Who are the real heroes?

in life •  2 months ago

Stop looking for heroes and heroes all the way, you will not find them because they do not exist. Of course, we can extrapolate the subject, and we can think of our heroes, charity charterers, fire fighters to save lives, or soldiers going to war to defend their country.

If we are well and we think, all of those listed above are people, people who have chosen to be people. And we are so many! We are somewhere in the 7 billion, but we all have to learn the definition of humanity, goodwill, empathy and, above all, solidarity.

Be a better person! Love the simple people, they are the most beautiful! Love the modest ones, to whom life has shown that heroes are just stories, and when they reach the last page they have to return to their lives among the people.

There are people you have to accept as they are, others to help them change, forgive them and smile them, be better and love the common man - from that person to have the biggest surprises!

I believe in the power of love that is not a superpower. Not only do the heroes perform brave bragging acts, not only can they love "up to the old age", not just fairy tales should be educated children. There are so many simple people who have great hearts in which they see unmerited emotions, hidden pains, infinite joy, accomplishments for which they have not shown their appreciation by words, but by deeds. They did not simply sum up their thanks, they perpetuated the good by helping others.

And people can love a whole life with one person with whom they will certainly start another life after that - and they also have no magic powers. There are few, indeed, but they are and should not look strange, bizarre or out of the ordinary. We should look at them with admiration, for they were lucky, they were destined and, most importantly, they knew how to keep their love alive.

Such stories should be told to children - tales of people, not superheroes. Stories of life, stories of ordinary people, soldiers recently arrived on the front and their struggle for freedom, the fierce struggle of people with life, with their own health, the love story their grandparents lived.

Discover the beauty of people, teach them to love them with defects, for we all have them and, perhaps their very existence, they are ambitious to overcome them and to be better. Maybe those that make them special.

P.S. I really do not believe in heroes, but I believe in people!


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