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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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THANK YOU @yabapmatt, @abh12345, @apolymask, @danielsaori, @carlgnash and all other red fishes and minnows showing their support.

There are so many supporters that I can’t name them all because I don’t know everyone. Being part of a community means showing our support to each other when we can. It could mean an upvote, donating SBD or SP. I don’t believe method is of importance as long as the heart is there. Lynn and Brian deserves happiness and we can all show our support in our small ways. So THANK YOU everyone and to @davemccoy for always helping others.

Edited to included Carl who also donates to Asher’s curation and engagement leagues. I know Carl!


Thank you so much @beeyou for taking care of the things that I missed... You are absolutely right that it is awesome to see so much attention paid by the "big boys/girls" to us littler fish... And since your comment, we can now add in @paulag @canadian-coconut @ethandsmith @eturnerx and @denmarkguy to that group too.

And that doesn't include the wonderful people that swim with us of course... The point you are making about them showing their support for the community and for people like @briancourteau and @lynncoyle1 is a great point. I hope to encourage involvement of all sizes and species of fish in the wide open ecosystem that we have here developing. This response was truly motivating to see and I hope one of the lessons learned is we are a community and there are people out there supporting us and helping us with a hand when we need one! :)

Thanks again @beeyou, once again you excel at finding important details that have been overlooked!

Thank you @beeyou for highlighting these people for me! Brian and I are so thankful to @yabapmatt, @abh12345, @apolymask, @danielsaori and @carlgnash for your generous donation, as well as your kind and caring spirits. You've shown us the true power of this platform, and for that we are eternally grateful. I am still in shock that @davemccoy did all of this, and equally awed by the outpouring of love and support from so many people.

I've spent the better part of the last few hours yo-yo-ing between tears and smiles, and I feel that I can't possible put into words adequately enough to show just how much this means to us and how truly grateful we are for it all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; we will never forget this!

There are so many more Lynn. I don't want to leave anyone behind. You can always check Dave's wallet and the individuals that upvoted for a full list. It's not my place to highlight everyone. :)

I know Matt (yabapmatt) has always shown support to our members and community, and wanted to thank him as well as Asher (abh12345) and all others I know who support the communities on here.

Thanks @beeyou, we have checked his wallet and I'm still shaking my head over it all. I'd forgotten to see the upvoting list (duh!) so thanks for that too ;)

Omgosh... I did just check my wallet and was stunned... I love this part of the community, it is so heartwarming to see the kindness and generosity!

Stop upvoting me and the rest of us Dave. Your VP is drained. We appreciate the gesture but helicopter mom has to say stop sometime. That’s what @pretty.dorky calls me now. We roll like that! Even @doomsdaychassis know what it means. I just found out. I like cheerleader more so than HM but all terms of endearment are accepted and appreciated. 💫

Very sweet of PD with her SBD donation too. I swear, our members have the biggest hearts. I see a lot of familiar names in your wallet and so many are small fishes with big hearts. ❤️

Yes I know about the names of our friends and their big hearts... I just looked closely at my wallet and was floored at the level of generosity and compassion! And big fish and small, they have all really made my day for what they have done to help out 2 truly deserving people!

And as far as my VP goes... I am ok with it going down a bit... I can't think of a better group of people to upvote with the few nickels I have left. I am very proud of the response by everyone and rewarding this group of people with my small vote is my way of showing my utmost respect!

Tomorrow I will cool off and go back to helping @danielsaori and @steemcommunity get more witness votes... But today was Lynn and Brian's day to feel really special and I am so happy to see the support from the community to make that happen!

So last upvote for you for the night, deal?

Deal! You did a good thing Dave. I try not to be involved in personal stories on here because there is only so much heart and compassion to give before it takes a piece of you away too. Plus, I don’t like to press my own opinion onto others and that’s what we all do when we resteem. Brian and Lynn needs our support and I’m happy we all can help with what we can, big or small.

I am happy we have a deal! :) ... And I completely understand that point of view, but in this case I'm happy to see all of our teammates come together and do something super-positive! I will be in touch with you tommorrow... We have a lot of steem and sbds to turn into cash! :P ... lol

Fortunately @pennsif says he can help!

And it wasn't me that made this work, it was everyone working together! Doing what "suits" them ;)

What would have happened if our group of deviants didn’t come along? The narrow focus at the start would surely not come across everyone doing what “suits” them. 😉

As for pennsif, whew, good to hear! Of course my offer of support still stands, but it would be a learning experience for sure with the selling. Easiest method is to buy for myself, but what would I do with all that? I have enough to circulate around. 😁

That was kind of you to send your support today. See, mind and heart. That is why.

sure you can do that.... I give you full permission lol... :D

Ha! Tough luck with that. You’re on your own buddy.

lol... you sure about that? The job is open! :P

Happy to help. <3 Hope things improve soon for both of you.