Thoughts on Poloniex Part One

in life •  2 years ago

Something Highly Weird, Read On...oh and this may be a multi-part series by the way. To be a legitimized Business in this field you need to be registered as a MSB or Money Services Business. So, moving on.....They are "registered" as a MSB , however upon further scrutiny there seems to be something AMISS with their registration "number"...31000055869515.
Now folks check it out if you try to find their MSB number , there is NO RESULT! Wait Folks, apparently they did register or re-register with this number 31000091844018
Wow, interesting as it seems according to some watchdogs the numbers were not going through.


Months ago some conversations occured where people were unable to withdrawl their funds for months and months on end. When their customers attempted to contact them they got dead ends, emails and tickets went unanswered for an absolutely unacceptable amount of time.

A simple Google search uncovered some very odd and illogical links and such. It seems very odd to many who had large, LARGE amounts of their money tied up with them that they could not even get their funds out or a call answered. The numbers led to nowhere, there was no physical office....and then there are things like this

WOW, now that link is magically not available, but here it is :

Now one name that came up with ZERO financial backround and is said to be a musician was literally a ghost in the machine. Couldn't find anything but a one sentence linkdin and a glossy pic. The Virtual Office is said to be registered in Delaware but again when customers tried to contact it was just more dead ends. This seems odd for an exchange dealing with such large volumes not to even respond for months to some of their largest clients don't you think?


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Wow... Amazing... @battleaxe .. I like it this your pos

This is a much needed article. Polo has been the main driving force in suppressing the Steem price due to them constantly disabling their Steem transactions. Resteemed and look forward to the next part in this series.


It is coming soon, since posting this my second link mysteriously went 404 so I reposted another , thank you for resteeming

RIP polo trollbox

upvoted, resteemed & tweeted. Very interested in this subject, keep investigating!


I much agrees I was a user of the polonigox platform they r much gr8 place to short shitcoins as btc goes moon and users fomo sell into no bids i hope one day plebs beliebe in them again so i can rinse and repeat. RIP polo much investigatio needed into this shit exchange i beliebe they can get more sheep


I am a belieber


Many Thanks or as my culture would say , "Da Bums always Lose" or "Schmucks"

You Got IT! ReSteem!

Sherlock Holmes as performed by Battleaxe Customsnatch.

Upvotes & Resteemed.


Yes Customized!

I love it Axe!! Keep going with this series!


Reppin the morkrock n mewmew crew 100%

@battleaxe yup poloniex is thief they stole my 551sbd and 229 steem. 40 days now no reply from support they suck


And @poloniex 's response

Man i defended poloniex once saying that they would make more money off fees than by stealing coins, now i am getting sketched out, they DID return $1000 in BTC to a friend who accidently sent them to a foldingcoin account, and that was cool, but it did take months (but BTC had gone up a loty so it worked out)
I am suprised @poloniex isnt just flagging all the negative comemnts about it! Oh wait it would have to popwer up woth all the steem its stolen!

hahah imagien if polonix juts tartd powering up with all their customers steem to upvote their own posts LOL

hey is there a way to keep apost private? like is there a way to keep a steemit post invisible and invite only? maybe in teh futyre? Maybe private walets? man what about Tor with steemit?

anyway this is really bad fuck this shit man if I WAS RUNNING a Multi billion dollar crypto currency company I WOULD TAKE IT SERIOUSLY man WTF this planet is NOT a playground for the rich!

Im sick of hearing about these assholes who take ICo money and go party with it! or poloniex not actually doinG ANy of the paperwork that WE have to fucking do all the time as ordinary citizens, we gota do all sorts of shit but poloniex gets to make ALL this money and get away with no regulation? Hey mor epower to them but pasth savings ionto us vbro! For a company that pays 0 taxes and makes millions of dollars a week, id expect poloniex to be giving out fucking christmas bonuses!




yup unacceptable

Polo is lamo

nice post....waiting for part 2

That specific site is always been difficult to use as well as not very user-friendly I'm not surprised at all to be reading this


nice beats

awesome. please keep investigating . started following you

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Nice post m waiting for the second ,
I wish u post soon,
M new here some steemers who follow me , I will back resently , thnx

Watch out for polo... check
thanks for bringing that up, tip!

When there is smoke... there is (usually) a fire.
Beware my crypto friends

I switched to Bitshares but the exchange doesn't include many decent coins except for Maidsafe.

Does anyone has an alternative?

i also use polo and you are right suggest another better option.

You Got IT! ReSteem!

impressive... waiting for part 2....
followed n upvoted.... :-)

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They also had a fake office address registered in Delaware. Everything about them is suspect.

Very interesting post. I love it

Wow! You know your stuff! Thank you for this post! @battleaxe <3

Upvoted and resteemed

they are hiding so they cannot be shut down my authorities!

Poloniex is definitly planningon stealing coins when the timeis right!

They are DEFINITLY trying to scam A LOT of people, Mt Gox style, and untill they come on hre, and use their godamn @poloniex acount to fuckjing address som criticism, then we will continue to talk shit until they fuckin give us a fuckin bone

I never use them anymore, just bittrex, I have some bitshares in poloniex but I just realized why teh hell am i leaving bitshares inside poloniex when I have a perfectly good openledger,io account that RUNS off bitshares and is decentralized!

hey and does anyone know whats up with steemcleaners and Why he never deals with the people he falsly accuses and flags for "spam" or "scams' who arent posting scams or spam? Its gettng to be a problem for many people and id rather not see such a useful service get such a bad reputation like this!

Excellent..! keep posting good stuff. @battleaxe

upvoted & resteem