life for that energy.

Imagine you like to fly drones and you make a post about drones. I go to your post and I tell you that your post is shit because I hate drones, or because I don't like your avatar. Very different from many other people I use my own face, it would be easy for someone to cowardly insult me when they are hiding behind an avatar, instead of having an adult conversation with me.
But believe it or not I understand them, because being part of show business for 32 years has taught me that big egos always have toxic people who are unhappy and frustrated and they feel justified when they hurt others.


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Spirit of Network

I could continue on this subject for longer, but I am just trying to build a positive network that does not have toxic people.

If you read my last three posts you will see that I asked personally for people to learn to support each other, to vote on each others comments with the condition that the comments show effort, and it work incredibly. There are comments with 7,8,9,10 upvotes. That is the spirit of a positive network and I also participate of it when I see people put effort.

About my writing style I want to be clear that I'm going to continue to write in a simple language so that 99% of people understand because I tell you the world is like this. 99% of people need more assistance than 1%. I am not a writer like William Shakespeare for those who think themselves intellectuals.

And I insist, this platform will only be attractive to big investors when they see a huge number of users and good culture with respect, not a place of fights that looks like a school for children.
About the rules being created I understand its difficult because making rules when concepts are very subjective like what is good content or what is not is not easy at all.
But I also want to say in my time here I also have had conversations with good people aside from those I mentioned already like @gtg, @upmewhale, @onestring and other people who follow and interact with positive energy here. Those people will always be welcome to me.
So I will like to close this post simply asking people to help propagate a message of respect above all, because respect among people and having a good attitude is necessary for everyone's success.


follow - @chbartist


Thank you for a catalyzing post. It lead me to some interesting meditations. 100% upvoted. I'll leave my response in the form of a letter below. I welcome anyone who cares to respond to weigh in.

Dear @chbartist,

Regarding this issue, I do not think it's resolvable into positive and toxic, that's a false dichotomy that oversimplifies the profundity of our existence. I see that you joined Steemit when the price was coming down from its peak. If you were around last fall you would have seen a very different climate. People are not very happy right now, and yes, that is their choice. I lost over $100k from not selling during the bull market because I believe in STEEM long term but I am not crying and beating myself up about it or blaming others because I know we must always move forward in life to become the best we can be.

The main speculation I've arrived at from watching your blog for a while is that because of when you joined Steemit (January 2018), it's not possible for you to remember a time before the platform was completely filled with spam, vote-selling and bid-bots. Many people who have worked hard since 2016 have heavy resentment regarding what this platform has become and still have reputation numbers under 60 after all this time. Some believe strongly in a gift economy and do not think Steemit ought to be used as a platform to extract the highest possible amount of profit from the blockchain.

Now, I don't actually agree with all of these views, but I can sympathize with them. What it seems like you may not understand is that since every service has benefits and detriments, when you get to occupy the "prime real estate" at the top of trending for several days, having a post upvoted to $1,000+, that is a great benefit. But there is also a huge drawback to paying to put yourself in the spotlight, which is that you attract negative attention onto yourself. In my opinion, blaming the "toxicity" of the platform can be summed up as a failure to take responsibility for the consequences of your own actions, or perhaps a lack of understanding of the social dynamics of this place.

For instance, although I (and many others) will use paid promotion services, we generally use them much more sparingly. If you have a sense of moderation and a level head regarding the worth of the content you create relative to the ecosystem you are in, you will not attract negative attention. Can you believe that in all the 15 months I've been on the Steemit platform, I have never received a single toxic or hateful message on one of my blogs? I knew that I must always respect the unspoken social dynamics of the platform if I was to avoid being a target for hate. This requires constant education and weighing various viewpoints in order to navigate the extremes found in any community.

What I am saying is, although I have great respect for what you have achieved in life and your orientation towards positivity and love, there still appears a lot of projection in your writing in which you appear to be placing subtle blame/judgement onto others instead of realizing that the experience you've had on this platform is a direct result of your decision on how to use it.

Like you said, this place is complicated and it often takes much longer than it ought to to comprehend how everything works. But this is also the beginning of a paradigm shift; humanity is realizing that every individual is potentially an expert at something no one else can be. We are realizing that human energy and attention ought to be rewarded, because it has a unique, innate value. But it also requires radical honesty regarding our individual role in the collective. If you know you are not the best writer, why would you so heavily promote your writing to the top to be the face of Steemit?

Clearly, you have knowledge and have achieved a lot in your life. So have a lot of people on this platform, including many whales with 500,000+ SP. But most of them do not get flagged because they are very aware that it is wise to be respectful and moderate in the way they promote their content. For instance, only posting once a week, or only using huge bid-bot votes on posts they consider extremely important for people to see: related to charity projects, witness announcements, community initiatives, and the like.

