Language is for ignorant ! Is it?

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The title may disturb you a little bit, but what I am going to say is not the complete reality. The idea which I will put forth may belong to extreme end, but the objective here is not to propound some philosophy or some truth, neither it is to strengthen the falsehood, but motive is just to enquire into a different perspective.

We are nothing but ignorant, we live in utter stupidity every moment of our life and there is nothing wrong in it, being ignorant is the natural state of human being, but the problem arises when we believe the truth to be otherwise. I should say that there are two types of people in the world, one who knows he is ignorant and other who don't. Everybody is ignorant, it's just that our awareness about our ignorance is what makes us intelligent.

It is very difficult for human being to see himself as ignorant, the idea of not knowing will not let him sleep in the night, so then comes the language, which is the tool of ignorant man for hiding his ignorance.

If you really look into it majority of our knowledge is just nomenclature that has nothing to do with the reality. A child asks his father; 'what is this' ? His father says 'it is a tree'. Now is it really a tree or is it that we have just made a complete mumbo jumbo of letters, which is, by the way, creation of our own mind. The language is ok for the sake of communicating our thoughts, but most of the time or I should say all the time, we loose the distinction between the name and what that name represents.

What a flower, say rose, is and what is it's name, these are two different things, rose is the name given to a thing which looks in a specific way and which has some distinct characteristics, the word 'rose' is an illusion which we are using to represent something which is real and which we really don't know. But because this thin line between the object and the idea of the object has disappeared, in our mind and in our perception whole world is actually illusory. What we thinks to be reality is nothing but the illusion created by language which in turn is created by mind.

Mind is very deceptive, first it creates fake knowledge and then settle us into that for the solace. But I wonder why it does so?


Interesting point of view

Thank you 🙏

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thank you for your help and support

Thank you 🙏

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