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There is nothing more beautiful to share with our children ... on Sunday, after going to church, we stayed at home resting, and I was playing with my daughters in bed. They were so happy, they are moments that connect parents a lot with their children, spend time with them, enjoy them when they are little, listen to their laughter, and their occurrences .... An exchange between parents and children is something that should never be missed ... This is really comforting, wonderful and healthy ...

So is…. Healthy….

Did you know that this connection with our children causes the release of a hormone called OXYTOCINE?

I will tell you what it is ...

Oxytocin is a neuropeptide generated in the hypothalamus. Performs the function of regulating peripheral organs and tissues during childbirth and lactation, stimulates sexual desire and promotes affection and empathy.

Until a few years ago, this neurotransmitter was known exclusively for the role played at the time of labor and lactation, since it facilitates uterine contractions and, later, promotes the production of milk by the mammary glands. Recent studies, corroborated by clinical trials, have shown that in fact this hormone also intervenes in many processes of our life, playing a leading role in both the sexual sphere and in the sphere of affectivity and emotion.

It has been shown that oxytocin is involved in all phases of sexual activity, from the preliminary exchange of effusions between couples to the achievement of orgasm. Not only that. In addition to increasing desire, oxytocin acts as a glue in interpersonal relationships, fostering monogamy and stable relationships, to deserve the name "hormone of love."

On an emotional level, this chemical mediator has enormous benefits for people, with positive effects not only in the couple, but also in interpersonal relationships in general and socialization in the broadest sense. Oxytocin is the hormone of hugs, physical contact and empathy. Reduces stress levels, anxiety, promotes reading of other people's emotions, confidence, sense of belonging and socialization. Its effect has been compared to that produced by a slight dose of alcohol, which helps overcome shyness and increases empathy and propensity towards others.

Oxytocin also stimulates growth hormone, which is released in the pituitary gland, thus influencing the growth of children ...

So ... hug and play a lot with your children so that they can develop more empathy, confidence, socialization and have better stature ... In addition to having a very pleasant time with them, that without a doubt, they will enjoy !!!


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