The negative energy you have got on the platform is a messenger, it is telling you to look closely at yourself. Just like negative emotions tell us we may need to change our mental and emotional habits, and physical pain tells us we need to take our hand off the stove so our hand is not destroyed: why not frame what you have experienced here and take total, radical responsibility for it instead of psychologically projecting all the "toxic" aspects onto others? We all are made of unconditional love, but have toxicity as well. I don't care how incredible, inspiring, or enlightened someone may seem, they have a shadow side, as well. We all do.

I know this is an extremely long comment, but your post gave me the impetus to reflect more on this topic. Thank you for being who you are. I'm honored if you take the time to read it and hope it was helpful in some way. Namaste.


Dear friend, I appreciate your letter and certainly she has my upvote. I would have to perhaps write another letter to highlight point to point because you have sifted through many questions that provide hours for a debate. With respect, of course. But I can have diso misunderstood by you because instead of using the name of people for ethical reasons I used the platform so here is my clarification. Another point that you pointed out is that with the very low price of steem people are in financial trouble and this I had a test that last week when a person eventually acknowledged that I was nervous because of it and that deeply affected that person's particular behavior.

So to sum it up I mean certain people who really are bad and regardless of anything no one likes to be disrespected. I'm not here to be just preaching love like you said, I'm here to earn money like everyone else but I've been trying to just share the real facts I've lived in my life that can be important to many people. I do not find the toxic platform as I said before but there are people who really want them off my street. LOL

There are some points that you put that I completely disagree with because I see that some things you put do not work well the way you wrote but I respect your position and as you see these points I will not go into merit.

Greetings and I wish the best for you!

Hi @chbartist, I'm grateful to receive your reply. I'd be honored to discuss further in another form in the future, and of course you are welcome to take anything I've said here and take it apart as you will. I share, with my friend and fellow poet @quillfire, a great appreciation for the power of civil disagreement. If everyone viewed the world identically, it would be a very boring place. At the same time, finding common ground is incredibly empowering.

By the way, I mean no disrespect with this letter and appreciate all your years of experience which I simply cannot match since I am much younger than you. Discussion enriches us, helps us understand each other better, creates the opportunity to hone our discernment, and more: all of which leads to a stronger community.

"Steel sharpens steel"

Wholeness & all the best back to you :-)

Don't worry friend, I did not feel disrespected at any time. You are very polite and respectful in your words.

I also wish you the best

yes he is but too loooooooooooooong

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this post, and especially your response to it. As someone newer and figuring out the nuances of Steemit, it's valuable to see different views. I totally understand the desire to minimize toxic individuals in ones life, and the need for civil discussion and constructive feedback (ex. hey, stop posting so much and promoting so much, taking the limelight from others and making me see your page all the time-instead of some hateful comments).
I also see the nuance that promoting/upvoting/posting too much of your own content, not as tactfully as others, can invite frustration or negative comments from others (I tried this tactic for a month on instagram promoting my music, and learned the hard lesson from it, that "Toxic" or "Hateful" comments have some truth to them-so I stopped posting and promoting content and forcing people to look/hear my content that was not great).

Anyway, I am not a great writer myself, so I won't go on, but just wanted to thank both of you for having this conversation, and for caring about Steemit and the people on it.


Thank you @sebastianhughes for your words and time to comment! Regards

wow nice post boss

A long comment @d-pend but incredible!

I guess the summary of your long wide comment is this:
@chbartist has a long wide way to go to learn more on different variety of anything and everything, not only on this platform but in general, his life and journey, his goals and purpose in particular.
Its not only for him but for all of us.
We can't perfectly estimate anything, but we can weigh them base on right and wrong or moderation and extreme. An example obviously is the value of the content we create and post. Is my post worthy enough to receive $500 or $1000 upvotes? This is where most of the people were complaining. And we can't blame them to some extent that their blood boils, much more if its done regularly.
This is happening over and over again and again on the trending section.

This is a summary right?
I need to stop now lol

Much more to say but this is not the right section, it would be extreme and violates the law of moderation lol

Gotta sleep now!

We all have a long wide way to go to learn more on different variety of anything and everything, not only on this platform but in general, our life and journey, our goals and purpose in particular.

If any of us were perfected beings, we would not be incarnated in human form. :-)

We can't perfectly estimate anything, but we can weigh them base on right and wrong or moderation and extreme. An example obviously is the value of the content we create and post. Is my post worthy enough to receive $500 or $1000 upvotes?

Precisely. We shouldn't be surprised at backlash when we promote content that is less than impeccable to the top of a community composed of tens of thousands of active individuals.

Much more to say but this is not the right section, it would be extreme and violates the law of moderation lol

Haha, perhaps so, though I would like to see this convention to change. That is partially why I decided to leave this post here instead of my own blog. It could be considered an act of rebellion against the shallowness of most online interaction.

Good night @ronel!

Wow, I wish I improved my english as where you had now. It's not my mother language so whatever I say looks like coming out of a broken translator. And it doesn't even reflect my emotions and probably misunderstood. Anyways I don't want to spoil this conversation. I just want to let you know that I like and respect your perspective. Personally I don't like to play it by the rules, I don't want to shape myself upon community dynamics. However if anyone thinks this place as an investment should listen to you. Thanks.

