Fighting The Cancer Fight and Slowly Fading Away - A Poem to My love @lynncoyle1

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Poem Title - Pain and Love

To My Babyloooo and my soulmate
The pain I suffer is it just fate
Please follow the bread crumb trail of memories I leave
It will guide you back to me in the future you must believe

Close your eyes and I will talk to you while you dream
Because to me we were a indestructable team
It will feel like eternity but I will wait and talk to you each night
so do not fear even in death I will hold you tight

In your dreams the crumbs will show you our life
Because you my love are the most beautiful wife
The beginning of a fairytale that never will end
Even Samson with all his strength could never cause it to bend

You’ll pass a smiling girl standing by her car outside of a Yaletown
Waiting for her love to find her and protect her from every clown
We lived, we loved and we share a special bond
Its like that old movie called On Glden Pond

Chocolates in Edmonton and road trips to no where
Route 66 where only we existed without even a care
To California and a tree of shoes where our love is in that tree
For all who visit that spot its there to see

Las Vegas and New Orleans, Mississippi, and beyond
No matter where we were it was always a special bond
If you lose your way just look up and the ravens will guide you
They have been with us this entire journey as family too

At the end of your last dream you will find me
Patiently waiting with a smile for all to see
But Live a life and do not rush hastily to be with me
For I am ok waiting and visiting your dreams you will see

Until then, the ravens will be here, watching over me like family
But worry not as you know you hold that special key
And together the Ravens and I will hold vigil and await your return
Then we will all fly together and continue to learn

That our love was actually forever and made our heart burn

Love always

Some Photos from our travels














That was a really nice poem, and yes the ravens will take wing and be guides. The shoe tree, Saw a few of those in california, the one along Hwy 36 was really full up, saw a few sparser ones, but that one on 36 was loaded.

Thanks my amigo. I firmly believe in the ravens whole heartedly. You have seen the shoe trees. I just adored that place we found. It brought back life to a tree that had died so many years before. excitement

Oh yes, I thought it was so cool the first time I saw it. We were just out for a get re-acquainted with California so we were just cruising along Highway 36 to see the mountains and enjoy the fresh air, when we first saw it, ton, and tons of shoes all hanging from the tree. It even had a pull out area. Loved Highway 36, a fun road to drive, all the twist and turns just two lanes of asphalt and a lot of motorbikes sharing the road just cruising on a nice day.

mine had a pull out area. going to see if it was hwy 36. need to go back yo my ledgers

If you was on your way or saw signs for "R-Wild horse ranch" it was 36. Not much along the road between red bluff and then the ocean. Just mountains tiny towns, a good stretch of tiny scrub trees, then a stretch of giant trees. It was a nice drive we would do it quite often.

Ok this proves....I have to get the follow list cut down...I am tired of being even a day behind when you post now I'm 2 days behind....dammed ninja followers :P Sorry had to crack some kind of joke's getting too sappy over here :P j/k

I don't have to tell you it's beautiful, you know that and so does @lynncoyle1 heck everyone knows that. I'm just glad you're still getting them out :) I love when you pop in, it adds a smile to my day :)

you just made me smile with that one. Having you visit id enough never being late as I know how you feel. Thanks so much girl

haha the follow list!

Do you use ginabot? If so, there's a place in 'her' settings where you can add names and you get notified whenever they put out a new post. I used it now because my feed is a mess!

Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the special moments you have shared together. I hope today has been kind to you.

Thank you my friend. I think of your dad alot and remember our first chat.

Thank you for remembering my dad.

Thank you for that but yes I do and I hope you are well too.

I am, yes. Less than a month away now from being reunited with my love. Anticipating going home as time seems to crawl by, lol.

where is she if I may ask

She is in New England.


Your words inspired this banner, I hope you are doing well Keep on keeping on⚘😊

wow. So amazing and so beautiful The ravens are so beautiful. Thank you so much

you're very welcome!

here is one for you also!!

love it but pink lol

Thank you! The beautiful thing is the love between these two awesome individuals, I am just happy to be able to witness true love! As much as I dislike the fact that they are dealing with cancer disturbing their lives, they show us that even when the storm hits love will carry on!! Love is in the wings of the raven and the wind blowing through the trees! Even in 50 years that love will still breathe!

I completely agree. Personally, I am very happy they have come into my life (and have said so) They both are so strong, so loving and caring of each other (even though they tried to go a little bit of gift of the magi on us) It shows what real true actual love is.

Yeah, I have to crack jokes it's not to lessen anything. To me laughter is the best medicine for another it shows, that while I may feel bad for the situation, all I have here is love, no pity. I hope when it's my turn, someone will be cracking jokes at me...I'm sure they will. My wish when my times comes I can go the way I want to.

What Brian needs to remember is they are making a trip up here next year to go to the Headless Chicken festival ( hehe ) Now that he knows about the chicken..I don't think the chicken jokes will end :D <3

lol😄 Laughter is definitely the best medicine! Headless chicken festival... Google here i come🙂

@charisma777 I hope you have the same reaction @briancourteau did hehehehe

Thank you so much for this poem and all the pictures! There will come a time when I will cherish all of your posts more than my words can say! <3 Your clown comment made me smile here by the way ;)

Such a sweet and touching poem. I’ve always thought that poems were the sweetest way to express your feelings . You guys truly have a special bond. Hold on and keep fighting.

I too feel the exact same when it comes to poems

So beautiful @briancourteau . You are truly blessed to have experienced Love like this :)

thank you to for being here with me my friend

@braincourteau, an addition of selflessness which could only enhance an already sparkling legacy...

But Live a life and do not rush hastily to be with me
For I am ok waiting and visiting your dreams you will see

such nice words and thank you so much

You're most welcome ;) Keep fighting!

The poem is lovely and touchy and I'm sure an inspiration for many to make good use of their time ( I know I do). Thanks for sharing these poems and pictures with us.

ps: The Lil Chewie's pics ...must haves!

lol. you just made my day

So beautiful and special. I love all the memories both of you have been posting lately, it's always so nice to look back, remember and cherish those times. May you have more good days than bad. xx

Thanks so much and I am always thankful. I hope you always have great days

You're very welcome and thank you for your kind blessing : )

Oh great moments and a very lovely poem @briancourteau. You are a strong one and a great fighter. Keep fighting and don't give up on God cus he won't give up on you. He is more than able and i believe in his healing powers.

Thanks my friend and I do fight and always will right until the end. I am glad you like the poem and am grateful for oyr shout out on your post

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