GOODBYE FRIENDS! Saying Bye To Steemit is not easy(Look for the secret inside)

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Every good thing has to come to an end...I know saying goodbye would not be easy but this seperation is necessary...and i will miss you :(

We all write an Introductory post....well let's call this my Farewell post :(

After about a month of joining steemit, making countless friends,I am taking back positive memories and a heart filled with emotions and with that it's finally time to say Goodbye to this beautiful platform called Steemit.

In three words I can describe everything I have learned about life in steemit : "LIFE GOES ON"

This post would get lost with the countless other posts and may be some of my friends would find it and I would be lucky enough if they read it :)

I don't know where I would have ended up had i continued over here for about a year....become a way...may be somewhere close to a baby whale...may be not :)

I think I grew too fast...500 followers , 50 Rep in less than a month...did it all get into my head? I forgot about the 80 odd MEGA(haha) SP which I now have to power down :)

REASON to LEAVE: I have only one reason : "IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME".

And finally I would like to thank each and every person who has helped me grow on this platform. I would not like to take names because you all know who you are and I Love you...I will always carry you in my heart and that's a promise :)

And to those who have read so far down let me tell you a secret...I am not going anywhere...Yes you heard it right...haha...This is just to see if people actually read the full post before commenting...I can't say goodbye to my friends so soon...I know you have a cute smile on your face right now and a tear in your eye may be and i so just love you for it :)...It's too early for me to leave and I have just started and I love you all so so much :)

Do put a star(*) at the end of your comment for me to know that you have read it...I will be selecting a winner out of it who gets a special gift from let me end the post on an emotional note....

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
I will meet you one day again my friend

I will be announcing the winners of my previous contest tomorrow...It still has a day left for the payouts...

Also do checkout this post made by Papa Bear for me...It's called Golf Jam and you guys can also send requests Link

PS : I have always wondered why steemit does not have a notification option where we can mark our friends along with our post to notify them that we have posted(introduce this feature steemit come on)

Wishing you all have an awesome and wonderful day....

Lots of Love,



will miss u dear

Haha..I am not going anywhere :)

Haha Okay so I did understand it wrong way haha

ahah good catch! Keep posting, especially now when steem is low, we need every person

Haha thanks...need to make a comb back post for every one who has left :)

so you're staying? damn, I was happy to get some of those big rewards back in the reward pool, sorry to see you're staying

Haha...steemit is an unknowingly come back to it again and again....

If you call self improvement and helping your fellow man an addiction, I'm in :) Glad you are just joking around, I was really not happy about seeing this, I was too disappointed to even finish reading it. WE really need you here, you are what is needed here on steemit to make it more successful in the future, so no leaving!!!!!! make me feel special by saying these things leaving...we all need to grow together :)

Now you're talking,... keep it real, keep it positive,....

keep it real positive :) it :)

*Nice post a bit click bait though. Lol

It can be seen from both ways :)

That's the whole idea! Oh wait, do I need to out * here?

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Funny George Bush moment. Upvoted.

Haha, best wishes! *

Thank you my friend :)

I feel like leaving every day but I'm still here, and powering down so that if I do decide to go I will at least get all my steem back onto the trading platform where it came from. My first 4 months here hardly got a vote or a comment, and now 4 months later it's hardly worth the effort every day to carry on, and for me there's little love. But as you say, you can always come back again if you feel like it to try again over long months to rise up to be a whale. It's a shame that steemit doesn't reward good content

I don’t think you read the entire post. :P

You almost caught me there! *

You don't want a notification from your friends who submit a post. It will be just as messy as your FEED, but a notification with sound would be 10times more annoying. There's close to a thousand new posts from my friends everyday, and I can only upvote about 80 of them, yours is one of them. However, visit those who leave you comment and comment them back are what keeps the cycle going. Like you have done yours for me.