When you want to Flag

Flag away, it's your right to do so if you disagree on rewards.

No I was just kidding :D

Hey @oups, thanks for the reply. I can understand what you say perfectly, so perhaps you underestimate your level. Keep going! I believe anyone can achieve great things in any language of their choice. However, I can also relate, because I've studied Spanish for many years and I still feel doubtful that I'm expressing myself clearly.

I also think people should be free to disregard social dynamics. Many do not have the patience or have a different personality when it comes to that. For some reason I love being a mediator and focus on constantly minimizing unnecessary conflict. I find a sense of meaning in that approach, but I also admire people who are unabashed and go against the status quo.

To me that is the beauty of human beings: that we can use our freedom of expression so exuberantly and authentically, and embody any facet of the color spectrum according to our nature and our choice. We also evolve through different phases of our lives. It's really quite extraordinary and leaves me speechless many times I contemplate it.

Hago mía estas palabras: "Personalmente, no me gusta jugar según las reglas, no quiero conformarme con la dinámica de la comunidad." Con tu permiso.

can i get a follower :)

Yeah, once you create some quality content! :-P

@honey2018 Te sigo y te voto, feliz???

"The negative energy you have got on the platform is a messenger, it is telling you to look closely at yourself. "

I love these word and I seek your concent to add to them that the negative energy we have both on this platform and the world around us is a messenger, that is telling us to look closely not only to ourselves but also the world around us.

"Just like negative emotions tell us we may need to change our mental and emotional habits"
Looking closely at these words it is telling us that we have to take responsibility and it requires effort to change our mental and emotional habit and everything mental and emotional energy around us that will be a hindrance to us achieving this goal.
Thank you for your Original words

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While you might be right in the sense that "what goes around, comes around," nevertheless there are some really negative people (toxic by nature) on this platform. They are easy to recoginze and even easier to avoid. The very nature of the Steemit platform tends to compound peoples emotions because everything here is tied to one thing - money, and we all know that money tends to bring out the best in us... unfortunately. If everyone learned to practice positive affirmations, Steemit would be a perfect place, but that would be like asking for the moon.

Very true and in the near future, humans will not just ask for the moon, but will live on the moon

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Very true and in the near future, humans will not just ask for the moon, but will live on the moon

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Comment larger than the post.

Guilty as charged... ;-) Sometimes I get carried away. Okay... a lot of the time :-D

"The negative energy you have got on the platform is a messenger, it is telling you to look closely at yourself. "

I love these word and I seek your concent to add to them that the negative energy we have both on this platform and the world around us is a messenger, that is telling us to look closely not only to ourselves but also the world around us.

"Just like negative emotions tell us we may need to change our mental and emotional habits"
Looking closely at these words it is telling us that we have to take responsibility and it requires effort on our own part to change our mental and emotional habit and every mental and emotional energy around us that will be a hindrance to us achieving this goal.
The later would not be easy to achieve than the former but we should at least give it a try.
Thank you for your Original words

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@d-pend thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and thanks alot for your valuable time to write such a beautiful comment. Really i'm totally agree with you. You did a DNA test.
I like these line :

The negative energy you have got on the platform is a messenger, it is telling you to look closely at yourself. Just like negative emotions tell us we may need to change our mental and emotional habits, and physical pain tells us we need to take our hand off the stove so our hand is not destroyed: why not frame what you have experienced here and take total, radical responsibility for it instead of psychologically projecting all the "toxic" aspects onto others? We all are made of unconditional love, but have toxicity as well. I don't care how incredible, inspiring, or enlightened someone may seem, they have a shadow side, as well. We all do.

thanks for such types of comment

good post boss

amazing ...

with no censorship, comes great freedom for expression. Positive and Negative expression.

the advent of social media and the monetization of mass social gathering and interaction, has exponentially increased the jealousy, comparison, idolation, popularity, and all social interaction that we as humans will encounter, Steem's DAPP like Steemit is no exception

Steem is probably the closest to the real world scenario that I've seen. It does not have missing unlike/flag/downvote that facebroke has, or the expression limitation and eye candy bias that Instagram and twitter, and the distractions of emoticons and practically just fun and revenue based add-on that snapchat and others so ready provide.....but these are all just opinions

you'll be wise to continue in your amazing niche of producing moderated positive content and using the proliferation of bots to attract new viewers like myself

someday Steem will be worth hundreds, yes it's hard to see, but it's possible in 5-10 years time, i can only suspect that first we will need greater decentralization of Steem ownership (getting all whales to sell out before we go > $10), much greater adoption, and greater decentralization of witnesses so we slowly increase it to top 30 (instead of focusing and restricting almost 10% of income forever to top 20), top 40, until we someday see >top 100, or too much Steem will be concentrated in too few hands, the truth is i can already see that great dapps will come, or are already coming, adoption and much greater decentralization is what's needed

upvoted, i'm glad @meno brought philosophical and entrepreneurial musicians like yourself into Steem in such early days.

