Thank you to all of you at Steemit

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Life.....What can I say.....

It is filled with so much love and learning experiences but it is also filled with sadness and everyday I feel we all have a moment of every kind of emotion there is to feel.

With my cancer now making meaningless tasks at times next to impossible I am blown away by people who may have no one to help them. I on the other hand am so lucky to have my love and best friend 24/7. Without her I would have taken care of things myself I am sure. I cannot imagine being here without her.

I have not been on here much because quite honestly my energy is so gone. The cancer has started to take its toll on me and I even need help at times getting out of bed. I truly love all of the friends I have met here and will enjoy thinking about you all and the things we have shared. I am actually fighting hard still but am at a cross roads in my head on what and when I think it will all end.

I am so grateful to all of you who have walked this journey with me, with us. You have made some very bad days so bearable and even still enjoyable. Your words and comments and overall kindness has meant the world to me. Even as the Cancer and my other issues continue to reak havoc on my body and soul, It is you all that keep me motivated. I wish I could mention you all by name but there are too many. You all know who you are and with that I say Thank You and Peace

Thank you form my heart and I know @lynncoyle1 feels the same


I'm glad you wrote this post; I love it and I love you :) We'll keep going one day at a time... xo

Thank you my love. Its you that helps me to smile in these times. To laugh. To believe. I love you

aww did anyone ever tell you you're pretty sweet @briancourteau? ❤️

There are no two ways about it you were dealt a shit hand. You have also touched many peoples lives. In a sense way are all blessed for it.

Things could be worse for example, you could be almost as handsome as me. That brings its own problems. Good thing you don't have that problem.

Nice to see you got down to the beach and a decent day.

I think I may be just a little better looking but thank my lucky stars that I have @lynncoyle1 in my life because I am sure if not then every girl here would be after me. Just kidding

I am sure if not then every girl here would be after me

I agree !
The standards down there are mighty low. LOL

You hang in there. It was very nice to see this post from you. One day at a time


Salutations. Jaichai here.

I am not up to date when it comes to speech-to-text technology, but my friends say it is oodles better than the old dragon speak tech I used back in the day during my MBA studies.

I think Google Docs has some good STT capabilities?

Anyway, if Stephen Hawkins could remain prolific...

Just saying.

My father died of Non-Hodgkins. But he did enjoy many years of remission.

Keep up the good fight. You never know. It seems like remission comes after a butt-load of deep introspection.

Namaste, Jaichai

Thank you my friend. I am sorry for your Dad. Its a terrible disease. I fight and will keep fighting


You are such a wonderful couple and I believe many steemians feel the love and kindness from both of you. I am so truly sorry that the "good" ones always seem to be the ones targeted by cancer :( Bless you both!

thank you so much.very nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too!

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Best wishes Brian

No need to thank the users of Steem, it is yourself and Lynn that deserve the thanks for sharing your story with us all.

I wish for as many pleasant days as possible for you both.


Thank you for being a good friend and thank you for your support. It truly means alot to both of us.

Over here we say: "you get what you give".
You and Lynn are both amazing people and your story and personalities have already made a big difference in my life, and I assume that is true for many others too.
If you wouldn't be who you are, there wouldn't be so much coming back to you. So you should be thanking yourself for that ;0)

Glad to hear something of you, Brian.
Wishing you both loads more enjoyable days <3

I think about you every day you know that. Sometime in my day you pop in my head and I hope your pain gets better too. Thank you for being my friend. It means alot to know that our story has helped you. Thoughts and many hugs to you

Thanks, Brian. Many hugs right back at ya 💜

I really am sorry you have to face this but glad you are not alone. Also glad you can still smile. I don't know you that well but I still hope that each day you can find some reasons to smile.

I try and yes smile each day because the love of my life stands tall beside me and walks this journey with me, no matter how hard the hills are to climb. WE CLIMB THEM TOGETHER

Strength for each day. You and your beautiful wife are courageous. I have walked this road and I really understand the cruel journey. Don't try to be strong for everyone. Be what you need to be in the moment. Savour each second together

great words. Thank you and am also sorry that you have walked this road as you put it. Its a tough grind down this road, that is for sure

We love you @briancourteau and our prayers will always be with you. Stay strong, keep fighting , have faith in God. I believe in miracles and there is nothing that's impossible with him.

Thanks so much my friend. I believe and chat every noght with our lord

So happy to hear that..

Good to see some words from you every so often Brian. Keep pushing buddy.

thanks so much my friend

Hugs back

you must always maintain hope and have great strength. Always have strength and encouragement will help you in any situation

I agree with your words totally. Thank you

hay @briancourteau good to hear from you. I think of you and Lynn often and the story you have shared with us. You are not the one that should feel grateful. it is those that you and lynn have touched that should and do feel this way. When words don't cut it, I can offer an online hug. a big big big online hug. All the way from Ireland. for both of you.

You know that this hug came at the perfect time I awoke to bad pain today and Lynn is still asleep as I had a really bad night. These hugs make my heart thoughts wonder and my heart warm. It dulls the pain too. Thank you

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are you for real?

Some people. Just, wow. I normally don't comment, but had to this time!

fyi @digitalnew, you obviously did not read this post, but it's written by my husband who is talking about dying of cancer. Upvoting your post request is not only totally out of place here, but really very rude and hurtful. Do yourself a favor, and read a post first before commenting. And make your comments genuine, not this drivel.

Sending greetings, support, and prayers from Australia Brian. I know you are in very good hands. Your body may not be strong at the moment but your spirit certainly is. It is evident in your heartfelt words above, and throughout your journey and this speaks to all of us on a very deep level. May you experience the peace of God which passes all understanding every single moment.

Thank you so much @trudeehunter. I read this to Brian, but, he's too tired to type himself today. We both appreciate your kind words, love and support <3

No words are necessary dear Lynn. As long as you both feel the love and support and know you are both being uplifted in prayer to the One who IS Love.

Sorry to find and be responding to your post so late but soooo very happy to hear from you.

Always sending love, hugzzz, prayers and nuff Angel Blessings, @briancourteau. Continue squeeze, squeeze, squeezing all the joy out of your every moment. You and your lovely @lynncoyle1 are MUCH Loved. And you both continue to Bless us all each day with the brilliance of your Light. xxx

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Thank you so much @angelacs! I read this to Brian, but he's too tired to type right now. Your messages are always filled with so much light and love <3 <3 Thank you for both of us!

Fuck. I'm at that spot where I don't know what to say, but I don't want to say nothing. I guess I just get down when I see good people suffer. I know that you are in good hands and there are a lot of people who go it alone, but it still bites ass.

Anyhow, be as well as you can and take care of that lady. I'm rooting for you guys.

I read this to Brian, he's too tired to type, but he said thank you so much. I totally get you "don't know what to say", but we both appreciate you saying something <3

God bless you friend. I have been a way awhile. And you two are such incredibly, wonderful human beings :)

Thank you @robertandrew! I read this to Brian and he is very thankful as well; just too tired to be on his laptop.

You are truly blessed to have someone in your life who loves you so much.

Thank you so much @luzcypher. I read this to Brian and he agrees wholeheartedly; he always says he wouldn't still be "here" if it wasn't for me :)

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