By the way I'm using #partiko on my phone to make post with less than 2 photos. They have a point system that allows you to accumulate points via checking in daily, making upvotes and comments, and these points may exchange with extra upvotes in future. Best part is, @partiko give free upvotes to their user! I wish you all the success and stay tune for bigger payout as you read from my latest entry, extra SP and Steem being distributed.

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Thanks for mentioning us. We will make Partiko better for you!

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This is an interesting that I think of it you are would be as messy as feeds...but there has to be a solution...surely I could comment on my friends post but finding them would be the difficult task...

Thank you for visiting my post..your post was very interesting and just upvoted it because it deserves an upvote...
I will be looking into #partiko soon...

Have a great day ahead :)

Unless Steemit make a new function to categorize

  • Followed but muted, I don't wanna know anything about this person, I just don't feed good to unfollow him/her that may hurt his/her feelings.
  • Followed but acquaintance, only importance notification.
  • Followed and notify me every single thing about this person even if they go toilet break!

🤣 Partiko app will notify you when people commented you. Upon you replied, you can straightaway click on the commenter profile picture and will direct you to the person's profile. You'll be able to return favor for the person.

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Yes...this seems to be nice app...I will look into this...
Thanks for sharing :)

My reaction as I was reading the post. Haha :D


Hey! I personally think you should not leave. Take a break if you want, but this is a great platform to learn and share different things.
So, think again. Stay blessed and take care :) *

I so just love you and you know why :)
Really appreciate your kind words...

Awww so sweet of you. So, you staying okay?

Yeah ofcourse my sweety...or else how would I see your sketches * :)
I don't want to miss out on them...

Yeah, you need to support and motivate me too.
Anyways, thank you and welcome again to steemit :-p

I am so sorry Manisha...I agree that sometimes I miss out on your post :(
But I going to bookmark your page from have all my love support and motivation dear :)

It's okay dear, there are so many post in feeds, so we may miss out some. So chill. And, thank you again for such kind words :)

Your welcome :)
Have a great day...

Hahahahaha i was about to say why would you quit in just a month!. You got me a little there. Good one.

Ginabot helps with the notification you mentioned. Once anyone mentions your name, you get notifications from there. It is all about the settings.

So, here is me participating too:


Nice..really glad you went through my post...
I will check out on Ginabot :)

No worries cutie. Yes, try Ginabot. It make things really easy.

Thank you..I will try it now :)

Thats not worthy @lice
why are you leaving..
we miss you buddy.....:(
But still All the Best for your future plans.
Hope to listen from you soon.
Take a very good care of yourself.

Yes...but you might want to read it fully again...I am sure you have missed something :)

Very well played..
I just skipped the para which conclude it.😢
I am happy to know that... Good bye* :)

Hahaha - classic good-bye post!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x :-*

I will miss you Papa Bear :)

I remember that we talked about the steemit needing a noification service. If you are getting this much attention now, imagine later on xD And I read the whole thing and thank God you are not leaving. :D Cause it makes no sense for you to leave because of all the success you had this month! Be sure to check my latest post when you can.

Yeah..I remember telling you that I am going to check out your post...and I completely forgot...
So now without any further delays I am heading straight to your post....
Thank you for passing by :)

No problem and thanks a lot for the support you have been giving me so far :)

Thanks to you too for all the support :)

No problem, Alice! :D

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Whenever i get time i read your full blog in the start i thought you really are to leave and i don't understand the reason you got very good progress and leaving at this stage but after reading i came to know that you are not going anywhere
you write very nice post..
stay healthy and stay blessed

Haha thank you..I really value that...
I just wanted to know if people read whole post :)
You too stay healthy and have an awesome day...

bye bye darling, hope you're going well on your trip to Las Vegas*

Haha yeah...I am enjoying it..too much fun :)
On a side note you should try my dare and truth challenge...would be fun...

Glad you're not leaving this soon, Alice. I was already getting emotional. Keep up the good work. means a lot...
Have an awesome day ahead :)

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You made me shocked. Hahaha.