Excellent analysis, thanks for your words

I think a lot of it has to do with getting in while the market was entering a bear market. I noticed a huge shift from positive to negative during this transition. Last year it was completely different, all sushine and rainbows, everyone was beaming rays of joy for a long time here. The atmosphere was filled with extreme positivity. Things have changed so much but not just with steem but all projects.

Thank for your words!

The bidbots were around? People have always had a huge problem with self aggregation of Self Voting and circlejerk voting, the reason we have "disagreement on rewards" as one of the enumerated reasons for flagging someone was directly because of the flagging Dan gave a certain "market analist", and this user has been abusing the system from day numero uno, so all the hot air he blows doesn't change those facts.

We cannot desuade you from discontinuing your blog post. But I want you to know that I personally have learnt a lot from your experience and i am looking forward to learning more from you.
If I am in the position to decide, I will plead with you not to take too long to return back to your blog series because it will impact not just me but a lot of lIves.

I came to this platform in search of steem dollar but when I came across your post, it made me understand that genuine networking with positive minded individuals is the basics for succes in every endevour one finds himself or herself.

On a final note,
People don't actually treat you the way you are but they treat you the way they are. If it's someone that has respect for themselves, they will accord you with the same respect they have for themselves but for those that have none for themselves, they can only offer what they have.

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@gowealth I so much appreciate your comments here. it speaks volume and very true. The bottom line, you can't give what you don't have. Whichever way you look at it, you can only give what you have - love, kindness, empathy, etc. The end always justify the means. Thank you for you contribution.

Thank you

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@farike Thank you

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i think it is people in securities which seems to be the root cause of most of the toxic things in the world like greed. However there seems to be fights between whales all the time the trending page can be a target page. Even facebook does not have a dislike button. ! =]

The best of all is that there is enough "sun"to shine on all of us!! People don't have to shoot others down.

Thank you

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The world is filled with crude people

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Unfortunately there is a lot of crude people in the world but we have to try and look at the bright side of life! =]

careful mate with these posts they can be seen as spamming.

You are always welcomed here

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Enjoy the community

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Why must one shoot people down, the sun can shine on everybody!!

Can I get a follower :-)

Yes you can
Ask and you shall be given

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I like your final note ... it really is that way...

Yea, human must always be humans

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Yea, human must always be humans

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And this is very pathetic

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Can I get a follower :-)

The best of all is that there is enough "sun"to shine on all of us!!


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Exactly what I said on a final note.
Smiles and regards

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Am loving this community

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I like your comment and insight about people treating you they way THEY are. I also am now following you. Thank you for that insight.

Thank you

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inspiring words friends, great

Much love

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Hoping to seeing more from him

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Nice write up

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Nice write up

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I wish he don't discontinue all those good works

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You sure are preachy and whiny for someone who uses up-vote bots. Your desperate posts are sappy. I don't care how successful you are or were. Being fake happy is toxic. Sorry you have had a hard life growing up but why take it out on people by saying how successful, positive and good person you are. Just 'cause you were poor then successful doesn't make you a hero or even a good person. Maybe you should read more books and get more intellectual. You can be addressed everywhere by media at a grade 3-8 level. Why continue the dumbing down of society!! Read a book!!

Thank you havok, its obvious you never understand anything I write. - I suggest you continue in your ways and see where it leads you, i guess in the end we will see who was right. I follow your blog and I don't like what I see there, but I never flagged you or criticize your work and keep my opinions to myself, because I understand and respect the fact that everything you do, you do with your heart because you believe in it. Sadly nothing I wrote here reach to you because you think you are too intellectual for it, or it looks like this for me. I think you are someone who does not get enough credit for your work on steem, and it would be good if more people supported your blog, i would not mind supporting it if you dont get upset about it. But i respect your choice. - But try not to use insulting words with me, you dont really know me enough to say these days, and dont know how much i can teach people. If its no good for you, that is fine, that means you believe in your solutions, but stop criticizing anyone who is putting effort to teach others who maybe don't have your brilliant mind. Wishing you the best!

Don't worry I get it allot on another social media. Just the other day there was an author who added me as friend on f.b. an intellectual right!? Yes well I can offend them too!! He posts about a book from the romantic period about a tragic character, all to do with false love, falling in love with your cousin. The author friend who mentioned this was complaining about how his presence didn't light up the room in his old age when he posted about this 1800's romantic novel. Me I don't read fiction very much. So I say stay Judish, take a sad song and make it better. It's a Beatles lyric. And the character in the novel he mentioned name was Jude. It was a joke. Then he said something about the people that call others mentally ill are the most mentally ill. I said stay on the sunny side of morbid. He said I was corrosive and unfriended me. So that was interesting. This topic is coming up! Then I went onto Weku steemit clone and flagged a bunch of people. Felt like the old Wild West steemit days. I tried what berniesanders on steemit said to just have fun and post and flag whoever you want! I have found that somewhat interesting. Those I flag tells something about me. I'm not sure yet where this will go. I am feeling better, thanks for your response. So I am reading a bit of this book called Verbal Judo - The Gentle Art Of Persuasion, you could check it out and up your game!!

