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Principle:  Vigilanteism is never the solution to a society's woes.

....original photography and artwork by @bleujay.

'Order Versus Chaos'

Dear Steemians;

Thank you for visiting 'Principle of the Day'.  

Principles are timeless truths, proverbs, and precepts presented here for our ponderance.

Timeless truths can give a bit of guidance, a standard when there is none.  


Kind Regards,  bleujay

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Thank you Steemit for opportunity to post at this fine site!


Lovely shots !
What type of camera did you use?
I feel like I could almost touch these flowers...

Greetings @vlemon,

Lovely to see you.

Appreciate your kind words.

Thank you for inquiring.....EOS Cannon Rebel T5 is the camera.

All the best.


lovely shots love!
I can already imagine the scent :D
enjoy 'em!

Greetings @englishtchrivy,

Lovely to hear from you.....mon ami!

Thank you for your kind words with regard to the of Summer's last fleurs.

Sent you a note in discord.

Missing you....



Same here .. missing you, too!

okeydokey will have a look as soon as I log out ..

busy with school atm
looking forward for the autumn break already :)
I miss posting too but atm .. I'd be just going around I guess..
take care dahlin!

Lovely post Bleujay , as always.
Always like reading your posts, really liked the shots of the white flower.
I just started doing photography again after a very long hiatus and started posting it on Steemit. Part of the inspiration to do so belongs to you. =p
Thanks for being here.

Greetings @chromiumone,

How very kind of you to drop by with such good news and kind words.

Wishing you all the best in your new endeavour. ^__^


Lovely! Such a sweet shot to almost end the seasonal beauty with the flowers. Missing the principles of the day and hope some day, posting will be back to where it once was.

I hope all is well in your world.

Order is much prefered by this girl.

Have a lovely day!

!tip .20

Greetings dear Denise,

Lovely to hear from you......appreciate you stopping by.

Thank you for expressing your thoughts with regard to the post....always happy to hear your capacity expressed for both the principle and the photographs. ^__^

Oh yes, very well indeed....thank you for inquiring....very kind of you.

Hope you are well.

Yes.....Order especially for us ladies is important....perferred status quo.

Thank you for your kind gift.

Wishing you a lovely Sonday!


Many thanks for your Christmas present!
I wish you and your loved ones a harmonious and cosy Christmas!

for you

Hey @double-u, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Hi @bleujay, another wise Principle of the day. Vigilanteism is something that probably every dictator wants to have in order to keep the society and people under control, a dangerous tool in wrong hands may destroy a society. Luckily nowadays it is not so widely spread, at least I hope :)

Beautiful flowers and like the colours. I hope you will have a nice week :)

Hi ya @stef1,

Appreciate you stopping by with your kind and thoughtful reply.

The word 'Vigilanteism' is used in this principle the sense of a person individually or in a group who take the law into their own hands outside of a judicial system.

Thank you for your kind compliments....happy to hear you enjoyed the photographs.

Appreciate your kind wishes.....thank you. ^__^

Here's wishing you a lovely week as well.


Gorgeous capture as always @bleujay!

Hi ya @kotturinn.

What a lovely surprise.....appreciate hearing your complimentary words.

All the best to you. ^__^


Good principle!

The flowers are very magnificent in white color contrasting with the bright green leaves, I really love them. In the meantime, when they are in yellow with bright red as in the last photo, they are also beautiful.

The B&W photo is amazing.

Well done, as always!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful week! ;)

Thank you @tangmo for your kind reply.

Happy to hear your lovely thoughts expressed regarding the post.

Appreciate you stopping by. ^__^

Wishing youand yours a splendid week.


It's always my great pleasure.

Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

All the best to you and yours! ;)

Keep posting @bleujay ~ Your photos are so great :)

Happy New Year @andy4475,

You are too kind.

Thank you for stopping by with these kind words. ^__^

All in good time......going to go back to school for a bit....fine arts is in view....we will see where it takes @bleujay. Smiles.

All the best to you and this new year.....And Brexit!


Studying is awesome @bleujay , i wish you luck with everything 👍

The beginning of the day is the best time to thank God for all that he has given us. From the most insignificant to life that is the most wonderful thing we have ... beautiful things like these flowers are a gift from God to make our eyes and life brighter ... Beautiful series.

God bless you.

Thank you for visiting 'Principle of the Day'.


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