Every moment counts

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Because every moment counts

Greetings Steemians

I am very excited about this my first post in English, I hope you can forgive my mistakes, I promise to improve every day. I launched into this wonderful world of arms and open heart, waiting to be received with the positive energy of all those who are in this search constant to explore, learn, live and grobw.


It is as well as starting from the fact that we are all intruded in social networks, in the constant noise of the city, the present post is to stop a few minutes and take a break. Dedicate a few minutes to grow from within, feel and breathe to learn the most important thing in life: about ourselves.

Accompany me to a journey through emotions, because in school we are taught to add, multiply and divide, but they do not teach us to live, let's start now to give us a break.

The daily stress has been deteriorating our human feelings. In this way, the vision of life has been contaminated by inherited, alien and vitiated values. The mass media and technology have imposed new social structures and paradigms that hierarchize our values, increasingly away from the brotherhood, the environment, love, and freedom.

"The only possible revolution is that which is born from within" Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is necessary to rescue values and love for what we do, for our fellow human beings, for the planet. To appreciate spaces like this to express ourselves, to be multipliers of something that we like, to take fun in ourselves and to share it, with respect, gratitude is a beautiful opportunity to grow.

This way my first post starts with taking the break from the soul and learning from ourselves just by listening for a few minutes since our actions and our behavior depend directly on feelings and thoughts.

In this first break, I invite you to breathe in a minute. As you read it, just one (1) minute, enough time to begin to find you, give you love and free yourself from the thoughts that exhaust your mind. Sit comfortably with your right feet and your arms resting on your legs. When you close your eyes you must begin to feel your breath. In a minute you must visualize your breathing, feel it as water that fills a jar, if any thought comes, do not worry, return to the breath, visualize it and feel it, it nourishes us, feeds and gives us life. Do all this in a minute and with a smile.

Original photo From my window, the author @bliza

How did you feel? Do you notice any change? I would love for you to reflect on that big or small sensation that you felt and register it in your mind, this will feed the desire to take another minute when you feel stressed or tired.

You will wonder if one minute is enough, the idea is to start this emotional journey of the soul and learn to be in contact with us quickly and deeply, in this way we can channel emotions, stress and, anxiety in any place like the metro, walking, in the office or school.

I hope you like my post. Remember to take a Break off at least one minute, mind, soul and body will thank you.

A hug to your soul,

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Well done on your first English post! If you are going to post in English again, some experienced users recommend using Grammarly, it's free. What an amazing view you have from your window, I'm sure it must help with meditation. Thank you for sharing your quick, simple method, it makes it easier to get started with meditation. I agree with the importance of taking a break during the day, to just be.


Thank you very much for your recommendation. I have already started using the application, I hope to improve for the next post. I have a beautiful view from my window full of positive energy. Thanks for your comment.


Fantastic! Your reply is beautifully eloquent, I will be looking out for your next English post.