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Principle:  Leadership never makes an issue of self, but out of the situation.

........original photography and editing by @bleujay.

'Head and Shoulders Above the Rest'

Dear Steemians;

Thank you for visiting 'Principle of the Day'.  

Principles are timeless truths, proverbs, and precepts presented here for our ponderance. 


Kind Regards,  bleujay

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so unique so beautiful @bleujya 🤗

Greetings @xawi,

Lovely are here as Palnet......sweet!

Thank you for your kind words......happy to hear you enjoyed the post. ^__^

@saffisara thinks the fleur is 'Coltsfoot' nifty is that for a name?

Is that coltsfoot? It looks a bit like dandelion... But I say more like coltsfoot 😉

To bad that leadership today isn't what it use to be... More about money power than humanity or principles.
Well put my friend. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Cheers!

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Greetings dear @saffisara,

Very happy to hear from you.

Oh I do hope it's name is 'Coltsfoot' as that is a lovely name and so very these fleurs were nearly three feet high.

It true.....thus the gentle reminder of what we ought to do. ^__^

Thank you for your kind wishes mon ami! ^__^

Here's wishing you a lovely week as well!


They look like dandelions but are not, more pretty!

It's a shame that modern leadership often seems the opposite of your principle!

Greetings @meesterboom,

Appreciate you dropping by.

So true they look very like the dandelion....three feet in the air.

A bundle of gratitude to @saffisara for giving us a clue....she has suggested 'Coltsfoot' as the name.....very apt name indeed. ^__^

As you does seem quite the opposite today....thus the gentle reminder of ageless principles for us all lest we think today's MO is the norm. ^__^

Wishing you and yours......a lovely week.


I don't know the name of this flower but we have them in abundance too! :)

It might be sometimes difficult to apply this principle in practice as we human tend to look for mistakes in others or ourselves but it is a good quote to think about and learn from.

Greetings @delishtreats,

How very kind of you to drop by.

So true.....yes...principles are good for that sort of guide us in what we ought to do....rather than what comes naturally.

Appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Oh yes, meant to mention.... @saffisara dropped a hint regarding the name....she thinks it may be a 'Coltsfoot'. I do hope so.....that would be a very apt name for it indeed.

All the best.


I always learn a bit from your quotes, particularly about things like leadership. Not exactly a strong suit on this end. Oh well, the world needs those trailing behind to give others a chance to lead ( :

Those certainly are some long, tall flowers. And from the looks of it, a bit confused...not able to make up their mind on a direction to grow. Possibly a member of Weedus wigglusconfusioniferous. Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one. Cheers

Greetings @ddschteinn,

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy to hear the principles are informative. ^__^

With regards to the subject of leadership....even if one has no other position of authority....they always have a position of leadership over themselves......sometimes the most difficult to govern is in and day out.

The flowers do look exactly like 'Weedus wigglusconfusioniferous'. hehe

We had a lovely weekend.....thank you for your kind wishes.

Hope yours was as well.

Wishing you and yours a lovely weeek! ^__^


If I ever figure out that whole leadership of self thing, I'll be amazed. I tell myself to do things, but the me that is me often chooses to not listen to the me that is bossing me about. Or that other me heads off to do something else beyond the bushes of requirement. Oh well, at least I have fun ignoring myself.

You always have grand things to ponder, learn and think about. I appreciate it. My weekend was good too. Always have liked weekends. There's something about them, no matter what is going on. Oh, that's right, it's not work O :

Hi @bleujay, nice to see you back with principle of life. Leadership is something that we need and that is not coming automatically, we are the one who can show what we can. Only in different situation we can see if the situation will be under control or not and if there is no leader character then it would be hard.

Lovely picture, the flowers look like dandelion but usually dandelion is single flower. Beautiful digital Art. I wish you nice week and enjoy your summer days, hopefully you have sun and it is warm. It is grey and cloudy here. Cheers...

Greetings @stef1,

Lovely to hear your thoughts regarding the true ...we hope leaders will bring order out of chaos.

Thank you for your kind words regarding the photography and artwork. ^__^

Yes....very like the dandelion except they are nearly a metre high. hehe We can thank @saffisara for a clue as to the name of this fleur.....she has put forward the delightful name 'Coltsfoot'.

Lovely to hear from you and see you here at Palnet.....

Thank you for your kind wishes. Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week.

We are bit overcast here as well and have been for a week or so. No doubt it will be sunny soon and we will enjoy it all the more. ^__^

A picnic would be just the thing!


The pictures look beautiful and you are right about this line also
"Leadership never makes an issue of self, but out of the situation.

Thank you for your kind words.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the Principle!
...and the icing.


Excellent principle!

The flowers are very gorgeous with bright yellow color. It looks really nice nature.

The artwork is magnificent. “Head and Shoulders Above the Head”…. Well said! I absolutely agree.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful day! ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

Appreciate hearing you enjoyed the post....principle and icing! ^__^

Now when I hear from you....I are the watermelon plants doing and the sweet fishes with their lovely eyes.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Here's wishing you a lovely day! ^__^


Oh! You are so sweet! The watermelon plants grow well and those fishes are fine, they enjoy swimming around the ponds. Many thanks!

Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

All the best to you and your family! ;)

@bleujay always so inspiring. 🤗 and you took some nice photos 🤗

Greetings @tinabrezpike,

Thank you for your kind words.....and compliments.

Appreciate you stopping by. ^__^

Here's wishing you all the best.


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