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This special Golf Jam is dedicated to my good friend @blog-fictions (AKA Alice). Alice is a new Steemian who joined the GV family a few weeks ago. In that short time we have gotten to know each other and I can tell you this young lady is a gem. Currently Alice is running a contest that will conclude on Sunday, there are still 2 days left, so go ahead and click this link and go to the contest post.

"Shape of you" by Ed Sheeran for Alice @blog-fictions

Behind the scenes

This video was taken by my buddy Ryan on my birthday. The shot I hit in the video came up short left, but I hit a good pitch shot to within one foot and saved par! I'm taking requests again so comment and win!!

Chance to win SBD

I love great music tracks for my Golf Jam videos. In the comments - please suggest a music track for another golf shoot. If I use your suggestion, you will be awarded 1 SBD.

Previous Golf Jam Winners

Matchbox Twenty "3 AM" for @familyprotection
Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" by @k-banti
Calvin Harris & Alesso "Under Control" by @eunireal1
AHA "Take on me" by @nikolina
Ride along at Skyline Golf Course
Alice Cooper "School's Out" Celebration
ZZ Top "Simply Irresistible" by @doryumira
Zumba Golf Jam by @paradise-found
The Beatles "Let it be" by @bloghound
The Lumineers "Ho Hey" by @jssll
Steve Winwood "Roll with it" by @soulbella
Carmila Cabella "Havana" by @sunnylife & @zephalexia
Frank Sinatra "Fly me to the Moon" by @vegasgambler
Billy Joel "Uptown Girl" by @cryptopie


@paradise-found will be golfing again soon.
Will your Jam Request be selected?
Make your request in the comments below!!

Join the @gratefulvibes family curation trail
Info at this link: GV Family Trail


Oh MY GOD....
What did I just watch...PAPA BEAR....
You put my song in there too...I am so speechless right now....
This is such a special gift...
Where did that golf ball end up...I could not see..haha...
Thank you so much for this special gift :)

I'm so happy you like it!! :-D
God bless you my dear friend!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

I just loved it...Thank you so much for this...
Hugs Hugs and Hugs :)

You say right : she is fantastic.
I'm also impresed by her work ✌️

Yes, quality content for sure!!
Thanks for visiting.
Will you make a request?

Looks like you had an amazing birthday Papa Bear.
Loved the video.
Have a lovely Friday!

Thank you @joalvarez!!
Will you make a request for the next Golf Jam?
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

I sure will Papa Bear.

Jukebox hero -foreigner!!!

For the golf club hero!

Already following Alice really nice young lady

Hey, that is an excellent suggestion!!
Alice is awesome!!
Also - I just joined your Silver Bullion contest.

Thank you...I follow you too :)
I remember you coming back from Afghanistan ...you are a hero :)

Aww shucks!! Thanks but I’m just like everyone else :) have a great weekend and congrats on the win here!

Thanks :)
You too have an amazing weekend soldier...if I can call you that :)

nice song @blog-fictions
So sweet of you paps.
I'm sure you had a great time with Ryan

Thank you @sunnylife
It's one of my fav songs :)

you are a value to the platform and I hate to see you go, you will be missed for sure.
we need people like you to stay, not leave :(

My friend, you need to go back to @blog-fictions blog about leaving and read the entire post, all the way to the end. You will thank me.

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