Thoughts On Poloniexx Part Two

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Since posting the first part of this series a few interesting developments have occured...
Here is the first Installment,

First off the responses and comments have been very reaffirming that writing on this matter is striking a nerve with many. In some messages and DM's people have said of the amount of SBD's and such essentially frozen in there with basically no response and no way to get their hard earned STEEM out. As someone who has taken some knocks on here I will assure you that the fact that I remain is a testament that I give a damn about the Steemian Community and especially on those who are taking advantage of others especially those in less powerful positions.

August 1st there was a revision to the TOS, you can research it yourself and read it yourself and draw your own opinions from it. Personal opinion is that some of it is interesting. Again, feel free to look on your own at the TOS and take away what you will. For me personally if the first changes are literally a ton of you can't do this and this and this and this, it isn't something that I myself am down with but to each their own right?
If you are a client it might be of recommendation to read the August 1, 2017 revisions/updates to the Terms of Service.

So as an OP/ED piece I lay before you the reader to draw your own conclusions. However, one comment struck a chord with me from the first post saying that the Ecosystem of Steem itself suffers by having the money of Steemian clients caught up in some type of apparent quagmire? Some people need that money for bills, food and know not all of us are rich and that being said when some say they are not able for months on end to get their own funds out then perhaps "Buyer Beware" is a saying to keep in mind.

More to Come

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@battleaxe same happened with me as i transfered 50 sbd from my steemit account and still i have been waiting from past 14 days and the balance has not been tranfered to my poloniex account yet and am still waiting for that .. i too had submitted a ticket 12 days back i still had not got any response from the poloniex customer care...

In my opinion, it is absolutely "buyer beware" regarding Polo and Steem. They are simply forcing Steem holders to sell their Steem for another currency to get it out. This immense selling pressure is the primary factor why the Steem price has taken a beating over the last months.

It would be no different than a bank, from which you have purchased a CD, decides that you can't cash it out, you much transfer it to a different financial product. It's total BS. The fact that Polo has 24-25 million Steem makes it even more interesting.

Great post man and like I said before, all Steem users need to see this. Re-Steemed


totally agree and it is fish af.....thank you so much for the resteem and the fact you took the time to write such a nice reply, pssst, I'm female

spamming your stuff on here , lying you even read any of it and not even bothering an upvote gets you flagged at this point, people are sick of the spam invasion

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they have really gotten shady last few months wont give me my bitshares for over a month now 15 tickets enough Id to be head of the Fbi a us citizen with all gov id s and they cant prove who i am so there not giving me my withdrwls crooks there cypsy 2 waiting to happen