Make the Most of Your Meat Suit

in life •  5 months ago

Hey guys!

So it's been a while since I have hollered at ya!

I have been busy renovating my bathroom!

It was a crazy project ya'll. Like CRAZY.

But, I finished it.

I popped a lot of pain pills to get through it, I put in 18 hour days, and I probably shouldn't have tackled this just a week and a half out from a major relapse.


I did.

So why did I do this?

Well, I have been moping around thinking about all the things I won't be able to do in 10 years.

I likely won't be renovating bathrooms at 40 years old in my condition.

But, I feel good right now. I am strong right now. I have come off of a year's worth of training for the police and even though I can't pursue that, I am still in good shape.

Why waste the here and now by willing myself to not be able to do anything because I won't be able to later?

Counter productive isn't it?

It makes way more sense to make the most of my life now.

And that's what I am doing.

I am making the most of my meat suit, and I encourage ya'll to do the same!

Love you guys!!

xx - Beth

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I love your posts and your energy! Keep it up. You were featured this week in the #payitforward contest by @angelacs. Congrats!


Super cool! Thank you!

Hey @bethwheatcraft,

Good for you, girl! You did your bathroom!!! It looks great, especially the bath tiling from what I saw. Amazing. I'd love to know how the linoleum holds up in the moist space. It looked fantastic.

Proud of you. Here's to making the most of our meat suits! LOVE it! ;)


Yeah I am definitely taking a risk with the flooring, but we will have to see :)

Thanks for the kind words!

This is like an encouragement and also a wake up call to the younger ones such as myself to develop this do it yourself attitude ..even at your age you still try fix your bathroom yourself , irmt really awesome well done , I sure learnt a valuable lesson

Nice post , you are really different .
Good job , carry on .

Thanks for sharing @bethwheatcraft
Upvote you.

Your potty room is looks fantastic!! I love the woodland theme! Cant wait to see your Independence day video!! Yay!! xoxo Love ya hun!!


Aw, you're too sweet!I loved the Woodland theme too, it was soooo cute!

@bethwheatcraft great job on the bathroom. I am not sure how well laminate will hold up in there though. I guess as you said it is worth a shot due to it being a small place.


Yeah, we mainly give the kids baths, and it doesn't get steamy in there like it does in the other bathroom where we shower, but we will have to see!

Found your post through @angelacs entry in the pay it forward contest this week. You have your way to enjoy and encouraging others too. To be honest .. this is the first time I saw a woman doing this all by herself for real... not for a reality show😉 you're so cool!


That's so sweet! Thanks so much!