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You muddle through as best you can.

Every morning you slide into a society you had no hand in constructing and don't really understand, like an awkward introvert arriving late to a party full of strangers who all know each other.

You interact with the whole thing through an interface of culture, language and etiquette that was invented by people you don't know who died a long time ago. Any time you want to interact with someone, like when you've got an interesting idea you want to share or because they're looking especially beautiful in the light of the street lamps or whatever, you've got to plug into this whole network of information which is dictated by past events ranging from how their parents treated them when they were little to the migratory behaviors of Anglo-Saxon settlers in fifth century Europe.

You shove a sloppy effort at communication through this thick veil of unknowable variables, and whatever happens is called conversation. They say something back like "What do you do for a living? I manufacture fish poison," and you say "I turn a gear at a factory that makes gears," and they say "I understand society perfectly and everything makes sense and we're never going to die hahahaha," and then you say something like "I know right hahahahahahaha," and you just want to scream or punch them or kiss them full on the mouth, or anything to make a real connection happen beyond the vapid small mouth noises of gibbering naked ape monsters.

You stumble away vaguely frustrated and muddle on. Maybe you turn on one of the glowing rectangles you own, and maybe it tells you you're ugly unless you wear the right kind of makeup. Maybe it tells you you'd fit in much better if you were rich and famous. Maybe it tells you the government is dropping smiley-faced bombs on smiley-faced peasants in Boingbonkistan to spread freedom and democracy. Maybe some talking head thinkbrain looks you right in the eye and explains why it's good for you to work hard for not much money. The screen is full of strained, plastic smiles and calm, confident tones of voice, which are nothing like the confused desperation behind the eyes of your neighbors.

You muddle your way outside and look at all the other human creatures scuttling around on their leg stalks. Maybe you walk past a dead accordion angel with sailboat wings in the gutter, and you stare at it for a while wondering if the stars in the sky are still there. Maybe you remember what it was like riding your tricycle as a little kid, and how good and how real it felt.

Maybe you decide then and there that you're just not going to anymore, you're not going to keep pretending and faking your way through a fake civilization made of fake ideas with a fake smile on your fake face. Maybe you turn around and say to the people walking by, "I'm not doing this anymore." And maybe they say "But but but what about the gear?" And maybe you say "I do not care about that gear." And maybe they say "But there's that new fish poison factory opening down the road and it will need gears from the gear factory."

And maybe you say something back like, "Well I don't know. I'm just muddling through the best I can here, okay? I showed up as a little baby and you all told me what to think about things, and then a whole muddled confusion happened and now I've got these calloused hands from the gear and when I'm really honest with myself it hurts to live. I want to fall in love and learn the songs of skybirds and sip train smoke through intravenous tubes. I want to swim with the manta whales and the barking wolf sharks. I want to grow a flower in an old boot and have a frivolous abortion. I want to get into fights with broken bottles in a dusty tavern and get a bad facial scar and choke a man unconscious with my legs. I want to dream like there's no tomorrow and write poems like there's no today. I can't lie anymore. I can't keep pretending to be shaped the same way as the cardigan clowns on the sitcoms. I am a howling beast. I am too alive for this cage."

"But but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but, what about the gear?" they might say.

And you may end up saying "Ah yes, good point," and go back to the murk for another few years before you catch another glimpse of that three year-old on that trike. And that's okay. You muddle through. You muddle through and move toward the light whenever you spot it.

And it is real. In the name of all that is holy, I swear to you that that light is real, and that it leads to the other side of this mess. Upon my broken wings and my broken hands, I swear it from the bottom of my peacock feather heart. Keep muddling through, beautiful ape monster. Keep muddling through.

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Writing poems like there's no today. Great line!

Maybe not feeling like a victim is much more preferable than becoming a victim through negative self imagery?

The road of getting somewhere is paved with the corpses of the willful victims.
Evolution doesn't care.

Deal with it...?

(nice writing though!)

Evolution is also largely about survival of the best collaborators.
If we can build strong, heartfelt connections and engagement we can move mountains!

Victim hood doesn't help anyone..

I hear you, It can show us how expensive and emotionally mucky victim hood can be, it's generally an expensive teacher.

I feel it can inspire some but I also feel there are many more proactive ways forward... We often have to grow some passion, strength, humility, trust, self love and honesty to let go of a victim hood imbalance.
These moments are what they are 💚

light isn't real.

the entire planet is living a well thought out and planned illusion; the illusion of light was and is a manufactured ideology to give hope where no hope exists.

just think about the ridiculousness of running towards a light so you will be saved but the light isn't a real light but a description of some kind of divine all knowing light that really can't be seen.

just another invisible man in the sky story.

now you know what the elite class knows and guess what, not a damn thing will ever stop the elite class from ruling.. certainly not the few who populate obscure social media sites that were created in order to round up and control the dissenters.

I see you are an optimist.
Keep on fighting.

what is their to be optimistic about... the endless wars for money, what about the fact the entire planet is really a fascist paradise.... i could go on...

the vast majority of people are not even interested in trying to stop their corrupted out of control governments because they got the latest sport scores and iphones that are really weapons of mass distraction...

as for fighting - i don't fight anymore, i just tell the truth.

I get what you mean and I feel this futility at times also. That we will never get out of this prison.

All dictatorships end though. All of them. They suck up the metaphorical light to feed on and then they collapse under their own weight again. I think that's why Luther King said what he said about the universe being tilted towards justice.

Hang in, bro.

