selfie with special one

in life •  5 months ago

i took some special selfie with my better half . i collected a natural flower from a river what was in my hand when we took it . it is nothing but flower of kocuripana . it grows a b lot in river. a nice river is situated near my village home . i always try to go there when i go my sweet home . lots of natural beauty present here. everyone like a special zone where he or she want to pass some special time with a special one . of course i will prefer for this reasons.





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ei ful ke amader dike dhaper ful bole . nodite ei ful gulo procur jonme . khub sundor dekha jai jokhon onek ful nodite thake . kintu kocuripana temon ekta kono kaje lage na .


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osaadharon ei ddhaper fful guloo ddekhtee oonnek ssunndorr lage . haalka begune ei ful nodite proccur porimane jonme . paprrigulo bahhirree sada tar vitor nil ebong begunii aar center e holud . amaar kaache ei ffulti kkhub valo mone hocce. eeti picture tullle valoi laagee ..


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Beautiful pic dear.. upvote plzz