Disease and Infirmity Is a Perfect Adaptation of What the Body Needs to Do in That Point in Time

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I could write a whole book about what this quote awakens in me. A knowing. That I've always had. But it had to reveal itself to me. There was all this fear. Fear of this body that's bound to entropy, and the suffering that will cause.

Vulnerability. This belief that (well-meaing??) Western Medicine has instilled in us that these bodies that have adapted over how many thousands of years and are resilient and robust as can be are wiley, vulnerable, flawed, unintelligent, incapable without their poking, prodding, potions, and interference.

I know now that all that was a response to my inner knowing saying "NO! They've got it all wrong" and NOTHING that our society believes about health resonating with me.

To the horror of the people around me, I've always wanted to treat my skin outbreaks myself. Regardless of how much suffering I endured over long periods of time, I could not get myself to go to a western medical doctor. The possibility of the relief that I could get from suppression of the symptoms was tempting at times. But I've always known that wasn't right for me. What's the cost of suppressing symptoms? I just didn't understand how it would create health. I wanted to understand WHY my body is doing this.

In the midst of immense suffering, I found Cole Robinson's Snake Diet, and I can't tell you the relief it brought. Fasting. It all made sense. It's a literal miracle. Why? Because THE BODY IS INTELLIGENT. Leave it to its own devices, and sit back. Allow. Wellbeing is the dominant force of the universe.

What would it feel like if you could TRUST your body? 🤯 What does it feel like to switch your belief that you're living in a wiley, flawed, vulnerable, decaying meat suit to, "Nature is intelligent, and my body is part of nature." These human bodies have evolved over thousands or more years through unbelievable contrast. My body holds the memory of how to adapt through that. And it's still adapting to this day"?

Also, CHIROPRACTIC! LEGIT Chiropractors (called "Straight Chiropractors") work under the premise and paradigm that there is an Innate Intelligence in nature, and they're there to facilitate you connecting to that again. My Chiropractor dedicates his life to teaching the Chiropractic Profession the foundation that it was built on which is the philosophy of Innate Intelligence after the profession was attacked and nearly obliterated in mob-like fashion by western medicine in the early part of the 20th century.

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Yes we need to take back our health, nobody knows your body better than yourself, we need to remember that and get back in touch with out intuitive self. Our bodies are communicating with s all the time and we need to make our heath a priority. Great post @brightstar thanks so much for sharing you thoughts with us and helping to spread awareness xx

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