"they collapse under their own weight again"

not without help
(that's where we come in)

you know i read a book called history of the dissenters published shortly after the french revolution by a british minister which detailed how the french revolution was faked in order to usher out into the world the various forms of government to give hope and the illusion of choice to the populations.

the same elite class put forth the magna carta some 600 years earlier to give the people some hope when hope doesn't exist..

we live in a dictatorship in a secretive world governing authority as it is sure a hell of a lot easier to rule in secret than in the public eye.

so point your fingers at who your told to point your finger at and cheer when a new public leadership is presented which touts change for the more things seem to change the more things remain the same.

the entire planet is screwed and not a damn thing anyone will do will ever change that fact.

I totally get why you think we're screwed. Especially if we consider we've possibly been ruled over secretly for thousands ofof years myears. I wouldn't be surprised if a great deal of our history was skewed and slanted and smoked and mirrored.

But then on the other hand I think that we are more onto them now than maybe we have ever been in the past. Perhaps they are the kind of "rulers" who can only do so from afar and scurry away when you turn the light on. It's what I'm going with, anyway.

i can prove a secretive world governing authority exists sue... for thousands of years the secret government has numbered the planet according to fish using hermetic knowledge while teaching within their secret societies that the numbering is necessary and part of gods plan.. once you understand the numerology and associated hermetism you can easily track them and their activities. i have traced them back to over 3500 bc and i am sure they go back much further...

they have written religions, invented types of government, caused every single war, famine and view themselves as civilization builders...

they control every single government, religious organization, economic interest, etc...

example: a lot of people think trump was going to 'drain the swamp' however, trump wasn't elected but selected decades in advance as a patsy for the fall of america.

You seem determined to spend a great deal of your energy in trying to get everyone else to feel as fatalistic as you do.

I honestly get why you're feeling like there's no hope but geez, I'm not about to put a bullet in my head anytime soon on the assumption that we will be forever controlled. If that's how you think, fine, but I dunno how you're getting out of bed in the morning. And why you're bothering to write all these comments. If it's all really as pointless as you say, then why bother writing all these comments at all? Is it because you feel anger at anyone else who isn't convinced it's futile and so you want to absolve them of hope, or what?

"the entire planet is really a fascist paradise"


most of the entire planet is really a fascist paradise

otherwise there wouldn't be us

and it is 'us' that have always made the difference

telling the truth is fighting

but we need a little bit more than that; laying down and rolling over just makes it easy for them

is that what you want

Is that who you are

I don't get that about you

read some of this stuff

get real... just over 50 years ago, millions of people were organized and those organized marched in the streets demanding change. it was a proud moment to be arrested protesting back then and every single person under the age of 30 knew the governments were corrupted and look what happened...

the hippy free love movement was easily squashed by the elite class and that movement was millions upon millions of time larger than anything today.

now protests draw a couple of hundred people and the freedom moments are small, unorganized and uneventful.

if anything fascism has gown to the point where it's admired by the consumerist society we live in and the minuscule few people which want change all group together patting each other on the back instead of printing flyers, organizing, getting out into the streets to protest and converting those who still think they live in a free system.

Nope. Before shrub invaded Iraq, literally millions protested in streets all over the world. And that wasn't 50 years ago.
But it didn't do any good, the death merchants got their way (which seems to make your point, but keep reading).
Now it's getting tougher, activists are getting hurt, jailed and killed. I'm one of those, and I live in Canada, believe it or not.

Notwithstanding that, there are good people standing up on their hind legs, and that's the only thong that works.
Sometimes that takes a form other than getting gassed and clubbed in the street.

Here are a couple more links:

by your own admission you made my point. ain't a damn thing can be done to stop the tyranny so why bother fighting.. it's not like they got plans for 12 out of 13 people on the planet...


If everyone says
"ain't a damn thing can be done to stop the tyranny so why bother fighting",
they win.

Is that OK with you?

#Morning is a new life. Happy opening#

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Light is a part of life

This light is real:

how to get.png

Yes there is a light, It is a platform of individual intelligence pooled and expressed through a collective intelligence. Taking what we already have and supercharging it. A platform moderated not by authority, leaders, experts, famous people, popular people, exciting people, flash-bang, needs, wants; no this platform will be moderated by human logic and reason. We will all see a brighter future because of it. What we have now is chaotic unworkable environment where we all sit on pins and needles hoping it doesn’t all go down in some terrible way. What we have now are six billion individuals working as individuals or within a group of individuals searching for and utilizing any way they can imagine to contort and pervert our human logic and reason for their own needs and wants and delusions. There will be no Muddling through it. It will never go away. We just have to put an end to the reign of the individual intelligence and our reliance on our individual perceptions. Human logic must reign and the 130+ fallacies we assault it with daily, minute by minute must be stamped out. We are doing this to ourselves, the bad guys are just one of the animals in the ecosystem.

Thank You for continuing to muddle through Caitlin!

It's voices like yours that are honest, open minded and entertaining enough for people to actively engage with the truth, even if we don't realise it at first.

Thank You Caitlin! 💚

I think that the light is within us, but we prefer to live in darkness like moles afraid of predators above. It is too frightening to leave our musty familiar little corners.
Politically speaking, I think that if everyone who saw Trump and who disapproved of him simply pointed a finger and an outstretched arm in his direction ("the King has no clothes") he would shortly be gone. I can imagine a wave of this silent indictment sweeping across the country and the world, anywhere he goes, restaurants, golf courses, public gatherings, etc. Non-violent, but effective: we know who you are; we are ashamed of you. Millions of people, everywhere. He couldn't take it.