You stop abusing the system, you think selfish behavior like this is commendable and you can hide behind "networking " when you can't even take criticism without turning it around? It's as if your paper thin veneer will magically hold up from the hypocrisy of "don't criticize me, but let me tell you how you ought to respond, how you ought to run your blog, and hang the carrot of my support behind if only you wouldn't criticize me"

You're a good people reader but you turn down the call to better yourself at regular literacy because 99% are illiterate like yourself.. Phleaze tell us about how many you educated, not to boast but to "help" us out, you who takes no criticism.

Excellent, he's making it seem as if he networked his way to the position he's in but clearly it's been quite the opposite, labeling people as toxic because a bit of introspection on what a stranger says is invalid by default, because of how successful and not at fault he's always, therealwolf has flaws, everyone has flaws, not this supper successful individual that does their best to "network" by speaking simply and repeating everything three times and showing zilch for appreciation (toxic by default) , humility or least compassion. I'd love to hear how Steem, a quite simple concept that at its heart has Curation as a function and Self Voting quite nailed down as Abuse, take more than a year to get? Is it that difficult to admit that you're a little bit not concerned with abusing the system, well I've never interacted with them but their shit posts never made me tell em, hey you're abusing the system, maybe I should have, maybe I wasn't going to be labelled as worthless human being with a worthless opinion, because abuse is an opinion, how can anything be absolute truth, and it's not absolutely true that the prejudice one holds against anything mildly speaking of ones character is there only to speak on themselves as toxic, worthless piece of shit, because after all, you're a human being with feeling behind your voturbation who ought to be always considered as perfect.

Thank for yours words and for you r effort and time to comment. Regards

What's worse, calling people GARBAGE or toxic? What's worse, calling for networking and positivity while voturbating and abusing the system or dismissing someone who points out your hypocrisy with "thank you"?

Its common logical to see that if you only put one picture with no text that is not likely to be good content.

Wow so as a musician you just disrespected to designers and photographers?
Can't you convey a feeling without a single word just with notes? I believe you can, also I believe I do too with my designs, and a photographer is able to do so.
However I'm not doing it even the most hatred one started to spam, because common sense in here forces us to write things down and enforce our ideas to others. (?) Like this is not the sign of an unhealthy ego.
Just kidding, I know that wasn't the point of that sentence however, it would annoy someone as well. So you would be the toxic one.

I just confused with the parts of your blog, I couldn't link the part one with the rest. I'm not trying to be da toxic here. However I was into human behaviours for a while, I did a little bit of research, a little bit of observations and I think I maybe good at reading people as well. So you'll always need some toxics around, that's just a little suggestion from a stranger.

Well, about investors I just don't get it. Every single person who talks about investors didn't invest at all. They call promotional services(!) as an investment, I'm telling this to everyone just take a moment and thing if you had 1 billion to spare, would you invest in steem?

Thanks to these bid-bots steem is nothing but a ponzi looking scheme. When someone says "ponzi" everyone gets alerted but it just about early bidders gets the big portion of the cake. That's all, not the whole cake but a portion, today you need 28k Steem ($22.5k USD) to be able to vote for $1.

When someone sees steemit for the first time, they get mesmerized. $500 for a blog post whaat?? Dreams come true. What happens after they create an account?. Their vote didn't even count for 3 months.

What happens if he disagree with a dolphin :) What a great place to invest.

Whatever I'm going back to being toxic again.

On second place here I am using my limited time

I don't have infinite time either but you'll get paid for taking my time. With some probably automated, and mostly paid votes. :(

I respect your opinion and thank you for your words!

I surprisingly have not come across your content before but reading this post comes to show that your work seems genuine and that is needed more than many things currently here. I too realize that the only way this ecosystem will succeed is if we that are active and consistent all succeed. We need each other to grow and engage because unless you a whale, there is really no way to grow. So I support your thoughts of being genuine and engage actively to creat community together.

Thank you, you have agreed exactly what I wanted to leave as a message. Thank you for your words. Let's move on because what I wanted most here were minnions to teach them how to become successful in many ways in their life. Thank you.

You are right

Hi @ chbartist
Every post of you has a message to those who hate you and try to let you down. You make them clear that whatever difficulties and problems they create you are not going to bother them.
You are on a mission to helping people. So you always talk about positivity and helping others.
And this is what makes you different form others.
Problem creators are always there. But we have to stand still like a solid rock and reach our goal.
I always follow you articles. Which encourage me to work more harder and motivate to help other as much as possible.
Thanks for this article. And sharing your views.

