Exercising self control

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This has always been controversial to me. Some times, i wonder if it is really possible to practice self-control. According to Wikipedia, self control represents the ability to regulate one's emotion, behaviour, thoughts in the face of temptations and impulses. "In the face of temptations? And impulses?"
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Realistically, it takes a lot of effort to exercise self-control so I respect and adore people with this virtue. It baffles me how resilient and hardy a person can be in the face of some unwanted situation. I'm always on the lookout for what's going to happen next.
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Sometimes, I think people just flaunt this attribute. Although it is a very attractive trait, but being so resolute somewhat opposes change. A resolute (self controlled) man will surely refute any other belief contradicting his values or opinions. Because of this, he remains enclosed in a particular pattern of belief.

Do people just make decisions and stick to it till the end? I think that's just the ideal or imagined. Life, i know is full of suprises, of unexpected turns. What if one of this unexpected turns opposes your values, would you remain immovable, unshakeable?
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I grew up in the western region of Nigeria. Over there, there's this easy going lifestyle. There's this popular saying amongst the YORUBAS to be precise;" SURULÈRÉ". After translation, this means "life should be taken easily".
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My point isn't to oppose this virtuous attribute, rather it is to re-modify its pattern. I think self-control should be exercised with some flexibility.


Self control is actually a super power!!

Yeah, i read that somewhere. I really hope for such superpower. I thought you'd upvote it.

Oh, snap... I guess I spaced the upvote.. what did I do? Resteem???? My bad..

Self control alongside patience are virtues of great men, but not to be confused single minded and arrogance.

Nice insight @ceemo

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Great post.

If you are "centered" in yourself, not many things can disturb you. And a plan or expectation is just that, something like a wish and subject to change. Good post!

Enthusiastic restraint, or drive control, are foundations of passionate insight. Know yourself so you can deal with your feelings and motivations. For instance, would you say you are in the propensity for responding hurriedly to issues? When you begin, do you think that its difficult to quit talking? It is safe to say that you are ready to remain formed and positive in unpleasant conditions? Would you be able to practice tolerance in irritating circumstances? The capacity to hold troublesome feelings and driving forces under tight restraints is the sign of a prepared pioneer.

In order to get to such a capacity, one shouldn't be too discouraged if he falls for the forces under tight restraints buh should be encouraged to stand again and make a decision. Thanks for your time. I thought you'd upvote

self control is a virtue practiced by very few. Most people live with this YOLO mentality and it pleases them to take every opportunity, wild or mild, especially when it comes to exploring our sexual nature.

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