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Thanks for your post! I have kayak questions for you. What do you need to transport the kayaks from place to place? Is it easy? How long is it comfortable to sit out on the water? What sorts of things should I look for in a kayak that make one kayak better than another?

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I have a roof rack on my car and I can carry 2 at a time. We are a few yards from the river so I bought some wheels to carry them over. I can sit comfortably for about 2 hours. I have a bad back though. I went to an Outfitter store that specializes in kayaks and wanted one I could carry with one hand. The ones from Costco and places like that re tippy. Mine are about 30" wide and very stable on the water.

ABN Universal Kayak Carrier - Trolley for Carrying Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboar...

This looks a lot like my Wilderness Pamlico.

Lifetime Arrow 10' Kayak Orange $374

Thanks so much! I don't live by water now, but I'm moving soon and will have easy access, so I'm interested.

This is even a better price.... Lifetime Arrow 103 Sit-In Kayak, Teal Lifetime

Very good questions.