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A world is a enough for the wise.

Ladies why do you find joy in scamming guys?

Collecting money without fulfilling your promise of delivering your service is a scam.
You said you love him, you demanded 50k, he paid, that same weak you break, you find joy that you have used him, that's a scam.

You played with his emotion, played with his money and you want the favour of God?

Forming good girl, you are in Lagos, chatting with a guy in Abuja
You accept all dirty talks but as soon as he sent you transport for you to come over for the sex you guys talked about, you refused to show up. You remembered you are a good girl and sex is a sin.

To keep the good girl, you don't want to sin against your God, but you are so foolish for failing to remember that lie is a sin, scamming is a sin, promise and fail is a sin.
If you want to be a good girl, don't start what you can't finish.

You all keep shouting, the bad girls are getting married, are getting good husbands, Yes they are getting good husbands because they don't scam like you people.

If you love someone, in a relationship doesn't means you have right to demand, let him give you at his will except if you gives him sex. Yes, if he demands for sex, demand for your need too. If he can't meet your needs, don't meet his also.

If you want to be a good girl, just stay on your on, don't demand anything for any guy in the name of love.

You will start blaming village People when the results of your evil deeds.



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