Thank you for following and read. I'm happy for help you! Thanks!

wao, I did not imagine you would go through that ... really toxic people are everywhere and in all magnitude ... unfortunately they are part of life ... you just have to ignore them ... I've had toxic people by my side, and in many ... many ... I tried to help them see life differently, but unfortunately there came a time when they transmit a lot of negativity ... so many times it is better to get away ... in the case of steemit, simply ignore them ... It's crazy to say that something is bad, for the simple fact that that person does not like it ... I have opined in many publications about this topic, and my thought has always been, that the world is world precisely because of the diversity of people and thoughts ... if we all think the same and act the same, we would simply be clones ... then ... we must respect the thinking of each person ... and not pretend that if something does not like ... that should not be liked by others ... that is being selfish ... what I like to do may like many and not like others ... that's what life is about ... the diversity of tastes, thoughts and people ... we have to be objective and admit that there are topics that are not to our liking but that have developed very well on the platform and that deserves merit!

As for steemit, if it has taken me a bit to understand it, hahaha ... every day I learn something new ... I always say, I'm new to steemit, but when I see ... it's really been 9 months ... almost a year ... but I feel like new because I still can not understand the platform 100% hahaha ...

Good thing that today you published at this time, it fits more to my schedule ... Right now it's 20:00 in my country (Venezuela) ... Have an excellent week and do not take into account the toxic comments ... you remember that you have a better mission ... and it is ... to help those who really appreciate what you do ... those who really value your advice ... I follow you because the first publication I read was very positive, and I like that ... you have to surround yourself with positive things ...

(I hope you can understand everything I wanted to express ... because my native language is Spanish and I use the Google translator and sometimes it changes the word and the meaning of what I write)

Comprendo lo que dices. Muchas gracias por sus palabras y Saludos a toda Venezuela. Todos los días espero que tengan un país mejor de lo que está actualmente. Gracias

I am on Steemit since 2016, and I still don't know all the stuff going on, there is always something new happening. All of the best for you in Venezuela, with all the trouble there in your country!!

What's worse, labeling someone toxic and calling for them to be ignored, or saying that you respect others opinions only enough to ignore them? If I call you garbage, exactly what kind of respect did I extend to you, and if calling someone garbage is disrespectful, how is labeling anyone respectful, last off all labeling them toxic?

Thanks for Sharing Your experience through is post,
This post help me a lot to realize the potential of steemit platform and How to handle Toxic people in your life so that you should not distract from your goal.

Thank you @amar-patel. All the best!

@chbartist thanks for your words. I always feel motivated when I read your article. You are trying to build a network of positive people that's great. You are doing very great because so many people are taken interest in this compagin. It could be seen in the comments. Every positive comment have 9to 11 vots that indicates that you're working very efficiently.
In this world there are two types of people:

  1. Who help each other
  2. Who don't want to see happy or successful each other

First types of people they are always trying to support other people but the second type they want to knock down other people. They are toxic people who don't want to see others success.
As you said:

I also have learned not to spend too much time with toxic people because it is the same as trying to make a donkey speak or have a conversation with a wall.
Great line it is self explanatory.

Lastly I would like to say don't stop to write these types of awesome and positive blogs.
I'm a enthusiastic reader of your post. You are doing great by sharing your experience it helps most of the people who are new on this platform.

@chbartist you are welcome 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Hola, pues la verdad siempre encontraremos diferencias, de criterios y de conductas, hay cosas que si desaniman, por ejemplo eso de ser o no ser de calidad, quien lo mide, cuales son los criterios que utilizan? Pues bueno, a mi me gusta lo que hago aunque a muchos no, me seguiré esforzando. Se que siempre habrá alguien que al leerme valorara mi trabajo. Solo debemos seguir, aprender y perfeccionarnos. Mucho éxito y gracias por tu reflexión, espero ser parte algún día de ese circulo no toxico al que te refieres. :)

Gracias @carolina88. I support you! and following you now!

Muchas gracias @chárter, saludos

Hi Chbartist, I also follow you and like what you said. But there is the beauty of this creation is that we diverse from one another. In thought language in every aspect of life. If you move through world you will see in one part of work which is called modesty become a filthy behavior to other culture. Tolerance and love❤️💕 should be there to our heart those who understand us and those who not. But we cannot called them as toxic🦂 or donkey ,,🐴. In this way we some how create a ego of superiority. Please 🙏 don't misunderstand me. I am only saying who are we to judge other. Life is to short for it. Everyone have it's own fate how they think they create there own destiny. But our 💓 never be spoiled, Jesus speaks love your enemy and Gandhi speak about tolerance and nonviolence not only in behavior but also in thoughts.

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Thank you for your words... I just wanna say that you may not have understood my angle on the whole donkey comment, but if you pay attention to the people that attack me, i never answered in anger or the same coin. so I don't really hate them, my experience of life tells me to not waste my time with them and only focus on the ones who want to grow and understand respect, because its the foundational base for everything in life. Its not good people that have to change, its the toxic people that need to be better and not try to bring everyone down. I wish you the best

I understand your point , and i have seen your attitude towards them. You earn respect from many people. I also followed you and respect you a lot. I agree you always spread positivity. You are a wonderful man. Some people love to do criticism , let them do. There will be always difference in thoughts and my opinion it should be there. When some one bother you don't pay attention, they will loose there points. I believe some people do criticism unnecessary to get attention. When you are achieving some reputation in your life through your work , you have to be more careful in everything even in words. Please take it as positive way. A small black spot in a white cloth make it dirty-so a man with good reputation have to be more careful than other.

