How to talk about myself in the interview

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How to talk about myself in the interview

personal interview

Know the personal interview as a way of communication and dialogue and help provide brief information about the person who applied for a job as employers or labor officials. The personal interview is also defined as the individual's reliance on a range of skills and achievements that enhance his acceptance of the job offered to him. [1]

Getting a job depends mainly on having a personal interview with a group of individuals representing the employer. A staff member can not be formally appointed unless he or she has proven himself during the interview and has spoken well of his or her academic knowledge and personal skills. There are a lot of people who participate in interviews but they fail to get the job, they have a lot of difficulty talking about themselves, and they get a lot of tension , so the interview is not the best, so be sure to prepare well for the interview; The appropriate function.

Tips before the interview

In order for the individual to succeed in talking about himself in the interview, he must learn the following tips: [2]

  • Adequate preparation for a personal interview is the first step that an individual must follow. When he is well prepared for the interview, is calm and able to control his nerves, and is controlled by fear, if he is able to enhance his self-confidence before the interview begins .

  • Choosing the right clothes : It is important for interviews. The clothes that suit the nature of the interview must be chosen. They should be formal and serious, and should be away from inappropriate clothing such as sports or household clothes or any other clothes that do not fit the nature of the interview.

  • Arriving before the interview : is a very important advice. The interview must be reached about 20 minutes in advance. This helps to convey a positive image of the person and indicates how much attention he has devoted to the interview in a timely manner.

  • The use of decent words : One of the most important methods to be applied, be careful to choose the words that correspond to the dialogue in question, and the questions used, and that adhere to the rules of public morality, and the foundations of a proper dialogue .

Speak in the personal interview

Usually, when an interviewer is asked to speak for himself, he or she must tell the recruitment officer a set of personal information that helps to better identify him. The recruitment officer will not request any information outside the scope of the work or provide any important details about the person , And the information to be talked about is a measure of the employee's way of working, his handling of pressure, tension, and his work ethic . Here are examples of information to speak about: [3]

  • Full name.
  • Qualifications.
  • Previous experiences, if any.
  • Objectives to be pursued within the work.
  • Training courses that enhance personal skills.

Suggested interview questions

There is a set of frequently used questions in the interview , which help in assessing the individual who has submitted to a job. Here are some examples of the most important questions:

  • Is it possible to talk about yourself? : Some of the most frequently used questions in the interview , as well as the intelligence tests that apply to the applicant. People tend to express themselves positively, and sometimes the limits of expression and praise may be exceeded on personal skills. Reasonable limits, and it is important to choose short sentences, which contribute to explain the basic information clearly. [4]

  • What are special strengths and weaknesses ? : It is one of the most commonly used questions in interviews. The interviewer is interested in knowing how the individual assesses himself by asking him to determine the nature of his personality by mentioning three points he sees himself as strong and others who see himself as weak. , Depending on the opinion of the person and the nature of the answer, usually this question to form a clear picture of the applicant for the job, and determine the acceptability or rejection. [5]

  • What are the expectations for five years? : One of the questions that depends on the concept of personal strategic planning , in which the employer is looking at assessing the clarity of the future vision of the employee in the event of acceptance in the job, the more positive and appropriate expectations with the nature of work, this contributed to the selection of applicants for the job. [5]

  • Have you ever worked elsewhere? : It is one of the questions that depend on the idea of ​​making sure that the person applying for the job has sufficient experience in their professional field, or that he is a novice and needs a little training, and this question contributes to the nature of the questions that follow him; Questions for newly graduated individuals about those with sufficient work experience.

  • What is personal information about the job? : This is one of the individual's knowledge test questions about the job, and helps to ascertain the compatibility of qualifications and special conditions at work. The more applicants have adequate information about the job being offered, the greater the opportunity to obtain On the job.


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