NarwhalSprings Coin, Narwhals Unite!

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A while back I realized that this whole segment of the Steemian Seas seemed to be getting swept under the rug, a lot of us are not super new (I hate the term Minnows btw), but we are also not Megaladons. Somewhere in that spectrum was a group of great and unique content creators who were sick and tired of feeling like they have to kiss ass and beg for scraps. So, I decided hey I'm gonna start a new category for some of us who feel a bit unheard or enjoy unique and good content and ethical kind people as well. That my friends is how I "birthed" the Narwhal Society for Aquatic Excellence. We have been around slowly swimming and such secretly helping others out and vice versa who after the HardFork felt...... well, "forked".

A very well respected Narwhal @swolesome made a coin, "The NarwhalSprings Coin" and before I muck up any of the details I'll just link the posts here, it worth a peek ;)

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Causing a commotion because they are so awesome


a kickass facial horn!

Interesting, thanks for introducing us to this token. :) I heard it here first!

I also hate the term minnows. I prefer steemians. Most of us are steemians if you are not a dolphin or whale.

No need to call people minnows. Minnows get "eaten" by larger fish.

We're not here to be eaten, nor to be considered small fry either.


I couldn't agree more :)

Let's become one with the Blessing of Narwhals.

The more Narwhals the more fun.


Wow, I didn't even know that narwhals fight Cthulu. Noted. The dark lord has been being kept at bay for some time now...


starving out the "middle class" is not very nice
people should remember their manners eh? ;)


Being a Narwhal, how do I get my hands on this, or do I already have shares?

Resteemed thanks for sharing