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RE: Why I Hate Job Interviews

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stable stream of resources necessary to subsist


Nailed it right there. Most people are barely subsisting with the pressures on them. I hardly ever see anyone using that word anymore, but I have for 30 years.

I used it a lot in my activism speeches too.

Nice stuff man, have a good weekend @trafalgar.


Barry, I just upvoted your comment but since I am currently nothing more than a little desert mouse here on Steemit it only gave you 4 cents. I did want to congratulate you on your winning of the Steemfest contest! The other day, before I knew anything about you, I made kind of a snarky comment in regards to your salad post. Then you responded back to me and you were so warm and welcoming to me since I am just a noob here on the Steemit platform that I really felt great about being here on Steemit. A few days later I read your comments under the Steemfest post and I felt so bad when I learned that you had been in a serious car accident. It really brought a smile to my face when I read that you ended up a winning the contest. I hope you have a great time in Lisbon. I love that city!

If not all steemians community can reply but most or many of the neighborhood like to engage conversation and replies us and yes one of the good man is @barrydutton and congratulation man! And hopefully everything is ok. For newbies or not we are really glad and felt happy if somebody that came higher than us will replies us and noticed our effort. So goooo steem!!

Thank you for your comments, Diane. I just checked out your past posts and I noticed that you write some beautiful original poetry! Steemit is lucky to have you. 🙂

Ooh what a nice words to have from you, thank you a lot! :) Everyone is trying to be someone and steemians make us one. Goo steem!

Thanks for the comments Paul.

I suffered thru the driest darkest days here when my posts made literally 5 10 or 50¢ for months.

The reason my posts started making more money is because I gained a reputation for trying to build community, be nice, and encouraging to people, and put out a lot of solid advice, and some of my activism stuff.

People asked me to write more personal things, the salad post was one of them --- I did not want to write much personal type info on here so that was also me trying to branch out.

Thanks for taking time my man. That was nice of you.

No problem, Barry. Although I think your considerate and thoughtful response is worth more than the 13 cents my up vote just gave you. I hope your trip to Portugal is awesome and as one of your many followers I hope you post some great Steemfest moments for us all to enjoy. But don't feel any pressure to do so, just enjoy the experience. :-)

I think your outreach to me is one of the nice things I have seen, it is great of you!

The apology was worth more than 13¢ buddy!

have a look on my posts today, you will get a laugh, and also maybe learn something with us after too!!

Nite my man!

Nice to meet you sir,
If you got sometime,will you please read this artical,i hope you really like it,

The Energy Level here on Steemit is unmatched...we 80s babies have been starving for this Type of environment to expose it self...Above All Love and keep it steemie @paul.atreides love your content and connection Power @trafalgar

Thank you for the kind words, Erron!

Hello, I am just starting steemit and I would like some advice if you don't mind. Thank you

thaanks a lot, you too barry

Yes job interviews are scary :(

@trafalgar can't connect net often times and looking forward to know who's the winner of your contest and one of the not so unlikely one answer is mine hahaha.

what if you were asked to tell a joke at a job interview what would you say?

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