A Poem to @lynncoyle1 while my health continues to fail from the battle with cancer

in #life2 years ago (edited)

As alot of you know my health continues its ups and downs and the fight gets harder and harder each day. I miss you all here at steemit and really without you all I know i would have lost my strength. Babyloooo is my life and not only my wife. You all know I write her poems and letters and I have shared them all with you. The issue now as before is the constant struggle with costs and meds and the side effects. In this last week I have broken two teeth eating you ready. Freaking spaghetti on one occasion and froot loop cereal on the other, Wait though I have also broken my right foot. Now that alone would drive most nuts and actually thats when I feel the time is getting closer. the burden I feel and yes you all say I am not a burden yet the bills pile up. Anyway my friends please enjoy this poem and I am sorry for being absent. I have missed you all.

Poem Titled - I will always wait

Backgammon, laughing, loving, and holding hands
Whether at concerts or our living room dancing to our favorite bands
When I get to that point and I am gone
I am asking you to do the lyrics of a favorite song

Just let me go cuz we'll meet again soon
My love for you shines higher than the moon
I will wait for you but please hang around
Where I am I can protect you from the scary clown

I will wait for you until the end of time
because our love is so real and deep
Don't rush from Mexico so keep drinking the vodka and lime
Realize my love I will visit you when you fall asleep

I don't think you or anyone will fully comprehend
How you've touched my life and made the man I am in the end
I don't think you could see how truly special you are
That even on those darkest nights it is you who were my brightest star

You've allowed me at every turn
Something that is very hard to find
True love that makes my heart burn
Not only in my heart but in my body, soul, and mind

I don't think you could ever feel
All the love I have had to give
And I'm sure you'll never realize
You've been my will to live

You are an amazing person
And without you I don't know where I'd be.
Having you in my life
Completes and fulfills every part of me

When that last Raven sits and tells you a story
Its about us my love and all our glory
From the first kiss that melt my lips
To the hug that you thrust at my hips

Your passion and open ears were always there
To hear any story or problem I had to bare
But what I loved most is the attention that showed that you care
So now my love do all those things you wanted if you think you can dare

Because you need to know I am close and the ravens will fly
to guide you when ready to me in the sky
many years will pass and you will enjoy all you have in your life
But do not worry because Forte, Max and I will wait for my wife

My lips will feel the same and the smile will be bright
Because the ravens will guide you and I know it will be a sight
you walking to me and that smile you always would share
so again my love live and do all that you dare.

I will always protect you if I am allowed by the man
I will ask when I get there to protect you the best I can
The Ravens will caw and will tell me when you will be on your way
we will walk our boys, hold hands and kiss everyday.

I love you Babyloooo






Did you stop eating sugar and only eat anti-cancer foods?
I might take my iodine vitamin in the morning now. lol
Best of luck to you though.

I've got resource credits now so I can post. I'm sorry that it has been another season of the tough stuff. I admire your positive attitude even in the face of what must be a lot of pain and frustration.

That's a beautiful poem, and one that Lynn will cherish for many years to come. Don't worry about your absences. We miss you when you're away, but we know you'd like to be here if you could. You come back when you can and we'll be waiting and happy to hear from you!

thanks amigo. I am not ready to go into the sunset yet. Thank you for being here for me too. little tired now and amazed at the messages. Thank you truly and you and the others are in my thoughts too.

Wow, what a touching poem Brian. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through tougher times again, but you and Lynn are the best and I hope you get some good days again. Keep fighting and cherish every moment!

Thak you so much my amigo lol. so nice to hear from you too.

Love ya bro, hang in there amigo!!

We can feel a little more emotion with each rhyme @briancourteau, trust me, we feel you digging deeper each time!

Thank you so much my friend. I write believe it or not thousands of feelings. I have about 200 ledgers and write every day since I was ten of each moment in each day. I think Lynn will have lots to read when I am gone.

I’m gonna make an honest effort to get us together before that happens Brian. ‘Deal.’

Fantastic poem and quite touching!!!


Every time I see a crow ( we don't have raven) I think of your totem animal, and they always seem to tell me something, or at least that's what I imagine :)

Sorry to hear about the ups and downs, it still great to hear from you, I hope that this post brings you a lil' something
Please don't feel too burdened about how you feel and the bills piling up, you have people around you that love you, and they live through every single minutes that you are here, with the good and the bad...
Take care bruh ¬!

thank you my dear friend. I fight and fight and still listen the music. the ravens or the crow, basically the same will guide me I am sure. hugs brah

What a touching poem. You are both so fortunate to have one another. Hang in there and give it all you've got, Brian. You're a good man.

Thank you Tom. I am so ever grateful to you and you always stopping by my girl. I always fight and will until the end. BTW I know I am a lucky guy to have her.........

What a poem! You are facing tough time! Hanging in there @briancourteau! Take one day at a time! Best wish.

Thankk you so much and yes its been one day at a time for a while now

I've not been on Steem for a while. Just want to check how have you been doing, and hope it's not been too rough.

Would like to cheer you up with a red rose from my garden.

Enjoy! And take care.

The poems and the photos will make you live forever in many hearts, Brian.

Thanks my friend. I will always know that maybe our story just helped someome else and that makes it all worth it

awwww I had to wait overnight to be able to respond to this one. It's so beautiful, just like your heart and your soul. You really are my everything Baby. Slow down though; you're not going anywhere yet, but when you do, I believe in my heart that everything you speak of here will happen.

And I will never, ever forget one thing we ever did or anything you ever said to me. It's engraved in my heart. xoxo

This is the most romantic conversation I enjoyed from both of you 💖 I shed my tears reading the poetry but crying the happy tears while reading @lynncoyle1 lovey-dovey reply😊 it just so sweet.

Hang in there @briancourteau, you need to experience more of her love and affection to you. God Bless both of you. With 💝

awwww @cicisaja! Thank you so much :) It must be a bit like being able to read someone's diary :)

😂 nope... it feels like watching a romantic movie 😍

awww gosh you're sweet! <3

Wow. Now you want to make me a blubbering fool. I too will always remember it all. every trial, every tribulatin and every spark. Love to


Sending you both warm wishes and hugs.

thank you so so much @paulag. your friendship to us is most thank ful.

A very touching poem and a beautiful tribute to your love. Keep that chin up. I am sorry you are going through these difficult times...

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