Thank you again for your words.

I should say thank you...to understand my point.....

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You are an amazing writer and motivator. Positivity is the backbone of success. Because people with nagaitive attitude see difficulty in every situation and opportunities, but positive attitude person find opportunity in every difficulty. So be positive, don't be hopeless, see the real dreams and bring it to live with your hardwork and dedication.
Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Hi @chbartist You are one of my favourite write here and I wait for your posts to read out. Your posts are always full of motivation and detailed knowledge about the topic. in steem platform there are very few people who write such witty posts and you are on of them. Now this post really made me feel sad that I can't anymore knowledge and motivation from you. Its very sad to see you leaving. I agree with you that this platform is bit complex now to understand and here all types of people are available. You should think about the people who follow and admire you rather than thinking about others. At last I can say that you will be missed my dear friend. Take care.

He is favorite for all. But some people have problem with everything. Criticism is there favorite job.

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We criticise others exactly the same way we criticise ourselves.
Cause out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
So if you are mean to yourself it shows how you will relate with others

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Hello friend @alokkumar121 , I did not say I'm leaving the steeamit. I said that this post you just read I made different from the others because it was a week where I was very attacked and I needed to clarify some points of view that I have.

I will continue to write my posts because as you said I care for those who like me and do not suggest me negative people.

People like you make me keep writing.

I will be here whenever possible even though I have a very busy schedule of appointments and I have been using the little time I have left to write what I believe is important to many people.

Thank you very much for your words.


Thank you so much friend @chbartist

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He is favorite writer for all of us. Thou some brother and sister want to malaise his reputation. We can only gave a smile and pray for them.

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True. Agree with you.

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join us in ulogging. if you know blog, you should look into ulog

it is shaping up slowly on ulogs.org

dont retire

Thank you for reaching out @surpassinggoogle believe it or not I have heard about you Terry and all the good you do for the platform from many people. I will check out the website, but trust me you showing up being supportive already means a lot. Thank you

@chbartist Amazing post, very informative. I've figured out how to the mannered in the manner in which I talk and respond. Regard matters a great deal and it's corresponding. So I regard you, old buddy. We ascend by lifting others. Thank you so much.

Sorry you had to deal with such horribly bad behavior here. When I see people making childish troll comments, it doesn't even phase me because I have such a thick skin, and I know that the trolls cannot be reasoned with.

That would be my only critique here for your wisdom presented. We (the good ones who want to improve steemit community) can improve things, but we cannot improve the bad toxic people here. Toxic people do not want to change, they want the world to change around them. They are quicker to leave a rude comment than to actually read the context of a post like this one discussing moral fiber, experience, and positivity.

I just remind myself there are many people in this world with the maturity of selfish children, and they cannot see beyond their own two shoes. They can't be changed unless they want to change, and I don't have to be affected by them unless I want to be. Things get a bit more hairy when considering how far we want to protect our friends and neighbors here from these childish predators, without becoming villains ourselves.

Thanks for sharing some of your own authentic story with us.

Many thanks for your words friend. I'm sure you understood what I meant. I'm also not affected by negative people, I just want to build a network of honest people who respect each other to try each day to transform the steemit into a healthy environment for people's minds ..

You really do have my respect for making a comment really from an intelligent and integrated person.


There's never an environment where a personal attack serves any purpose other than to boost the ego of the attacker. But it's an unfortunate reality that an "average" person (not everyone!) is wired to behave in such a manner. As an unfortunately "average" person, I've had to learn to root out this counter-productive impulse consciously.

Toxic people are generally not worth engaging in a productive manner, but it may be worth at least pointing out the irrational nature of their behaviour -- a though planted once may yet take root when these people have to face the reality of their own toxicity.

A fine article. I'll be sure to read others down your timeline.

Thank you for your words

Olá @chbartist, como você vai?

Não irei responder a você nesse post em inglês, pois, você e eu somos brasileiros, então, o português é a regra da comunicação aqui naturalmente. :D

Bom cara, estou aqui no Steemit há 2 anos. Talvez, eu e mais uns poucos usuários brasileiros aqui no Steemit tem tanto tempo nessa plataforma e o que te falo é que já vi e vivi aqui momentos piores. Sim, aqui parece às vezes, conforme você menciona, uma "escola cheia de crianças" e é verdade.

A cultura "troll" e "hater" se espalhou como um vírus pela internet ao longo dos anos e essa "cultura" somente mostra o quanto o ser humano pode ser cruel e sórdido quando tem uma ferramenta tecnológica em suas mãos.

Além disso, muitos vieram para o Steemit com alguns vicios horríveis do "Facebook", como em qualquer postagem, mesmo sem ler, muitos julgam aquilo como uma merda ou que não presta. Esses, não entenderam que o Steemit é diferente. O Steemit não é Facebook.

