Approaching Girls from a Guys Perspective.

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After posting my long extensive post by a request by one of my followers i began to think on my dating life and would like to share with the girls on steemit what goes on inside a guys head when we make a move on you.


Guys are always brought up in this way; We are thaught that we have to achieve something in some way shape or form, if we don't learn it from our parents then the television will make that painfully clear to us. So we grow up with the mindset that we should be doing something, rather productive than sitting at the sideline ofcourse.

But that feeling that we 'have' to do something, makes us feel inadequate because we are never told on how to do anything, we just sorta have to figure it out. So now we walk through life and we see women that we are attracted to, and not being able to do anything!

Thats a guys life

There are some guys that approach every girl they meet
But what would be the percentage of that really? do you know?

I made a graph showing what most girls are dealing with today in terms of guys walking up to them.


This should scare you! because you will always interact with only 1% of men
Now to make it clear where are the others guys at? Good question allow me to show you.


So that % of men are absolutely off the table they don't even wanna interact with woman for some reason, whatever they hold as a valid reason.


We wait for the right moment! and you may have noticed that that percentage of men are not really good at judging when that right moment is. We also don't know what to do when that right moment stands right infront of us. Which is why you girls constantly experience guys coming up to you and doing creepy shit.

So now we know that there is a large gap of men that women just have no interest in, you should ask yourself.. should women be more proactive? In order to get them to do something.

Most of you girls out there are pretty much guilty of saying the following "If a guy hasn't got the balls to come and approach me , that's not the sort of guy i want anyway" How many of you have said a version of that or similar in nature? Im pretty sure most of you.


And i'll tell you why.. If us guys were to approach every woman we are attracted to, we wouldn't have jobs, it would be the only thing on our mind. So the idea that "If a guy doesn't come up to me then i'm just not interested in him" Is Ridiculous!

Out of 30 woman that guys might be attracted to, they maybe will approach 1, maybe we'll find the right moment with one of them. And this is what i mean by the right moment, a moment where a man feels is easy to handle and do something with.
As soon as a moment approaches and presents too many hurdles, that moment is gone, he won't do it.

  • If you are with a big group of friend - Not gonna gonna do it!
  • When you are rushing through the day, picking of coffee, going to work, - Not gonna do it!


  • You're standing with a friend of yours "Oh he's my gay guy friend" "He's so lovely i always hang out with him" (Never get approached by a guy, wonder why?

He's not coming up to you while you are standing there with your gay friend, cause all he thinks is 'this is your boyfriend'.
This is someone that you are dating right now.

  • He sees you walking during the daytime along the street
    Most guys won't approach you then, do you know why? Because they're worried that they'll look creepy if they do.

Really would love to talk to her, maybe i'll look creepy if i try, don't wanna do anything.

But what women often say but that's not true "Guys do come up to me like that"

Yeah 1% - One Percent of men come up to you
And its always the loudest guy in the room, and ofcourse that guy is the one you always meet

"I always meet player"

Ofcourse! They are the ones who approach you
Players are the ones that are good at that its their sport

So if you are hanging back and waiting for guys to do it then ofcourse you only meet players, ofcourse you only meet that cocky guy that doesn't actually give you anything more, ofcourse! Because 10 minutes later he will be doing it with the next girl. Tomorrow night he will be with another girl (Not true in all cases but certaintly many)

So with us guys we are trying to find the right moment!
So my lovely female friends, its not about you making the move per say, its about you giving him the initiative to make the move, because if you are the 1/30 that makes it easy, then you are gonna be the one he's coming up to. You're the one he's gonna try to approach. Don't be Easy!

But in the first 5 Seconds

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I was pondering your yunk and i think that the issue of approaching a yunkette amd vice versa a yunkette approaching a yunky is made over complicated by both sides being to shy to ask eachother out on a yunk... but even still, getting to know a yunkette or yunky maybe the best approach, to often all are just looking for a good yunk instead of a genuine yunk


The Yunk is with you! :'D wonderfuly said!

I hope you will consider a new tag I am proposing called #humanrelations for posts like this. I feel we are sorely in need of tag specifically for Social Skills, Body Language, Relationship Advice, ect.

see this post: New Tag Campaign - #HumanRelations for more information.
(#notabot Genuine Alien Interaction)