A Disastrous Wedding - Made in Heaven? - Is there a way out?

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So it's around 2.30am at night...My friend rings my house bell...

Its a struggle for me to wake up and how I wish all of this must be a dream but it's not...There's a big black eye on her face as soon as I see her and she's standing there with her five year old daughter who would not stop crying :(

Now this is the daughter I always wanted...The one person with whom I live my childhood again...I buy her all the things that I never had from toys and amazing clothes and things that she could ever imagine....If I can be a child again and someone asks me what do you want to be once you grow up I would answer I want to be a "child again".

So here's my friend standing on the door along with her daughter with no clue what to do...She tells me that she even considered dying before coming to my place...I took them both inside and close the door....

Let me tell you something about her...This is a girl who's working in South Africa...Has an amazing life...Does whatever she wants and whenever she wants...She takes a holiday from work and decides to go meet her parents for some time...This is the changing point in her life...The one decision she will never be able to reverse...

She comes to her parents place and she is the talk of town...A beautiful girl working overseas...Every boy wants to marry her...She has a wide range of proposals and she could literally choose any boy who she wants...And what does she do?she chooses the guy who is the best looking and has a great body...I mean really?you can't do that...you really need to know the guy before marrying someone...just can't choose the best looking one and hope for a bright future...

So one week into her marriage and she has already witnessed enough to know that her life from now on would not be easy....and it's been 5 to 6 years now and it's only gotten worse...

Let me tell you something about her husband...a guy who is extremely aggressive after drinking...wants to fight...would not care what the other person feels and cheats on her from time to time...the only reason she says she is still with him is because of her daughter...

So what happened that night that she ended up at my place?
There are some times in life when you can't take more of it and you react...
So I take her in and she narrates ever incident which not only blows my mind but also gets me convinced that I am never ever getting married to someone...I have had enough of my parents marriage and now enough of this...so bye bye marriage...

So her husband has an off day...So as usual he starts drinking from morning...the more he drinks the more aggressive he gets..she knows this very well...so she tells him please stop drinking and let's take our kid somewhere out...it's been years since our kid has gone out with us somewhere together...he listens to her and ignores it...

Her kid is so small and she is already afraid of this guy...she asks her mom why does daddy drink this bad juice always...she calls it as bad juice..that innocent little girl..I feel bad for her and I feel bad for her future...she did not deserve to be born in such a family...I just hope she grows up and has a good life...my sweetheart....

So coming back to that day....so he's drinking and he's now finding excuses to fight...his voice starts getting louder...they both know what horror is coming next...so my friend and her daughter go into the bedroom away from him just to avoid him...so she plays a game with her daughter just to distract her mind away from things...but this guy would not leave without a fight...he lights a cigarette and follows them to the bedroom...she tells him that the smoke is harmful for their daughter and he should not be smoking inside the bedroom...this is the point where things turn bad...he takes the cigarette and burns her hand with it...they both get into a fight and he punches her right on her eye after which she falls down...he kicks and punches her in front of their daughter and then goes searching for a belt saying I am going to hit your daughter as well...she picks out whatever energy she has takes her daughter up and runs from that house...she does not have her mobile she does not have money...

She wanders around on the streets at night not having a clue as to where to go...she can't go back to that hell...she tells me that as she was wandering on the streets and her daughter was crying and following her from behind calling her mommy moomy but she just did not have the guts to look at her daughter's eye...this was a daughter who is born into this world and is suffering right from her childhood...

She decides to come to my place for sometime...I tell her that immediately we will go the police station...she does not want to...she thinks that would be embarrassing and cause more trouble with her husband...I tell her there's no more husband and that they should separate...this is not the life you and your daughter deserve...but she tells me that things would get better and it's only for today that they need to sleep here...

I really don't know whether I should blame her for this mess too...she tells me, in the morning she will go back to him and I can't believe my ears..I try to make her understand but she says that she loves him...really?is this Love?I think this is madness where you are spoiling your daughter's life as well...so in the morning she will go back there and I will not have a clue as to what is going on over there because I know she will not pick up my phone...I just hope you will be alright my love...

They say marriages are made in heaven but the more I look into it the more I get convinced that Marriage is a one way to Hell!

With a saddened heart and an unrestful mind,


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Very sad story. Her fate was sealed choosing poorly for her husband.
No doubt she should leave him, but many make this same mistake.
You tell a good story my friend. Thank you for sharing it.
Boost coming for you! Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thank you so much Papa Bear :)
I am so glad that you could relate to this...
I am sure she will see happier days again...and change here life...
Thank you for the boost...i just saw it :)

Good man, super cool gesture

Thank you my friend!!

for sure, i mistook pospromoter for you, damn it!! i was on my phone :)

Marriage isn't hell if you choose the right person... and that means waiting until you know it is right. A lot of people I know rushed because they put too much time in already or the whole biological clock thing. The warning signs were there already... they just chose to ignore them. In the end... they are either miserable or divorced. I personally cant imagine being older without a life partner to spend it with. I am a paramedic and I see the difference In quality of life - those that are married are better off than those whom are not.

I speak with the exception of an abusive relationship; that is a very tough situation and I am sorry your friend feels stuck. But she needs to do what is best for her and her child... there is a better life and a better person for her - somewhere out there. I hope she gains the courage to step out and find it.

I think its just a matter of time before she leaves him...and i cant wait for that way...you do speak from your experience but marriage is something where i dont see any positives...as off now atleast...dont know about the future...

understandable... I think you'll change your mind at some point in the future. But for now.. have fun and enjoy life. Live, Travel, Love.

