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Principle:  Self-discipline is a part of capacity for life.

For example.....Study is a matter of self-discipline....Working out is a matter of bring these activities to routine makes all the difference.

......original photography by bleujay.

'Late Autumn Beauty on a Sunny Day''

Principles are timeless truths for our ponderance.

Thank you Steemians for stopping by.

Kind Regards, bleujay

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Hi @bleujay

Beautiful architecture, beautiful is the fall in its colors.

The pictures are taken with master's hand,


Greetings @xpilar.

Appreciate you dropping by with such kind praise......thank you.

So happy to hear you enjoyed the post. Autumn is a most enjoyable time of year.

Kindest Regards,


That perspective in the first 2 photos is epic and gives the impression of what invaders from far off lands must have must have beheld as they came by boat in the middle ages to conquer and found themselves beneath the rampart walls.

Yup! I know that we were witnessing a place of peace, meditative, serene beauty and somehow I managed to view it through the metaphorical eyes of a bloodthirsty, berserker marauding across the land... 😄

Doesn't that just illustrate the point though, the point which has always, and I hope will always be true about art? We can never imagine the way a piece of work can provoke the feelings of another, can inspire them to see things in a very different way to that which we foresaw when creating it.

Now that the battle-frenzy has been assuaged from within, I would just like to pass comment on those glorious golden autumnal hues, one of the most visually stunning aspects of the season.

May you continue to see beauty where others perhaps witness only the mundane 😃

Greetings @stevenwood.

Thank you for this expression of your thoughts.

Indeed, how impressive the castle walls would have seemed in that day......and the fierceness of the warriors within. Reflecting on your I wish I had some photographs of Harlech that one too would have generated some awe in those warriors of olde. Have you heard the song...'Men of Harlech'....a lovely Welsh tune. Used in the films; Zulu, and How green was my Valley?

You are correct about Art and how important it is for the viewer to come to the art and enjoy what it brings to mind........which is why I even hesitate to name a piece for fear I would have interfered with their frame of reference enjoyment of the piece......make sense.

Appreciate you stopping by with your kind words.

All the best.


btw.....this post's principle came to mind when reading one of your posts.....thank you for the inspiration.

Oh to have any part in the inspiration is a great feeling, thankYOU 😁

I looked the song up, knowing that I should know it if it featured in Zulu and instantly recalled it...There is something stirring and dare I say patriotic about a male voice choir, Welsh choirs have a whole other level to the rousing spirit conjured in the chest of the listener.

Yes, you are so right about the same piece of art conjuring an entirely different ((sometimes polar opposite)) opinion in the viewer, this in my opinion is one of the most interesting and thought provoking aspects of art. That subjective aspect is unlike most mediums which we are exposed to in life and I know some artists feel a little offended if people don't see the exact intention that they had in mind at the piece's inception.

This is an error of judgement in my opinion, we are all completely Au-fait with the expression...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Why just beauty? Surely the aforementioned beholder may be able to grasp a multitude of emotions all at once? Art is one of the last acceptable ways that we have to provoke and I think that should be lauded.

Sorry to leave another ((too long)) rambling comment TM that takes a while to read, but you know by now if I have a thought I simply go with it 😁

Enjoyed chatting with you..... ^__^

....especially with regards to subjects of the best sort.


lovely pics mon ami
it's great to see you posting back

Hiya...mon ami;

Lovely to meet you here. ^__^

Appreciate your kind words regarding the post.

Thank you for dropping by for a cuppa.

A bientot!

Absolutely agrees with you @bleujay and important thing is to learn it in early years that makes it late as a habit routine so we get used to it only then it could be one of the helpful tool in the future to reach the aims and to be the best. I learnt that lesson when I was young and of course, hated that time but very grateful for it now. it is often we appreciate something much later as our views are changing with time.

The stone building you captured is really beautiful, I love old architecture and climbing plants makes it not so lonely. It is obvious late autumn the branches almost completely lost their leaves. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of autumn day. I wish you and your family nice weekend, Cheers @Stef1

Thank you dear @stef1 for your kind words and lovely comment.

Appreciate you stopping by for a cuppa on a lazy Friday afternoon.

So happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

Thank you for your kind's wishing you and yours the same.


Self-discipline is the key to success as well....and everyone has it in them, if they lost it you just have to find it again...

Greetings @heyimsnuffles.

Thank you for your wise true....we just have to find it again...its there.

Appreciate you dropping by.

All the best.


I liked your photos. Where did you find such lovely scenery?

Thank you @wrashi.

Just on a stroll in the UK.......


Self-discipline, along with perseverance, equate to success. Both of those qualities will beat out raw talent that is not acted upon.

I really enjoyed your photos. I like the "looking up" perspective that you chose for your photos to go along with your principal this time. Very fitting!

What a lovely comment true.

I like to think of it as 'energy harnassed'.....just as the bush is trained to grow up the wall.

Thank you for your comment concerning how the principle and the photographs relate......lovely!

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


You are very welcome! I really look forward to your posts.

Very interesting your publication @bleujay, delights us with these beautiful photos, which transmit so many emotions together and attractive to the eye, they show that you are an artist with the camera. Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from #Venezuela I follow you and support.

Greetings @ordosjc.

What a lovely comment......thank you for your kind words.

All the best to you.


Self discipline is good especially when combined with other attributions!
Very good post @bleujay

Thank you for your kind thoughts @tulio.

It’s great to see your post again after very long time.

I totally agree with your principle. It’s true!

Your photos are gorgeous with the beauty of nature on the Sunny Day. The autumn colors are really magnificent; the flowers, the fruits and the leaves. I also like the blue sky with the white clouds as the background in the second photo, wonderful! The building looks ancient and beautiful.

Great shot! ;)

Lovely to hear from you @tangmo.

Appreciate hearing your thoughts and kind compliments.

All the best.


With my pleasure! All the best to you and yours! ;)

This is a great truth, friend @bleujay ! The quality of our life depends on self-discipline!

Greetings @olga-maslievich.

Lovely to 'see' you.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the principle.

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


L'autodiscipline est la force motrice du succès. très bon principe de la journée @bleujay

Muchas Gracias @victordaniels.

Very true @bleujay! In general, I find that most ideas don't go very far unless you also choose to make them a practice. And in order to create a practice, you must practice self-discipline.

So true @reddragonfly........thank you for stopping by.

Yes....'make them a practice'......well said. ^__^

Are your ears burning.....I was speaking of your gallery the other day over at WLS.

I did see you have a post there.....will drop by.

All the best to you and your good lady.


Self-discipline is the key to success in any subject, relationship or work.

Thank you for these thoughts.

Good to 'see' you @vlemon.

So happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

Your words are so true.

All the best.


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