FUN FOOD REVIEWS! So today I went to Fat Bastard Burritos in Whitby Ontario, Canadastan. Here are the pictures and some review type action for ya.

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I have been meaning to get to this place for awhile. The place was clean, the decor was solid and they had GHOST PEPPER SAUCE!

I have discussed on here my love of the spice, so let us get to the pictures and review.

I was with a friend and he always lets me order, he calls me the Menu Consultant.

  • I am one of the best consultants to have because I am dead honest and I am not paid out of extorted tax dollars from a public budget process. I've dealt with a lot of them in my time as an activist defending the public from corruption in governance.

Well, they have a pretty complete menu with lots of tasty options. Today, in my expert culinary consultancy opinion, I decided to go with the Chicken and then fire hot buffalo sauce into it along with 3 LINES of fiery Ghost Pepper sauce - which many of you might know is one of the hottest peppers on the planet we are working hard to destroy.

It was fiery hot. The base was a little soggy to grab hold of due to the bean paste and some of the wetter hot sauce.... but it knit the pile of delights inside together like a festive package of belly filling goodness.

This is just before I started eating. Honestly, I was really pleased. It was filling, and it was a YUGE burrito we had them just cut into 2, it was more fiscally responsible that way, that is always something I am on the lookout for in life. I am frugal.

The heat in the Ghost Pepper sauce was really nice at 3 lines. I will likely go 4 or 5 lines of sauce next time, it was great. The scoville units of that sauce cleaned my head out really nicely and was honestly perfect.

Here are some of the rest of the photos from the outing for you.

EDIT: After the company contacted me after my FB and Tweets to them with this blog -- they thanked me and gave the following input for the review (see comments section for screenshots) - the staff had told me the hot sauce was made from ghost peppers, but it was not:

" FAT BASTARD BURRITO CO. Thanks for taking the time and effort to give us a review Barry, we truly appreciate it. Just an FYI, our hotsauce is made from scratch, however contains fresh habanero peppers and other top secret ingredients ;) We do sell the dried ghost peppers separately if you wanted some. Thanks again! You Rock "

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He's a Beaut!

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Ghost peppers (855,000 - 1,041,427 SHU) are for pussies - check out Blair's sauces, particularly Blair’s 16 Million Reserve... I raise Thai Sun Peppers, which are about as hot as I can tolerate (I dry them and mill them into fresh red pepper, which I then put on just about everything). Nice piece - made me hungry :-)

I know there are hotter ones. I could not remember how far up the scale these were.

I grew 14 stands of hot peppers one year, the hottest here that grew well in my part of Canada (where winter actually hits, I am not on the warm west coast) - were the Scotch Bonnets.

I did what you did -- dried them, ground them into a pile of pepper. I did 57L of hot peppers and got about 3/4 of a Liter of dry dust when it was all done.

I was so pleased with the outcome, knowing I grew those, fed them and watered them and my heat is now in a nice glass jar and I shake it on stuff every single daY

TY for commenting today!

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I am honestly thankful for the support I get on here. I am.

That a pretty amazing looking burrito

I enjoyed it a lot!!!

I rarely think about food hours and hours later but it was good. It was a nice place, and clean.

I know Real Estate. Crypto Currency and Crypto Consulting to get people set up and I know food.

I hope to go back soon, it is 5 mins away by car!

that def sounds like a place i'd go! yum!

I was really happy I went.

I've heard mixed reviews about this place regularly.

  • Once you cut this thing in half, it works out to be just under $6/ half basically so feeds 2 people or one and take the other half with ya and always save your money where you can!

More pennies for Bitcoin and other crypto gathering LOL

Excellent work dear friend @barrydutton, today I have known another facet of your life, a great critic of food, that looks very delicious, has aroused my appetite, unknown that you use long hair. Rest dear friend Have a beautiful sunday

LOL, have a great Sunday too buddy

In this post you have surprised me, I did not see that you had a critical food profile, I must admit that you are excellent giving your culinary opinion, that looks really delicious, thank you dear @barrydutton for this excellent post.
A greeting for you and our great friend @klye

I hold back on here a lot. I've never blogged about food yet, this was my first so I just had some fun with it, included some of my political views and let er rip.

TY for the comments!!!

You will find out I have critical opinions on lots of things LOL.

Ask the government here about that side of me.

I was hoping @pfunk would comment here, he loves hot stuff too!

Canadastan - I was just thinking about that very word about an hour ago. If you are going to refer to our leader just make sure you spell his name right it is Justin True D'oh!


It's all lies, believe me, I have dealt personally with tons of them face to face in committee, meeetings, protests, speeches ..... and more meetings.

I have disdain for basically all of them knowing what I know.

Yummy! 😋

It was my first review on here, I tried to keep it fun.

It is nice to hear from you friend! Have a good end to your day there across the pond.

Got to feed up brother Barry - your nowhere near a Fat Bastard! RS'd for the brave change in direction :-)

I appreciate that, thanks dude.

I gotta RS some ole' Steemit sea-dogs from time to time - those seas can be rough on us all brother :) Sail/Steem on!!

Hi @barrydutton, very nice post, the food looks really good, I think that 3 line of that sauce might be a bit too hot for me to handle.

Definitely for some people for sure


Yum I want one of those.

Well, come visit, it is about 5 mins from my house LOL

IDK if they deliver to the left coast hahahaha

You can send fedex lol

I guess so.... I went back today!


Ah you still get a fine burn from a good habanero sauce. Excellent review my friend and I am digging the photos of Mr Barry D! Looks like one tasty mofo burrito, are those noodles inside?

They are!!!

I went back y-day! I could not stop thinking about this place man. Someone blessed me with a lunch out there twice the last week!

Sounds awesome dude! I love noodles, never had em in a burrito but can imagine the goodness :0)