O que posso te falar é que não desista. O Steemit é uma "plataforma de oportunidades", conforme acredito que você já tenha notado isso.

Desejo sorte e sucesso para você onde estiver. Grande abraço!

Obrigado or suas palavras e complemento mais....As pessoas estão se esquecendo que aqui estamos no mercado das cryptomoedas, não é uma ong e isso me incomoda um pouco. Todos estão aqui para multiplicar seu dinheiro mas não valorizam o tempo dos outros. Eu poderia simplesmente comprar 300 mil steam , delegar e não fazer um post e ninguém iria reclamar. Engraçado não é? Abs

Good evening, greetings, referring to today's topic really thank you very much for your help and recommendations, the truth m have helped a lot since I started to follow and see their publications, as you publish in this blockchain you can find different people, in my case I have seen people who help many others dependent on the quality of what they buy and people who do not help and rather seek is to harm you in some way, but for the most part they are very good people.

Since I started in this Blockchain almost 3 months ago I have found the experiences and people I have known to be excellent, many successes for you @chbartist

Thank You for your effort and comment! Success!

Wonderful post.and valuble post.I always learn from your.Your writting and your way of teach is very easy.Every very easily understand your post.And use your advoice in our daily life.Very impressive experience.Your are a very talented man on steemit.Positive attitude show your family back ground.Negative attitude refuses all time.Nagativity creates tenshion everywhere everytime.Your articles akways helps others.You are a great motivaitor.your dreamz come true with hardworking.Hardworking is more important in our life.Your blog always inspire me.Steemit community is excellent community.All peoples are so coperative.Thanks for sharing your valuable and informative post.I always life your post.

Thank you for you words.

Most welcome sir.

Hii, chbartist, As a newbie ,Lessons I learnt from this post are:

  1. Have heathy and fruitful conversation with other Steemians.
  2. Help each other to grow by maintaining spirit of networking.
  3. Simplicity is the best policy.
  4. never worry about donkeys.
    Thanks a lot @ chbartist. Please keep guiding newbies like us. I joined platform just a month ago. Many times, I really get frustrated. because, no one come to read the post. Today, I realised it's a part of journey, and I have to keep fighting and improving. Good Day :)

Don't give up and I'm happy to contribute to you with what I write. Have an excellent day!

I won't give up..Thanks again!

Sttemit is a society and as in any society you can find good people and others not so good. It will be up to each one to choose with whom to relate. Since I've been following you, I've seen that you've responded with class, wisdom and a lot of thought to the one who attacked you, @chbartist . I think that speaks very well of you. The people we read to you know what your orientation is, your search, the legacy you want to transmit here. If your followers know, you don't have to explain them to people who aren't interested in knowing. You are a very talented person, but also a good-hearted one. Keep up your work and God bless you!

Thank you - Regards

Yes. @chbartist! You really proved that everyone can success and pass away from toxic sitiuation if they could be passionate.
You are the real inspiration of me in this platform. I am well motivated from you. that is why I read your every article and upvote, comment also. because I like the success person. and I really follow them.
If you don't mind you can see my blog and you can support me if my blog is good you think.
Thank you brother @chbartist!

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Dear @chbartist, i do not why i was following you before but suddenly i stopped because something wrong was happening but i do not remember what, anyway i am agree with your post that we must be talk with respect and education, but for example @berniesanders is a great man even he is very rude sometimes, but he is really helping people to get valuable upvote instead to sell his voting power as many others do as bot, so we say that the dress do not make the mons, it means is important what finally you are really doing for community and what for your profit, not just if you never write any shit in your posts...

There is a difference between toxicity and an honest disagreement. I think there is very little toxicity here compared to other platforms - and honestly, I believe there is too little disagreements as well. When people disagree or think that a poster got his "facts" completely wrong, it's much easier to ignore than to comment.

I try to leave a comment and an upvote if I find content I disagree with.

Thank you! All the best!

You are a very intelligent person to face toxic people very politely, your posts are always inspiring and reflective, thanks for sharing them with this Steemit community, @chbartist.

Keep going, keep working, keep sharing, keep helping for the common good @chbartist!

There are times when we encounter negatives in our lives. Its the truth and inevitable. No one is exempted. Ups and downs come along the way.
I guess maybe for me in my own opinion, when somebody makes a bad comments, its not really that good to just ignore those people. With respect, we also have to reply and explain to them and ask them why they say those things. Ignoring them might make them think that we only choose people to reply that makes us feel comfortable.
Those who disagree might have something in them that needs to look at and maybe they need help. I guess we don't only help those our closed friends but also those in need.

Loving those who love us is what we use to do. But seldom people love those who don't love them. Its hard to love those who don't love us, but maybe we should as well show respect to them even if they say bad things. Maybe in the right and perfect time, they will change, we just have to be patient.

Saying to people or a person toxic is not really a good word or term to use or say. It makes them more angry I guess. Just let them say anything to you and respond to them good words.

If somebody hates you, don't also hate them, but respond with love.