Stop using antibiotics! Drug resistant superbugs are on the rise and its everyone's problem

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Antibiotics are one of the most life changing medical discoveries ever made along with antiseptics and anesthesia.
( i don't know if its been done but i'm coining this the three A's)

Antibiotics revolutionized medicine in the 20th century and essentially brought around the end of diseases like Tuberculosis, specifically in the modern world.
Although one of the greatest scientific and medical discoveries of its time the widespread use of antibiotics is becoming an issue, creating a rise in the number of antibiotic resistant super-bugs.


In the U.S alone around 2 million people a year become infected with bacteria that cannot be treated with antibiotics and at least 23,000 of those die. Since discovery, use of antibiotics has exploded and this has caused bacteria that can no longer be treated using antibiotics, this is a problem of our own creation. Superbugs are the result of years of overuse and misuse of antibiotics, whether it be prescribing them for infections they can't help with or using them in too high of a dosage. This partnered with their massive overuse in farming has paved the way for superbugs to increase in prominence.

Antibiotics aren't just used for infections or disease in farming, they're being used to stimulate growth in animals like chickens and pigs so as to produce more meat from one animal. Ever seen a chicken from Indonesia compared with one in say Australia or America?

(note the above is also attributed to hormone and selective breeding)

There are fears that a worldwide pandemic caused by some form of superbug could be one of the highest risks to humankind. The WHO or World Health Organisation, have identified 12 families of drug resistant bacteria that urgently need new drugs to combat their rise including Staphylococcus, commonly known as Golden Staph.
A UK Government review into antimicrobial resistance commissioned in 2014 found that if left untreated, antibiotic resistance could lead to 10 million deaths a year worldwide by 2050 — costing the world roughly $1.3 trillion.

On the WHO list of dangerous pathogens they are split into three category's those are critical, high, and medium, based on how urgent the need for new drugs to treat them are.
Some of the listings include things as basic as E.Coli, Salmonella, and gonorrhea.


Massive amounts of funding are required to develop new drugs but aside from just development of new drugs we also need to curb our use of current ones.
As important as new antibiotics are, to stop the rise in resistant infections we need to do more. We need to stop the spread of infections and we need to preserve our current antibiotics by using them better.-Professor Penelope Bryant

Human health is all of our problem and if something isn't done soon the rise of antibiotic super-bugs could become a serious threat to humanity, already costing us billions each year and thousands of deaths it is not far off pandemic proportions. Don't take antibiotics for things like the common cold or the flu, they are useless, don't take antibiotics for minor infections and try to eat less meat treated with antibiotics.

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I agree. This is an awesome post and I worry on both sides - becoming immune to antibiotics or getting really sick. But I guess there's always natural ways 💜 Lovely topic thank you

MRSA is particularly scary. It used to be considered only a nosocomial infection (meaning cases, while serious, only really occurred in hospitals). Now MRSA is out there folks, in gyms and on playgrounds. While community-contracted MRSA is still not that common, it is very, very resistant to antibiotics.

I would also point out that sometimes an antibiotic really is the most appropriate treatment, and people shouldn't be too quick to refuse it if it is prescribed.

That said, NOT TAKING THEM CORRECTLY is a big problem that also leads to increased antibacterial resistance. If you skip doses, or don't take the full course, you risk the infection adapting and developing resistance.

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saw ep of adam ruins every thing about this subject last week :-P


im guessing thats a tv show? or youtube channel? haha sorry im pretty out of most popular stuff :P


tv show on truetv i believe i watch it online

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It makes me feel absolutely sad that so many people are having health issues. The obvious reason is that now people are not tough at all. Even if we get minor headache, there is panadol or such medicines, so we can’t even take it. This looks fine because it helps in short term, but the side-effect is seen years later. So, please don’t waste your life due to medicines, it must be avoided UNLESS it’s absolutely necessary. I have a very natural way for people having health issues, check this article

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This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed...


thank you :)

We also could stop relying solely on antibiotics to treat infections. Its is time to look beyond antibiotics and start using more herbal medicines inconjunction with antibiotics (garlic for example) as well as looking at utilizing more bacteriophages like they do in Russia or homeopathy to help control infections especially at the beginning .

Before when I was a kid, I first learned about antibiotics I always thought what if all the bacteria have adapted to antibiotics, then what.

Come to think of it, this is really becoming a problem. Good post.

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very much right actually more we go away from natural remedy more our sufferings will increase