Why do not you try posting posts via Busy or Esteem or Partiko?

What are all these?

Another app on Steemit.
Normally, I will post through Esteem app.
Some app will notify for you.

Is there any benefit to do that?

Direct benefits I do not know. But some app is easy for me. :)

Esteem and Partiko you can write the post in smartphone. but Partiko can put only one photo in post.

Ohh kk. it :)

These apps have a lot of secrets about the benefits. I don't know many things. :)

Example. Partiko have a points for you, Checked in / write a post / upvote / comment ..... Partiko give the points for you.

My friend says that the points of the Partiko app is a token type. But I don't know of Partiko's plan. :)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge...
I will definitely look into this now :)

if you check out my latest post, you can get to busy or just search busy, it is the same steem but with different skin, and more functionality. it HOWEVER DOES HAVE NOTIFICATIONS. try it.

Ohhhh nice...thank you so much...
I will check that...

Lmao half way through I thought you are really leaving steemit and was just thinking but why damn.
And then came all the way down just to realise well it's not what it looks like
Haha that was good though *

Haha thanks...
I am glad you read it through :)

How cheeky of you! I thought you were serious for a second there. Yes, I read your post. :P

And if you're looking for notifications perhaps check out I think they have notifications. I don't use that front end though since I mostly post via SteemPress and prefer the Steemit front end for my other stuff for some weird reason.

Oh and *

Haha..your funny ****

Hey Alice, Why you go out from steemit?
I miss you*

I will miss you too...the first technical winner of my first ever contest :)

if you want money fast for account i pay you 40$ in bittrex instant. about $40000....

ok i got it .Soo you not sell account ,only created post . need to read it fully :)

Glad you are staying. It does have a feature for marking your friends. You just simply @blog-fictions then it will show up under the mention tab over on *

Ohh wow...I did not know this stuff..
You really made my life easier now...
Thankyou you so much @doomsdaychassis
You mean like this...haha :)

Exactly. Then on the mentions tab we can keep track of everyone who mentions us.

Awesome...this is really nice...
Thank you so so much :)


Haha..that was the intention :)

You´re a bad girl eh! haha. By the way, we haven't spoken in a while. I hope you're doing very well. Greetings.

Yeah..I am all good...what about you?

im fine! nice to talk to you again.

Same here :) it's always good to talk :)

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Goodbye, we will miss you*

I will miss you all as well :)

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@ blog-fictions Excellent. At some point I'm going to steal the idea.
I wish you a prosperous week can't steal it...I will lock it up in a secret box :)
You too have an excellent week :)

Well that was certainly amusing :) *

Haha thanks..I am glad you liked it :)

Stop playing with my feelings hahaha (*)

Haha...Sorry *

My good friend @blog-fictions I'm surprised to read your post. This is a good suspensive post. First of all I think that you are leaving us. I feel attraction for your in my heart. I was sad that you are leaving. But suddenly when I read down, I was surprised to see that you are not leaving steemit. This is good platform to meet good friends like you.
I can't ignore you like an ordinary friends, you are my special friend. I've read your previous post about your friend that she left her home due to her husband's bad behavior. Please write more post about your friend.
See the link of your post:
I'm impressed by your feelings in your post.
I wish good for you and your family.*

Thank you so much for going through my blog...
It really appreciate that at it means a lot to me..
I am happy to have met friends like you here...
Yeah I am not leaving it's was just a suspense and I am glad you liked it..
You too have a good day ahead :)

You're always welcome.

Fine, Bye then, You will be back..... Lol*

Haha...yeah...let's hope so :)

I figured your post was going to be a good bye post that was not a good bye post :P *

Haha...thanks for going through my post...
Really appreciate it :)

You got me! I was reading all sad like "she just got on here" then I read the secret, good stuff! lol Keep steeming away

well you almost got me but i am a keen reader. *

Hahaha... Thanks :)

Life is all about Choices between what is good and what is gooder, better, oatmealicious. What is better than than Steemit, Gab, Minds, Real Video, Bitchute, Dlive?

