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RE: The Dream Of Owning A Home

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Awwwh really I've tried to push a Hemp house to Hubby, not winning on that container house winning out.
There is four guys down the South Island working towards doing hemp homes, there is a guy doing hemp homes that is a bit more costlier, and there's the NZ Hemp Farm in Hamilton they do more health care products.
You can do tiny houses out of hemp create. The issue at the moment in NZ is no processing plant, there was talk about someone wanting to do one.
The cost with Hemp homes in NZ is that the hemp needs to be imported, till we start producing huge amounts are we able to sustain a hemp building market.
There are a few bloggers doing tiny living in nz, there was also a tiny house at the home show a few weeks ago, wasn't able to get there.


Would love to see Hemp being produced here.

Is is only on a small scale, hoping in November they let Hemp food be legal so want to try what it tastes like.
The licence to produce is not much it's the equipment thats costly.

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