A Guide on What To Learn in High School so you are ready for The Real World

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High school can be tough, I get it. Sitting through boring lectures, learning about things you have no interest in, and trying to avoid bullies, all while also trying to impress that cute girl you like in your class.

Been there.

You probably feel misunderstood by your parents because they just don't know what it's like to be in your place, and you're right, but so are they.

Many of the things that seem insignificant now will be playing a huge role in your life as soon as you enter college and then in the real world.

Obviously, having fun in high school is important but so is learning some key skills that will help you manage yourself and your life better in the coming days.

So in this article, we're gonna be seeing three key skills that you must learn in high school to build a strong base for your future.

Time Management

I can't stress this enough: You should absolutely learn how to manage your time according to your different priorities. In high school, children get the privilege to be a little unorganized and carefree because the school decides everything for them.

In the real world, not so much. Even in college, you'll often find yourself running out of time and having to sacrifice one thing to save time for the other.

You'll need time for your friends, family, relationship, job, hobbies, and a little more time to rest as well. ALL of this is going to be hard to manage. Try taking part in multiple things at the same time to get yourself used to being a little busy.

Soft Skills & Negotiation

The soft skills you learn today might land you the job tomorrow. Employers usually won't hire you that easily unless you can convince them why you are deserving and worthy of the job.

In fact, they may even try to exploit you if you're not careful.

To learn soft skills and negotiation,

  • participate in debates (teaches how to face different opinions)
  • give presentations (teaches public speaking)
  • be in your school's sports team (teaches teamwork and work ethic)
  • share genuine compliments among friends (builds character)
  • ask questions (builds habit of learning new things)

All of this will slowly but surely make you more approachable, even if you are an introvert. The better you can handle people, the more you'll be able to build connections and find new opportunities.

Money Management

High school kids usually don't have a source of income, but you can still learn a lot from the allowances or pocket money you might get from your parents.

You can try selling things that you don't need anymore like old books, bags, t-shirts, etc and rather than using all of that earned money right away, save it.

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This will teach you how to discipline yourself and how not to buy things out of instant gratification. When you actually need something later, the satisfaction from buying it with your own money will refine and polish your concept of value.


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