I knew this is a bait. lol. But, at one point your acting's convincing Alice. *

Glad you read it :)

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out * ;p

Haha..someone locked the door from outside...I can't leave :)

great way to see who is reading, nice work

Haha...thank you :)

Ha! You got me!

This comment was made from

Haha...that was the intention :)

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hey dear Alice, known as @blog-fictions in steemit.
I've talked to you only once in a post and that's when you were added into my friend list.
do you know where is that list?
It's a secret which can be found by only true friends.
If you think me as a friend like I do, then you'll know where is the list.

All i'm saying is... never do that kind of thing which you told at the very fast sentences of this post. always be a good friend. ( * ) here is the star in the bracket, so now you know i'm not just a fellow follower.

It's when you lost your passport:)
I don't forget things easily...
I have published a new check it has amazing questions...

I guess, you haven't understand what I was trying to say.
I was not talking about where we talked first.
I was talking about my secret friend list that you're in and that friend list is in my heart which can be found only by true friends who got to know others feelings.
I let you in that friend list after that day when we talked in my post about my passport.
So all I was trying to say that I don't wanna lose a friend from steemit that I've found though steemit.

And yeah hopefully I'll give some good answers to you questions from your new post.

Ohh ok..I got it now :)
Thank you so much...that means a lot to me..
I did not understand it at the first time haha...
I am not going anywhere so still here in steemit :)

now that's a very good reply.

Happy you are staying. One month would have been too short. I left after about 2 months last year but came back 9 months later. It is different for everyone but I am liking it at the moment.
By the way, your genuine followers always read your entire post. Continue to enjoy.

Thank you so much...and I am staying yes :)
I have posted a fun question check it out and you can participate if you like it :)

hahahah that was a good one there... almost had me but not so fast ***

glad you are not going anywhere and can't wait to see you keep growing !!


Thanks...I will be here for sometime more I guess :)
You can participate on the questions I made on my new is fun to play it....

Ha ha !! Nice.

And here I was thinking, “but we’ve only just connected!!!! 😩”

If you use Steempeak as your front end, you can save your favourite writers as well as topics so you have even more control over your feed, as well as creating templates, saving drafts, and scheduling posts. Check it out!

And here is my *

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Haha...Thanks *

Haha! Just discovered you on the Steemit Promo Server. Hello and Goodbye. (NOT)*

Haha...nice to meet you :) *

I saw your note on someone else’s post and followed the link. Cute post to say goodbye and then no not really goodbye, just checking if you guys/gals read my posts 🤣
I enjoy a good curveball and this definitely makes people remember you. I don’t know you or your work, but now I will be back...just to check what other creative thoughts you have...this is after all pay for “proof of brain” you proved it, so I will 2 hours 40 minutes to maximize my upvote 😊 could I leave so soon haha :)
You should play the "let's get to know each other" challenge on my latest post...
It's a fun challenge :)

I shall check it out.

Haha, that is such a good post, of course I read until the end ... * should play the challenge on my latest post :)

No, please don't go! :*(

Haha *
Staying here...already made two more posts after this :)

Thank God you are just kidding 😀
First when I saw I surprised why?
It's so early...but when I read whole post , gives smile😊
Keep on steemit 😎

I surely will...thank you :)

See you on the otherside!
edit: oh wait you aren't going away! LOL btw, would you like to host a small show on @steemstreams ?
I think you would do good for traveling , or some subject you are good at :)

Thank you so much for considering me...but I would not be able to do that...
I appreciate you considering me for it :)

  • I had not been a follower but found my way here reading your post saying good bye. As I got to the end I read is a rouse. Well done... guess I will follow to see your next trick

Haha..Thank you..
Let me nominate you for my latest's currently going on..

Oh Lord! I was trying to figure out why you're leaving!

Haha...suprise element :)

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