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The anatomy of a day, perhaps at the end of the day, is our inner conflict. Regardless, the emotions we feel may fall or fall.

Maybe it has a pure touch or an indefinite smile. The difference is that two age drops are evacuated. Or the difference between too much laughter

Analyzing one by one is very different.

Nobody understands. Not only for us, but also for happiness and senses. A small child can wrap or forget the beach. However, the purpose here is not to be sad or to be the intention of art. Just a nice share or success. What can happen next. Perhaps it is possible to face different illusions that many people think of. But nothing can replace the good will and love.

Love is not a dry word or a simple feeling. Just a basic building block. A gift beyond creativity and senses.

Neither interaction between the two genetics nor an appreciation for ourselves.

Love; the essence of everything and a simple and sincere existence.

Traveling in nature is a sense of trust, a strong impulse to live. There's nothing to betray, just for mistrust. No grief.

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