Thank you...no one knows the future so may be you might be right...
Have a nice day :)

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Thanks for sharing this...
I will have a look at this :)

Thank you so much...its a real story...

You're a good friend; give your friend the support she needs.
I want to openly speak my thoughts on this; alas, I've made the stupid mistake of putting my face on my profile so I try to avoid controversial topics.

I will be with her always...i think you can speak openly and no one will judge you :)

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Thank you :)
Long time...haha...

It misses me ...

haha...enjoy your day...

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My locker is getting full of this...
How can i thank you?

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Ok...let me look into it :)

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

tell her there's no more husband and that they should seperate.
It should be separate instead of seperate.

Did you even read the story? Haha

Interesting. A little dark but very interesting.

Thank you...for sure its dark but its a reality of life...

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it's very difficult time for her but have some patience and face the music whatever gonna happen it will be you can't stop things from happening but you can at least try best wishes for your future. i hope you do well

I really hope the best for her and her child...

yeah i fell the same for them and you're so sweet and looking so hot in the dp

thank you for the compliment :)

when i meet someone like you i can surely say it's not a compliment it you with a pour heart and pour soul..
God bless you and whenever i will have to meet you i do meet

Thank you so much for these warm words and wishes...
I wish you life is blessed too :)

You have to seriously consider going to the police on your own. It's going to be a hard decision to make, and you have to think about how it would affect your friend and how it would affect your relationship with her. But if she's seriously suffering, and her daughter is as well, you have to at least consider doing your best to stop this.
About your last sentence: "They say marriages are made in heaven but the more I look into it the more I get convinced that Marriage is a one way to Hell!" You might want to consider the fact that it depends who you end up with - if you end up with someone caring and loving who constantly challenges you to be better, and supports you when you're down - then your marriage was probably made in heaven. If you strike out and end up with someone like this - then you're probably right. I wish you the best of luck in making that decision, and hope that your friend's situation only improves.

Its her fight but i will give her support whenever she needs me...regarding marriages i dont see the positives in it and its just my view...i might be completely wrong too...but when you go through so much its hard...

Well written bad story. You have a great way with words and portray the emotions well. Nice work

Thank you so much...Your words mean a lot...
For sure its a bad story but its just reality...
Theres a lot to improve for me and its just the beinning :)

You have a magnetic charm and are doing so well, sky is the limit for you and I am excited to watch you fly!!

Thanks...I am sure we will all fly together:)

You’re welcome...that’s the plan))

sounds good :)

This is the most disturbing and wrost thing that i ever heard about a marriage because it's feels like love is blind and how can your friend allowing that man to ruins her daughter's life andnot taking a legal action to punish that Mother*****r. It's really really bad.

It is bad but it is the reality of many lives around the world...some families have very similar to worse stories...lets just hope things get better for them and they can live in peace...thank you for reading it :)

Dear Alice, don't give up on love because of such a bad example. Your friend really needs to leave this guy. For herself and her daughter. To be an example to her daughter that this is not normal. In the meantime help your friend wherever you can. It's her process. And it might take some time before she leaves. Good luck! 💚🍀

Thank you...i know she needs to leave him...may be she has a plan but she does not share things easily...i am with her always...

Maybe. It's her process. When she is ready to let go, she will. In the meanwhile just be her friend 💕

I will for sure always...can't leave her on this journey alone...

It's amazing and a shame how people live with such a thing. Great story! Sincerely.

Yes...if we imagine ourselves in their shoes its a pretty tough place to be in..

I have been following you from the beginning and i have never been disappointed once...you are going to become a celebrity one day over here....
This is one of those stories where every one would be able to relate...
Thank you for sharing....

Its good if people can relate..may be some day some one will read it and make better decisions for their future...
Dont know about being a celebrity haha...Thank you for reading :)

Great Article...

Thank You so much for reading it :)

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That is very sad to hear that from your friend and her daughter... and you are trying to convince how much of a stupid crappy jerk her husband is... if someone abuses their partner like that, they DO NOT deserve that partner, she should really find someone who will take care of her and her daughter and make each other happy. I bet all the stress from the job, debts and many other sad realities got to the man and take out his anger at his wife and daughter... its really sad and I get super angry when I see someone abuses their partner like that... yet she loves that guy... may God bless that poor man's soul so he can repent for what he has done. Great story and I am glad you shared this with all of us. Its good people get support on this.

Thank you so much for relating to this...I. am sure she and her daughter will have a happy life...this is just a major block along the way...it just shows how one needs to be careful while choosing a partner...she will always have my support....

I am glad you are helping them in their most critical moments. We need more people like that in this world :) You seem like an amazing person for that^^

Thank you so much...one day hopefully the whole world learns to love...

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Some intense stuff, but this helps make a point that its good to get to know a person really well before taking major steps in life with them. We dont want to put selves at risk over beauty.

It's true..such important decisions should be taken very carefully...thanks for reading it through :)

Very very sad story of your friend. I'm shocked to read behaviour of her husband. I pray for her and for her daughter. I think she love her husband but bad habit of her husband is hurdle between between she and her husband. I think that wine drinking, cigarette smoking, wrong way of attraction with any other he/she without life partner is destroying domestic life.
If we will not stop ourselves from the above bad habits we will not be able to continue our "Heaven's made life."

You have said right that marriages are made in heaven. But this our duty to continue to give love and respect to our life partner. We should be always faithful in love.
See my post about "Marriages Are Took Place in Heaven!! But???"

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