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RE: Vlog 198: Enforce the SBD peg or not?

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Hell no... Are you kidding me or are you out of your mind? What you are saying is you want to make everyone on Steemit poorer. No! SBD is, as I've said before, being traded as a regular token as we speak, i.e. free market forces are deciding its price based on voluntary interaction. You wanna peg BTC? Maybe we should peg Litecoin? Or maybe find a peg for NEO?

Because of the FREE MARKET'S VOLUNTARY choice to trade SBD in an OPEN, FREE MARKET environment, EVERYONE (you, me and every small Steemit user) is not much wealthier, i.e. the incentives are HUGE to come here right now and make projects, write articles, curate and comment. You're saying you want to take that away. Not only that, but you want to make it SIX TIMES LESS profitable to join Steemit.

Just stop it... I get that you're really comfortable in your own little bubble somewhere in Europe, but just stop this crap and let the free market trade whatever they want however they see fit.


Did you even read the post (or watch the vlog) or are you just blurting out some random opinion?

I did. It seems he's in favor of it... Just not now. Let's make everyone poorer... later?

Or maybe you know something I don't? Can you explain?

Well, he is not in favour of changing it, so I'm confused about your comments here. He might have to adjust that opinion in the future, but who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Anyway, maybe you should read the Steem whitepaper, it explains why the SBD even exists and the mechanics behind it.

Oh, I see! I must have misunderstood. Well, I mean, antibiotics did not come into existence to cure disease, right? So what something was "meant to" be for is not an argument for destroying an entire market of investors, traders and content creators. Only a crazy person would be in favor of destroying 600% of something's value.

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