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It is very easy to offend People and that I see on daily basis, but than I wonder why people are so an easy target for an offence to work on. Why it is not so easy for people to just ignore an idea or a thought which contradicts their knowing. Why are people so easily offended?

Offence is basically our annoyance towards a particular thought or an idea which we don't agree with or which contradicts our knowledge, and the root of it is our identification with our knowledge, but wait! There is a catch. It is not really identification that is the problem, but the false identification is what give rise to the offence.

We are identified with whatever we know and that is alright, but we know nothing, we have an illusion of knowing without knowing anything ( as I have explained in one of my previous post language is for ignorant). Basically what we consider as our knowledge is nothing but assumptions. We have assumed things and cast them with our personality as a part of our knowledge.

One can not be offended by the idea that sun sets in the east, because we know that it is completely wrong, it is our daily experience to see sun setting in west but you can offend lot of people by saying that there is no God, because now you are speaking against there assumption, and they are also aware of it somewhere inside there subconscious mind, and that is why they are offended, because you are disturbing their assumption which was keeping them in solace, you are disturbing their identity which had kept them settled throughout these years, somewhere you are compelling them to question their assumptions which they have construed as their knowledge. It is not said for nothing that ignorance is bliss and offcourse nobody want to disturb his or her bliss.

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