What are the things you learnt too late in life?

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This is an interesting question. There are quite a lot of things I learnt too late. I always wish I had a chance to re-live my life so that I can make thing better and be more clever than I'm today. If I have to answer this question, I might have to dig my memories deep. I'll try and do it. It can even be refreshing for me. I would like to list out few things that come to my mind which I feel, I learnt too late in life. 

Be more expressive

I would like to refer this to my relationships. I have never been good in expressing the love or care I have in my mind. Sometimes I try to express it but it doesn't end up very well. It took me several years of observation to understand how expression is important for any relationship. I think it is part of my nature to not be very expressive. But I have been trying hard to be more expressive. 

Value of sister's love and care

I have a sister but unfortunately we grew like Tom and Jerry. She recently got married and now she is living in a place far away from my place. I never felt her presence when she was near but now I'm able to understand that life would have been good if we had a little bit of love and care. We can't really blame each other because that is how we were brought up by our parents. But today we are trying to create the bonding but it is not working very well but definitely better than before. 

Value of my culture and tradition

Today i'm able to understand how much values my culture and tradition has. But I feel its a bit late. Some people say that I'm highly spiritual at this very young age. But I would disagree. I personally feel that I should have been into spirituality and realization even earlier. Today I'm able to understand how many busses I missed that was supposed to take me to the destination I really wanted to be. Unfortunately today I'm going in a vehicle that is a bit slow with lots of other disturbances. In a way I'm happy that my vehicle is at least moving and not stagnant but I still feel it should have been faster and better. This is something that I learnt very late.  If I had enough exposure to learning what I really wanted in my life, I would have become a monk long time ago. But it looks like I still have few Karma left which I have to experience. 

I should have been a bit reserved

This statement might look contradicting to my first first of being expressive. Yes both are two different things. I'm a talkative guy. From my childhood, I have been like that talking too much to everyone. I always express whatever I think in my mind. I never analyse if those things should be told to someone or not. Sometimes that can end up like loose talks. Some of my conversations used to even end up in arguments and conflicts. I have now reduced all my talkative nature today but I always feel I had been able to do it when I was even younger, life would have been better.  Today in most of the situations I just stay as an observer. "It is always better to be dumb than speak and worsen the situation".

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